DIY T-shirt Shoulder Bag

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A great project idea
is this eco-friendly tote bag.
I took a boring T-shirt and gave it an upgrade
into the stylish tote bag that you can make your own.
I start off laying my T-shirt flat on the table
after it's been washed and ironed.
Using a pair of sharp scissors,
I cut the bottom part of my T-shirt off at the hem.
Starting in the center,
I'm going to cut up about 2 inches
with about 1/2 an inch in between each cut,
working out to each end.
Whenever I reach the end of my T-shirt,
I'm going to go ahead and cut up
the side of the shirt.
Then I'm going to take the strips of fabric
and pull on them to make long strands.
To make the bottom of your bag,
you're going to pull on the strips that you've cut
and tie them twice.
Once you've finished tying the bottom,
you're going to make the handles of the bag,
cutting off the sleeves.
You want to feel over for the seam
because it's going to be further
than the one that's visible.
Now, to cut the other sleeve,
you'll take the sleeve you already cut,
lay it on top and cut along the outside edge.
Be sure to save your sleeves
because we'll need them later on.
Now I'm going to cut about 1 inch out
from the collar band
and cut 3 inches from the bottom of the neckline.
Now you have the handles to your tote bag.
Now using the sleeves
that you already cut off your T-shirt,
make four strips
to tie on each handle of your tote bag.
Now you want to cut off the seam
of the inside of the T-shirt
so you can stretch it out into a long string.
Use the strands to gather and tie the handles.
Now your tote bag is finished.
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