Taekwondo Park

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the year two thousand thirteen
it's a wonderful
it's going to be a future
located in the heart of the Fed
with charity just five provinces conjoined twins
the scenery
any change in course with the city
the onto party
not only the unexpected one of the most time-honored martial arts in the world
the function as a good student
by showcasing unlike the harmony between the traditional and possible spirit of a new era
they take them to a part
it would be it for me the international reputation of take one bill
right at the center of its first place
with this facilities and splendid natural surroundings it's just wonderful
it's expected to become a new man March
inside all practitioners of martial arts
for those who is familiar with the term martial arts as well as
long-time practitioners from the world why
in order to meet the guy who's demands and expectations of all does it
the park was designed by the world renowned architects fleischman pretty
I want you can reflect three crucial philosophical aspects of ten one bill
the need for mind and period
which are respected represented by the interconnected state of the bodies of the minds
and that's the reason
six which is crisscrossing the entire the colors of going to address
for their part you in the morning and and its efforts of mankind to maximize creative
energy in harmony with the natural habitat
while introducing the most technologically advanced martial arts facilities
when the partners in accordance with uncompromising their take one go
in that regard story of said compliance the philosophical backbone to the places
this primary lives in bringing centuries and least right in the modern form of competitive
the that story begins in the experience possible given the bodies of with some of these of
nature and human come together as one
the bodies on the beach is the modern industry accommodating up to five thousand
experienced Johnson exhibition hall
one to a village and visitor center
at the center of the facility runs a beautiful spring
who's peaceful who reminds us the importance of maintaining peace with surrounding nature
this the weekend continues on to the world went to work at a meeting of the minds
for more vigorous who rents a way
the world to won two academy primarily at least one disciplinary training
it went over to cheers from all over the world will get the chance to read the the experience
the the philosophy of one dole as never before
the experience with them not only in england is see how one chip martial arts lives
to increase the mobility level exports to bring you the personal commitment to spread
the ideal of world peace and harmony
originally envisioned high-tech one go
this story reaches its conclusion in this spirit with this is a quiet the wisdom and
understanding necessary to enact a healthier and more fulfilling vision of life
on the edge of the spirits
one can find in the laboratory guardians and parts successfully in traditional guarded
the waterfront
spirits are the site premeditation
and a wide range of historic memorabilia protect one goes long history our exhibits here
in addition observation tower provides spectacular aerial view
of the whole part
it can sink Clinton's stature as the world's poor
while serving as a gateway of popularizing the heritage of Korean culture in the twenty
first century
and then tex went to a party will host a crucial nature friendly design
thanks to the sustainable harmonization of very similar she still together the without
points with a panoramic view
the surroundings
take one don't know
Paul woodson
in the tai kwan do our part
not only that time the memorial spirit of tech one bill will be preserved
but its future as both a martial arts and a modern support will flourish
in addition
will serve as a testament to his the tradition and unique culture
that has been already have no other choice
it's want to
heart in two thousand thirteen
will prove to be a big step for the future
of the world take one too
the want to
world one