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We are driving around downtown looking for parking somewhere.
Ok well I'm on my way
Alright I just sit out here for a second, alright bye.
Sweet! Ok I'm meeting Terry and he is giving me the other camera for this film and then I am going to park the car. We are going to go into the meet and greet and you know schmooze with everybody and it should be good!
My name is Andy Bowles I grew up south of Dallas in Cedar Hill Texas.
Now For Years I lived in Hollywood pursuing my dreams of becoming an actor until the economy along with my life fell apart.
I sold everything I owned. I bought a sailboat and lived off the coast of Marina Del Rey.
I had pirate looking friends and we had many adventures.
Woo! Man!
You know that life style was as hard to live as it was cool and it was cool!
Then one day I get a phone call frommy friend and fellow film maker Larry Stanley.
He was letting me know he was going into preproduction of his latest screenplay "An Innocent Hell" back in Texas.
And he offered me one of the co-starring roles.
So I began to develop a character and I moved back to Dallas.
By February 2011 production had begun and around the end of March they need to take a break for a few weeks due to scheduling conflicts.
And the Dallas International Film Festival had been brought to my attention by no other than my ex-girlfriend Andrea from Argentina.
She forwarded me an e-mail about covering the event as press.
So I began to assemble a team and a plan to document the experience of it.
Please allow me to introduce to you Ms. Mallory Carrick,Jiyah Starks, Tamara Jolee, Tracy Drake, Anthony Gonzalez, and on camera Tom Bowles.
Now you know who I am and what lead me here to this fine day March 31st 2011 for the opening night gala at the Winspear Opera House.
Hi Burton Gilliam how are you doing tonight?
I'm doing very well. I want to tell all the people out there that you have the finest look dress on of anybody here.
I love you, I absolutely love you, I love you.
I would take you home with me.
Oooh! Well wait a minute I can't take you all the way home.
You understand.
So what film are you here representing?
Who am I representing?
What film are you representing?
Oh I'm not representing, I'm a juror.
Oh! So I'm just here, I'm going to see 9 films.
Awesome! I'm going to give them the very best points that I can.
Hey guys. How you doing?
You guys, you guys are rock stars.
Well that's what we try to be. We try, we try to rise to that occasion.
He's a rock stars I'm his roadie.
Oh you're his roadie? What like a groupie or like a roadie?
Oh no I'm not a groupie.
He's known me to long to be a groupie.
49 years.
yep, yep. Wow that's a long time!
Hey! I'm good! My name is Mallory Carrick. I'm with Andrew Bowles productions.
Hi I'm Matt. Nice to meet you.
Ok so what film are we here promoting?
We here promoting a film call "Just About Famous" about celebrity impersonators, a documentary film.
Oh Wow! Whoa It's Robin Williams!
Hey Babe! And you found the Smart Water!
I'm so dang smarter I'm impressing myself, It's amazing,Wow!
Wow Whoopi Goldberg! Oh yes!
How you doing sweetie, you look beautiful! I was going to wear that but I didn't want to clash.
Are you still leaking?
I'm still leaking. I'm leaking now.
Oh good! I'm leaking now too! So, are you leaking Robin?
Well I'm actually wearing a Depends so it's okay! I hope it doesn't show!
Will you tell us a little bit about you film?
Well basically it's a film about famous people. And well almost.
We went to a convention and shot basically all of these celebrity imperson ators and really got a glimpse into the life of people who are almost famous.
So how are we feeling about day two?
Yeah day two. Actually this is the first day. Last night was opening night. So this is friday April first, day one, second day.
Day 2! Feels like a Star Wars Episode. You don't know if it's the first or sixth episode.
Now Walking up the steps at Victory Plaza towards the WFFA Channel 8 building I couldn't help but be tooken back by the sheer grandeur of this location.
And It was then that I realizing that Dallas and the Dallas International Film Festival was on a scale unlike any film festival I had previously experienced and I felt very lucky to be a part of it.
So here we are Day 1 April,1 2011 Tracy Drake is on the red carpet and Tamara Jolee has arrived.
Andy. Andy.
Oh hi! Hello! I will work you into this.
You're good! Just yell at me and I'll do what ever. It's really tight right now.
Hi I'm Tracy with APB Productions.Ya'll are with the film "8". Are ya'll actors, producing, directing?
Julie and I are co-directorand Julie was an actor in our short and so is Logan.
Now who did you play Logan?
I played logan.
The short film is based on part of our lives so we actually played ourselves. It's an experimental documentary. So?
OK, now I heard it started in Austin or you took it to Austin, correct? And it had great, great reviews and then ya'll get to come here. So is this the second film festival that you've been to?
This is the second festival. And we did win an award at our first festival. So, but were happy to be here. We're in a competition division here as well.
Noell Coet and I'm with the film "Five Time Champion".
Awesome, what role do you play?
I play Shiley which is like the main characters Julius' girlfriend.
How you doing I'm Tim Skousen. I'm the director of zero percent.
I'm Jo Ann Skousen. I'm one of the teachers in the documentary.
And Sean Pica I am Executive Director at Hudson Link.
I don't know. Do you want to tell them what Hudson link does?
We run a college degree granting program in four prisons in New York. Sing Sing being the biggest.
He have 250 men and women currently working on their bachelors degrees and we currently have a zero recidivism rate.
I'm Tracy I'm with APB Productions. What film are ya'll with.
Rainbows End. Rainbows End that sounds awesome. Can I get ya'll to say ya'lls names?
Birdman. Where's Weezy? Country Willie.
Eric Hueber. Andy Cope. Dave Steenhook
Hey it's nice to meet all of ya'll.
Any crazy reactions about the film that you have received? Anything different?
It's been unanimously positive. It's been just really great.We've had many different screenings for many different ages and everybody has responded positive to it.
The Highlight of this red carpet was for us to get an interview with Ann Margret but all we seem to capture was her walking a way.
You got to work with these fellows then? Yes I have. What was that like?
It was great. I was able to portray a character name Pete Snyder. You ever hear of Snyder Texas?
Yeah! Well I'm the guy. He was an entrepreneurial guy back in 1870.
He was a buffalo hunter. Then he started trading hides. And then he build a little village with tents called Hide City.
Alright were here at the film festival. What are you doing here?
You know I wrote, produced, directed and acted in. That's it?
Yeah I guess I kind of loss my mind and just decided to do it all. A film called "The Legend of Hells Gate" a western here at the festival that we're completely excited.
It's a Texas Film, Texas Cast, Texas everything! So to be premiering here in Dallas is huge for us. And we couldn't be happier.
From there we headed over to the Angelika Film Center where we prepared for the Q and A of the film "The Legend of Hells Gate."
What's your name? CourtneyCourtney. Free Shots!
Where's Tracy she's not here? Well Hey.
I guess let's mosey on upstairs. Team APB! Handsin the middle! I'm calling for a W! And Break!
Mr. Glenn Morshower, Robert Buckley, Mr. Buck Taylor, Russell Cummings, Ken Luckey.
A couple of our actors have chosen to remain anonymous in the crowd. That's OK.
One person that I would like to acknowledge is the music composer my sister. Lexie Beard did an amazing job scoring this film. And that is just one thing that does not get enough recognition. So I would deffinitely like to acknowledge her right now. Absolutely.
So what drew you to this story? Is this a story that you've known for a long time? Why did you want to make this movie?
Well I grew up. I'm sure most of you guys if your here from Dallas know of Possum Kingdom Lake. I grew up going to the lake my family had a lake house there.
And I always knew of this amazing place to go hang out "Hells Gate". Which is huge on the fourth of July I guess. But never really knew the origin of it's name.
And when I came to found out it was like a little western story I just started to investigate more. Like there was just so much history for that year.
The Doc Holiday stuff is all true, The John Wilkes Booth stuffis all true. All the same year and all the same area. So just upon learn about Hell's Gate it just kind of fell into place and the script just started to write it's self with history.
Now we're here at the Angelika Theater and just to kind of break down what's going on there's theaters set up all around and the cool thing is fans get to come,they get to interact and they get to mingle with different directors and members of the cast.
Did it live up to your expectations? I really thought it was very well done. I enjoyed the cinematography.
Day two's red carpet was inside North Park Mall.
Now once we got inside the mall it took us almost 30 minutes to find where it was setup. That place is so huge!
And it was filled with great shops but it was important we stayed on schedule because we were there to meet with 12 year old Jiyah Starks who was going to help us cover "Family Day" and all the children films.
Now when Jiyah's mom submitted her to the casting of red carpet anchors I had no idea how lucky I was!
I just want to ask how did you like filming and working with all the people on set?
Oh it was a blast! It was a blast because like I'm normally use to working with adults and stuff. I don't know why I normally just work with adults but this one I got to work with a bunch of kids!
So it was in Park City Utah, surrounded by snow, and then I got to work with a bunch of kids. So It was just awesome!
How was it like working with the director and all the creative people on set?
It was a real privilege working with our director Rob Kirbyson our line producer Steven Marinaccio but we had agreat leader in Steve McEveety.
You know the producer of "Snowmen" is the guy who produced "Braveheart", "What Women Want", " We Were Soldiers", "The Passion of the Christ". So this is like a kids "Braveheart!" And working with all those professionals it was just a lot of fun because it was like kind of going to film camp.
We went to Salt Lake City for the winter. Shot in Park City. And we went skiing on the weekend sledding and snowing. You become a family when you do a movie. And it was fun to have a lot of families around, and great parents and great kids.
Oh yeah guess who shows up? Chris McNair from Hollywood. He flew in to play the preacher in "An Innocent Hell" and I told him if he cleaned up his act I'd let him on the red carpet.
Hi I'm Chris McNair and I'm here at the Dallas Film Festival, family day and we're in between events at the red carpet so I'm gonna go get a shave.
Hi I've been told I've been looking a little too scruffy for the red carpet at the Dallas Film Festival so I'm here to get taken care of. A good shave by?
I'm Corey Thompson and basically we're here at The Art of Shaving.
I don't shave oven but when I do I chose Art of Shaving and Corey.
And me! Bye Chris! Have a nice Day!
Hi I'm Jiyah Starks So can you tell me a little bit about the movie that you're in?
Tell you about what? I'm sorry.
The movie that you're in.
Yeah "Super!" Super it's great. You better go see it too or I might end up doing some damage to ya.
Super is awesome. It's a great movie. It was released yesterday. Man it just got great reviews. James Gunn is awesome, Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page. You know it's a must see for sure man it's hilarious.
So can you tell us a little bit about your character?
yeah my character is mean, dumb, but will kick your ass to so. You know what my character is just fun man. It's fun.The bad guy is where it's at, you know.
The character that you play in the movie?
Yeah you know she kind of a regular girl that gets thrown into this insanely bizarre situation where she finds herself on kind of this life journey that is really kind of esotericand kind of strange.
So when you where on the set filming was it a really good experience? And would you do it again?
It was definitely a really good experience. It was a very powerful role because she was an extremely diverse and very complicated individual.
So when people see this productions. What do you want them to think of it?
Think about how somebody could be born with such talent and how talent can be so fleeting. I mean look at his life he had so many triumphs but the down side was the tragedy of his drug addiction and his death because of drug addiction from AIDS.
So what was your favorite part about shooting on set with all the people?
I think always the moment the cameras are rolling and the action is happening and you are watching the actors really do their thing.
OK so when people see this movie.What do you want them to take from it?
I think, I think this movie is all about finding your home.So if you ever get lost and you feel that something is missing in your life eventually if you follow your inner compass I think you can find your way home.
This film is called "NEAL." It is about a pool cleaning machine that murders a young couple.
So when you were writing and directing this process what did you, like how did you come up with it?
I was in a swimming pool a few summers ago and one of these things actually tried to kill me. And as a film maker that was real easy for me to spark up a new different kind of story for people to relate to.
So when you were filming it was it hard or was it more easy with the actors, producers, directors?
It was an extremely challenging process because the majority of film was shot under water and that is something I have never worked with before. And my actress is also my sister.
Good to see you. I'm good too! So I heard that when you were doing your movie you got a lot of advertisements from different places. Was it hard when you were getting the advertisements?
Yeah I mean the hardest thing was literally getting anybody to pay for this film. You know becaue we were going out trying to find somebody to finance a film that opens like rips open the world of product placement marketing and advertising it's difficult.
You know? Because we're literally trying to make a film that exposes what goes on behind the scenes. So when we actually got someone to say yes. I was kind of blown away.
So what was the most surprising sponsor that told you they would sponsor your movie?
I think I was surprises when "HYATT" said yes because "HYATT" is traditionally a conservative brand. So for them to jump on board got me really excited. It made me feel like we really broke through a thresh hold of what was possible with this movie.
I was very excited when "Mane 'n Tail" said yes. You know "Mane 'n Tail" an amazing shampoo that's both for horses and people! How do you say no to "Mane 'n Tail." Yeah.
So when people are going to see your movie, What do you want them to say about it?
The biggest thing is I want people to take away from the film. One I want people to say if people to tell their friends that they laughed their ass off!
I want them to say it's one of the funniest films they've ever seen! Because to me the film plays like a comedy it's not medicine. It's a really entertaining movie.
And ultimately what I want people to take away from the film is that you suddenly start to recognize and see all the marketing and advertising that goes on in your life.
Like every where you go someone is trying to market to you sale something to you. As we're standing here on the Cadillac step and repeat.
You know it's like there's a advertising everywhere. Here's a prime example. So it's about being aware and understanding kind of all of that that's in your life.
Now the next thing you know the place is swarming with cops!
And I mean you would of thought that the President of The United States of America just walked into this mall. But it wasn't.
It was just Denise Quaid coming to promote "Soul Surfer."
The guy is surrounded by like 20 armed officers! I mean it was unreal! And I admit that I was pretty excited about all this about getting an interview,
But then he just walked right past us to the lady next to us! And I was like what just happened?
And you know I know Jiyah doesn't know what to do she's 12 years old. So I'm sitting there trying to point, you know, we need an interview with Mr. Quaid were making a documentary.
And it just was beyond people. You know, So I stood there trying to keep my composer but I really wanted to interview the guy you know.
I didn't know how to handle that situaton so I kept pointing for Emily Hargrove who is the lead publicist back there in the back.
And we just kept hoping that she would see us. And God he's doing his interview and we keep being respectful because that's what you got to do when your put into a position like this.
You got to keep your composer because you know he's being, his attention is being pulled in a million different directions. And for him to focus on anybody's one question is really great, you know?
But we all want our moment to have with the guy. Hey can I get an interview real quick. Denise! Denise!
Then he walks to the person next to us and I realize where not getting this interview. And we start hollering for Emily. Because?
We where just trying to get a couple questions with Denise.
Are you the PR person for Denise? Right. She is a student but she's doing it for a productioncompany. Is there anyway to make that possible.
OK just like one.
Now emily is pretty confident she going to get him to come back. And I was a little bit relieved you know I felt like OK it's not, it didn't work out just then but he'll come back.
Hi Jiyah. How you doing? I'm doing good.
Did you get to talk to Mr. Quaid? Did you get to talk to Denise Quaid?
Not Yet.
I can go spill some water on him or something and get his attention. It's a cheap trick but sometimes it works.
John Shepherd what a great guy! You know John we should of took your advise but we being a bunch of suckers just stood there trying to keep our composer. And we waited and waited and waited and in the end we ended up taking the advice ofthe Quaid we over heard.
And that's exactly what we did.
So what can you tell us about your movie?
My movie is "Wuss". Wuss is about a highschool teacher who is beat up by his own students and plans his own revenge against them.
Tell us about the movie? Uh "Wuss?"
It's an amazing movie! I got to work on it for like 3 days. I'm like a glorified cameo but I had a lot of fun with Clay. And Nate Rubin is an amazing actor.
I'm Adam Donaghey I produced "Wuss."
I got the opportunity to beat up the lead actor and that was a lot of fun. And the fights, he fought back pretty hard. Both of us were covered in bruises the next day so it was difficult. That's what we do. You Know we suffer pain for art.
We started Day 3 at the Angelika Film Center with "The Disappearance of Mckinley Nolan" Q & A.
Good evening everyone. I want to thank you all for coming out to share this moment in time with me.
Is there something in you that you think about this every single day when you wake up?
Yes, yes I goes to bed with it on my mind, I gets, It's there all the time. It's there all the time.
Sometimes in life there's a message that is taught through struggle and through emotions and different down times of it. So that the need thing about this film there's also a story of hope and the biggest theme to me is of love. unconditional love by the family.
Another thing, we all been through some trials and tribulations. We all go through things you know but once you got love in your heart and God in your heart you will make it and that's what keep me going.
Like I said up there in the theater. My family and the good Lord is keeping me going and the Corra film production people they, I'd just lay my hand out to them they are wonderful to try and help us.
Well you got a new family in all of us so.
Hey guys day 3 at the Dallas International Film Festival we are at the historic Magnolia Theater.
What was the feedback from the audience? What did they think about it?
Leslie Bradshaw of "The Greater Good", writer and producer. It was fantastic, we had a huge round of applause and people hooting and they actually had to throw us out of the theater because there were so many questions and people wanted to talk for so long.
And then we went out to the lobby and they had to throw us out of the lobby because we were still blocking. Our whole crowd was still blocking things. So it's been fantastic. Dallas has been really, really terrific.
You know for our audience who is everywhere all over. A lot of people one thing they ask is if we didn't get to see it what are some other chances we are going to get to see this down the road? So who would be the best to answer it?
If the audience would like to go to our website that would be terrific. It's
Well here I am all shaved and cleaned up and preppy looking and polished except for my hair and my clothes. Whatever what can you do? Lets go do some interviews.
Or not! And even though we got a little chuckle out of it I felt really bad that he stood around waiting all day.
How you doing man my name is Anthony Gonzalez. What's your name buddy and what are you playing in "APART?"
I'm Josh Danziger I play the lead role of Noah Green.
The name of the movie. How did that come about is it just where you?
It's the residents of Bhopali you know and it's the residents of Bhopali in this film specifically fighting for their rights to have a clean environment,
Have an environment where they can function and live and not have to worry that their children are going to be born with developmental delays, with physical disabilities, with mental disabilities only because you've had a corporation irresponsible enough not to go back to clean up you know.
Hey good luck to you and I can't wait to see the film. Thank you so much buddy!
My name is Anthony Gonzalez. Can I get ya'lls names and what ya'll are featured in here tonight?
Lenny Bitondo I'm the producer of "A Kiss AND A Promise."
David M. Frost I'm the composer
Philip Roy and I'm the cinematographer and editor.
I'm Lisa Ciara and I'm here supporting "A Kiss And APromise." The film that we are all in.
And I'm Samantha Farrow.
I'm Danielle Watling with "A Kiss And A Promise."
All of Ya'll are "A Kiss And A Promise", awesome! What are ya'lls roles in there? Which one was the lead lets find that out right off the bat. All of ya'll right?
All of us!
All of ya'll
No, Mick Rossi is the lead.
We all have pretty important roles.
Our roles are all essential to what his character goes through.
Goes through, yeah his journey.
Let me ask you this I'm sure all the girls want to know which one of ya'll is the one that got pretty close to him,maybe got a little kiss out of him or anything like that?
Oh I think this one got the closest.
I did! We got up close and personal. Yeah but you know he was fantastic to work with and made me feel save to go for that challenge. My character goes through the ultimate fear for a female. It was a very dirty scene shot beautifully. If that makes sense?
Definitely very artistic I'm sure.
Tell us just you know what really in fact inspired it and also how you guys found your way into this story as well because it's a specific take on the story.
It was inspired by two events. One was in Germany about seven years ago and the other one was in Whales in England about five years ago. And it's loosely based on those two stories.
I mean obviously we changed names because of the people involved and that was really the starting point. And we always knew we wanted to do something in that world and really ask the question. Do we really you know who your neighbor is?
And how these people can function in a normal existence and make eggs for their kids and go to work and yet there's the other part of them that are complete monsters. So you know that's what it kind of stem from.
Day four starts off at the Angelika Film Center with a shot of us behind the scenes.
Let me see your Iris settings. Have you checked the mics yet? Yeah I'll have it checked. That's perfect looking.
Hey I'm Mallory Carrick with APB Productions. Hi I'm Alex how are you?
Alex good to meet you. Hey I'm Greg.
Good to meet you guys. I watched the trailer. I absolutely loved it. What motivated you to do this did you grow up around horses?
You know I wouldn't say either one of us is a horse person per say. We both love horse stories and we'd always been interested in doing a documentary about the relationship between man and horse.
But that specific story one that really spoke to that theme always alluded us until one day Greg my husband and co-director was flipping through our local newspaper in Jackson Hole Wyoming and came upon this,came upon this little blurb about the extreme mustang makeover.
Which was this competition that challenged one hundred people to each tame a totally wild mustang over the coarse of a hundred days and prepare it for adoption. And greg brought it to me and said "this is out film" and I said "this is our film." And so, And so we took it from there.
That's Awesome! Two quotes I got off your trailer were "Ithink I could fall in love" in reference to the horses and"I love him more than love." And I understand that I have a dog that's my son and I would die for him. But on the flipside you guys have seen or heard of "Zoo" correct? The movie about zoofilia?
no? No you haven't?
OK well let me tell you about it. I want to pick your minds about it. It's a movie and it portrays in a very non judgemental fashion a man that who dies having relations with a horse.
He thinks he falls in love with his horse. It was at Sundance it was at Cannes. It was in 2007. Really, really controversial topic. But what do you guys think about that? I mean just in the general sense there is like the platonic love but what do you think about a person romantically falling in love with a horse?
That is a question I never thought I would receive.
I really don't know how to answer that.
I mean obviously the love stories were following are you know, are completely different it's more about this friendship and this companionship. But it is a love story. I mean there's no question that's what our film is. And it actually tells a variety of love stories of different kinds.
I mean some of them are, you know have that sort of love at first sight kind of aspect to it. While others are romantic comedies sort of where you take these two completely mismatched individuals and pair them together and they have to figure it out.
Thank you guys so much I can not wait to see your film.
What kind of thing could you say that you guys experienced filming in Indonesia, you know compared to maybe being inthe states?
There were certainly some difficulties. We had to jump somehurtles. Indonesia has a really thriving film industry but it's young. It hasn't made a lot of films and it certainly hasn't made a lot of war films or action movies
And so we were some of the first people to have to break through some difficulties in order to get permits, to blow up buildings and planes and stuff like that.
And also to get old, we basically hand to ask the government which did end up really helping us out getting us old 1940's era weapons, helping us to make blanks, the indonesia bomb squad ended up joining our team full time, and helping us get C4 and things like that. And it's just stuff that had never been done there before that we had to do.
You know on our first film we went through a lot more difficulty but making "Blood Of Eagles" we'd already done all that and it was a much easier experience. And it allowed us to do some things we didn't get to do, once the government earned our, once we earned the government's trust they were all to happy to help us tell the story of you know how heroic they were in the 1940's.
it's very intimidating to meet you miss scrubs star.
Oh indeed.
Indeed, indeed. Tell me little about your role here in, Sorry
Gun Hill RoadGun Hill Road as Angela.
I play Angela in this film "Gun Hill Road." Wife of Esai Morales. He's an ex-convict. Finally released from prison after a 3 year stent. An determined to reclaim his place and his family in his life only to fine out that everything is different.
His wife is estranged and his, his son is going through a truly enormous sexual transformation. And he justcan't except it. He refuses. And I'm torn between keeping my family together and obviously supporting my son. And hilarity ensues.
That's Awesome! How was it working with a young director as a, as a person like Rashaad?
Rashaad is extremely talented and he wrote the piece and the piece is very very well developed. Well rounded. The characters were vivid and a live and I was just so excited that the, that the female character in particular was so 3D if you will. So I was thrilled to be offered something so substantial. Scared out of my jeans. And determined to give it all I had.
And we rehearsed thoroughly and extensively.And We worked really hard and he was really really good at challenging me to get out of my old TV habits and keeping it minimal and keeping it really really honest. And always asking me well, give it this and that and pissing me off at times but knowing that there was more. And I think, you know, hopefully that translated to the screen.
What did you kind of use to kind of help you bring this character to life, you know on a more cinematic kind of role because you're know for doing mostly kind of like a nurse kind of role. How is did this differ at all? Was it a little hard for you?
It was absolutely different because I told him to stay on top of me because I've been doing television for 8 years. And because you do comedy things tend to be much bigger and cinematically your 70 feet wide and you've got to bring itdown bring it down,bring it down.
And he was really on my case about that. And so much so that I would get angry and he was like smaller, smaller, smaller, smaller. Which means you have to internalize the journey. You have to come from a real place. Bring something internal, bring something real,whatever you know get your acting juices back in, your acting classes and draw from a real life experience.
Whatever it is that you need to. And one of the reasons I actually really connected to the role is I just had a daughter myself. So I could really connect to the experience of really really felling protective about your child and really really finding that place of acceptance of something you don't agree but that has nothing to do with you.
There's a nice shot of the festival staff and then the guy drops his camera.
So after the red carpet we all kind of met up to weigh our options of what we would do for the rest of the day.
Oh it's only 9 minutes away but it's, it's
And the vote came in that we all we going to head over to the PM lounge. Which is like the festival lounge.
So here we are at the PM lounge, The Festival Lounge and once inside you have to get past the desk. But if you make it past the desk ladies. Inside the lounge.
I'm sorry your with who? APB Productions. You look real official so that's all we need.
Inside the lounge awaits free booze!
That's right I'll say it again. Free Booze!
And you know what that means.
Ga Ga (drunk gibberish) You want to take a shot? Let's take a shot! A Lime. (drunk gibberish) A little more lime. It's very good.
Now day 5 starts off at the magnolia theater.
"Gun Hill Road" is about a family in the Broncs who's father returns home from prison after 3 years to discover that his wife is estranged and his teenage child is going through a sexual transformation that he can't quite understand.
Wow OK! So do you mean sexual transformation like, snip, snip sexual transformation or like butting sexuality?
Like transgender. You know? He's a teenage boy who wants to be a girl.
And very much formulated that in his, in his mind but not so much the physical, you know, the physical Yeah aspects of it.
I love the premise of your film. Can you tell us briefly what your film is about?
Sure, Sure absolutely. It's a film that was based on a true story that happened in 1983 about a South American pilot who crashed his plane rural Cork County Ireland. And how these eclectic towns people sort of banned together to rebuild the plane and build him a runway to get him home.
And it happened in a very economically depressed time in 83. So the fact that these people actually found the you know, the will to sort of banned together is great. So it's a family film.
I can't wait to see it. I really can't. That was, it's funnybecause when I interviewed for this position that's the little print up he had was of your film and he pretended to be you and failed at doing this terrible Irish accent which you don't even have.
I can do that, I can do a bad accent though!
Do it! do it! Do a bad accent for us!
Ahh for, I tell you what, were gonna go in and were gonna see "The Runway" and it's gonna be fantastic! Were gonna have a bit of the black stuff afterward it will be fantastic! Thanks for coming out though.
Well thank you so much brandon it was a pleasure.Yeah good times, good times, take care. Have a good day enjoy the fest.
Yes do it! Light one up!, Give me one too! No I'm just kiding!
You want to? No I'll be okay, I can multi-task. I probably light myself on fire.
My name is Mallory I'm with APB Productions. Hi Mallory. Mallory Hey good to meet you Jerry. Jerry. Ok so this is your first film right?
Feature yep. Okay tell us, tell us briefly about. Well he said he already made something here an won an awardback in the 70's.
Yeah but that wasn't a feature. So first feature OK, so were you just like idolize him. Like what, why?
We actually met over a commercial.
So what's your favorite song of his? Oh gosh. Gees Got to pick one can't say I don't know. Can't say can't pick one.
Gollee there are so many of them. The obvious ones are Did you ever hear, did you hear "My Old Man?"
That could be one of them. It's one of my dad's favorites. Could you? Sing us a line for us.
It's about my dad. My old man had a rounded soul, hear anold freight train then he'd have to go. about a guy, it's about a fiddle player playing in a town for a life time but it's also only one night. One night and a lifetime.
But also the wheel it's about a lot of things I know but I guess the answer to that question is that what I don't think most people realize is that this man rights one of the most incredible set of love songs you've ever seen about his wife and that's in the movie.
And you actually started a tea your wife right? you started a label right? Right, right How was that?
Oh it's great. It's great, we flew here in his plane. Got a million dollars in the bank and my own airplane. We flew here in his plane! It's great!
Ok one more question and then I will let you go. I know you got the movie, we got the after party. At Gillies where the after party is, there is a bull, a mechanical bull. Who's on? Come on anybody?
No. No. No. Nobody? no?
This is like the Roman church centuries ago sanctifying pagan rituals. For Jerry Jeff to go there Is blasphemy. This is great!
I'm going to ride the damn thing! Oh you ride it! Your young and flexible. OK, alright. Ha ha! Thank you so much guys!
Uh huh thanks Well see you later tonight.
We did, He rocked, She did it and so did I and boy was I soar the next day.
Day 6 starts off at the Angelika Film Center.
APB Productions.
Hi Hey, good good to meet you guys. Ok so you're here with my "Surrogate Valentin". Tell us about the film.
It's kind of like a road film, romantic comedy, about a guy who teaches guitar and he get's hired by his high schoolfriend to train a Hollywood C list actor how to play guitar.
Alright, I was harrassing you last night? Yeah you were it's alright! Good to meet you. Not a problem.
Cool. OK tell us about your film.
It's called "Narcissism & Me", I wrote it and I star in it and I produced it and I starred it and I wrote it.
And your a rock star apparently. I totally am a rock, rocking star, a star that rocks kind of back and forth.
Alright. Tell us about the film.
It's a 9 and a half minute short. It's about a liar, who lies and creates his own reality as he goes along just kind of creating the world he wants to live in which continually contradicts itself over and over again. Basically he's just a really crappy human being. So it was a lot of fun to play.
Ok so "Bad Dads" my name is Mallory with APB Productions.
Cecily Cecily Good to meet you. Hi Derek. Derek good to meet you. Jermy.
Jermy. James Dean. Good to meet you. I'm not moving, I'm moving, I can't stop moving! Alright so "Bad Dads" starring Michael Cera and?
Will Hines. Will Hines, OK tell us about it?
It's really funny it's a lot of it's improv, it's five vignettes and it all sort of tells a story. It's about a father and son, their trying to get along, it goes really poorly. It's pretty dark, I mean I don't consider it dark but she's been letting me know people think it's dark.
That's good! Yeah I guess Just don't call it edgy right? No no no Oh it's not edgy it just straight up dark.
This will change nothing in the world.
Hey Kim, Well me, Tom and Mallory are headed over to the PM lounge, we're in the shuttle right now. And we're rolling film right now. We're in the shuttle heading too Pm Lounge where they have free drinks. Would you like to join us? VIP my treat!
Free Drinks! Free drinks my treat! My goodness.
Day 7 once again was at the Angelika Film Center.
"The Legend Of Hells Gate" two of the talent. Two of the talent well tell me about your talent! What's your role?
My role is I sneak up upon 3 of the actors in the movie and we're kind of just debating whether I'm gonna get shot or not.
I saw the movie it's pretty awesome. Have you had a chance to see it?
I did I got to see a screening of the movie about six months ago. So it was cool. It will be interest to see what they add and deleted this time though.
what's next for you what's going on next?
I'm in post production of a movie called "Super 8" coming June 10th to theaters.
That's awesome! Yeah! I've heard about it can you tell us about that?
It's about six group, six friends that get together and are filming a zombie movie and we're at a train depot one day and we turn around and see a truck coming onto the train,the train tracks and there is an on coming train, we have no idea what is about to happen.
We're like what the heck. And so the truck has a head on collision with the train, things start to go ballistic. I mean it's craziness. And so were caught up all in the mist of this train flying towards us and once we get home things start to go missing like house appliances, dogs, people and it just can't be explained.
So it was a lot of fun then? Oh yeah! The best! Awesome and then for you what's next?
I got signed on not too long ago to do a movie called "A Life Wasted" filming over seas in the philippines.
Really? Yeah, that's going to be a lot of fun. Awesome! Yeah I'm really excited.
Mallory Carrick with APB Productions. This is Summer Glau and Suzanne Weinezt right? Producer of "The Legend of Hells Gate."
What is the next thing in line for you? I'm a complete nerd "Fire Fly", "Serenity", "Terminator The Sarah ConnorChronicles." Love it, love it, love it, What's next for you?
Thank you. I have a few in the works I'm trying to decide between right now but I can't say anything yet I haven't made a final decision.
Cool, well I know you ladies, thank you so much for your time. Oh no thank you! and we can't wait to see the film.
We did not interview Stephen Nemeth but I did drink a few beers with him and other than being a Hollywood super producer he's a genuine cool guy.
What advice can you give young, young adult actors just for starting their careers?
The advice I would give is to recognize that your dance on the planet is brief, to never ever minimize the yearns of your soul, to say yes to it regardless of what someone else's opinion is about it, stay true, celebrate and dream big and follow your dreams and listen to the whispers of your heart because they always tell the truth.
I love it. Thank you so much Glenn.
Hi it's Tracy Drake and I am here at Union Station for the Dallas Film Society honors. We have got a star studded evening with film makers, producers, presenters, nominees and some winners let's go to that red carpet and check it out..
I'm Tracy with APB Productions. Tracy you are gorgeous! Oh I appreciate that. Thank you your dress is beautiful. I love it.
It was his pick. Oh good pick! You got Fashion!
Yeah we were in an event Miami last Saturday night for inner city kids, a youth at risk foundation it's call "The Consequences Foundation." And They had a group that was performing there and they had models from Neiman Marcus on stage and this small Escada ensemble was one of the things they were wearing and I thought she would look great in it.
And she does. You look great.! Now ya'll have been big sponsors for the Dallas International Film Festival. How has that been for ya'll?
This is one of the most incredible events not just film festivals that we attend. That the fact they go into the inner city and they work with kids to teach them film and to bring them along in the industry is a great part of the Dallas Film Society but the festival itself has been phenomenal. Over a 170 films in 10 days and some of them like "Elevate" that I just could not believe. Kids coming from Senegal here to play basketball and to learn it was phenomenal.
I love that you're bring that film anthropic attitude to this. You know it's not just about the film. It was awesome meeting ya'll. Thank you very much.
Ok this is Tracy with APB Productions and I am with Anne who is the director of "Elevate." Now will you give just a short synopsis of "Elevate" the that you have been working on took you about five years?
We started in May 2005 doing research but "Elevate" is about particularly four Senegalese basket ball players who come from a basket ball academy in Senegal and are given scholarships to American prep schools.
So that they can,They are wanted because they are seven feet tall and they can use height to get an education in the states because coaches want tall basket ball players because everyone says you can't coach height. It's a natural given.
It's natural given, yes. So the player kind of guaranteed aspot in the NBA or they have to work just as hard?
No, No there talent is much rawer because they don't have the coaching in Africa that they have here. And so the NBA is what makes it sexy it's like the hook in order to get them to focus on their education.
And they start playing basket ball so much later than when american kids do that, if you're fourteen and you start playing basket ball your a much different player than you intuitively start playing at four. you know you can't catch the ball the same way. They were soccer players so they move beautifully and they run.
They have this natural athletic ability but they just need to fine tune it?
A lot of fine tuning. You know like Lebron James still practice seven hours a day. So these guys first of all are hard workers but Americans work harder than any other culture in the world. And in Africa it's about community.
Tracy with APB Productions and you are? My name is Candice Reisser. What film are you representing for the film festival?
I did a short film called "Protect The Nation." Andbasically in 2008 in South Africa their was a wave of xenophobic attacks against immigrants that went across SouthAfrica and 62 people were murdered more than 40,000 people were displaced. So it's basically that story but told very intimately through the eyes of a young boy and a township.
Sounds interesting. So were, did you act in it or did you help produce? No, No I directed and I wrote it. Oh wow! So what inspired you to kind of jump in and kind of do this story?
I adapted a novel for my production company and they wanted to try me as a director. This is actually the first thing I've ever shot and as long as it was similar in tone then they would give me a little bit of money to shoot it. So this is something that when I heard about it I felt very passionately, I felt really sad about it. So I wanted to make something that was very close to my heart so that's what I chose.
Hi my name is Mike Goldbach and I'm the writer and director of "DAYDREAM NATION."
What inspired you to get involved with this film?
Well you know I wrote the film and you know I wrote it like 8 years ago and it took me 8 years to get it made and it's just been a passion project of mine for years. And I got Kat Dennings and Josh Lucas and Andie MacDowell attached as cast and.
Those are some good names! Right? Amazing names and once I had them on board I was able to make the movie. Yeah it was very exciting for me.
Alright now ya'll are with "Beautiful Boy" and I was just actually talking with these ladies over here who saw it and we're telling me it's a bit of a tear jerker and a heart wrencher. Now this was inspired by the Virginia Tech, correct? Now who's the director? Ok you're the director what inspired you kind of to go about with this film?
Well we had started talking about writing a story about a relationship, a couple and the difficulties their having and I guess we decided that we wanted to set it in the background of the shooting because it's really just about this tragedy and sort of what, how it catalyzes them to reengage in their relationship. Ultimately the story is a love story.
So we're here with "In The Land Of The Fireworks." And lets see can we pan out and get everybody? Hello again.
So this is a film shot in Texas. Tell us about your film.
We shot it here in 2009. It took us a while to finish it.You know a lot of us making this movie have full time jobs and we were really pumping over night to finish it. But we did it all ourselves and we hired a great cast here and we're proud to show it off tonight.
Ppsshhh! Yes! you are a rock star! I love it! Larry it's good to see you. How are you?
Good. Good, OK. I have a question. Where did you get your cowboy hat?
This one? Yeah I like it. This is a Oh look at the buckle! Awesome!
See that's L.A. hat cog. Okay, Okay
I don't know. You know I have many hats I forget which ones are which. That's terrible you should always remember your hats.
What was your favorite role to play? I think J.R. is pretty good. Yeah, Yeah.
How do you feel about the remake finally? Well we haven't started yet.
Are you involved? Oh I'm going to be J.R. again.
Are you really? Yeah! Awesome!
Ok so it hasn't started yet. Do you know when they start shooting?
27th of April.
Ok cool. Have any small parts for somebody that looks like me?
Probably sure, we could work out a deal.
Cool, cool, cool. Alright I'm so happy about Dallas.Like you literally just broke me for a second. So sign us your favorite song 2 bars.
Deep in the heart of Texas!
I love it! Thank you so much. we appreciate you your amazing. oops!
Well I'm just not use to, this is new, Do it again.
Yeah, You got it. You're amazing.
I use to do one with a parachute.
Oh I like that. That ones is the best. That's going to catch on I'm going to pimp that.OK.
Hi so I heard you guys are the writer and producers of "How You Train Your Dragon."
Yes, yes that's us.
So me personally I'm a fan of this movie and I was wondering how did you guys get the inspiration to write it because you don't really dragon stories or dragons in real life?
You know "How To Train Your Dragon" actually came from abook series by Cressida Cowell. She's a british author and she wrote 9 of these books. And so the first one was loosely based on, in the beginning, based on the original first story and it's a very smalls story.
So when Chris Sanders and I took over the project we actually had to reconceive it a little bit. So it's in the spirit of the book. About a run Viking who kind of changes his world. But we sort of injected into it a lot of epic qualities.
You know the first Viking to kind of bridge the gap between these two enemies and take a chance on this dangerous dragon and the dragon takes a chance on him. And they end up having like this secret relationship where they are befriending each other while he's learning to kill dragons you know back in town. All of that kind of grew out of the need to make the movie really big and epic.
Ok so I also heard that you guys were part of the Lilo & Stitch series. Can you tell us how you got the idea? Because I watch a lot of this stuff.
Well Lilo & Stitch actually started as a kid's book idea that Chris had back in the 80's. And it was about this kind of monster that lived in the woods that didn't know his origin. And all the other forest animal had ostracized him. So he learned to communicate by making the sounds of the wind in the trees and the babbling brooks.
And that actually grew into a story about girl who adopts this creature who is actually an escape criminal from outer space. An we set in Hawaii because we wanted a very finite place for the story to take place. So it's like most stories it kind of evolves as you go and we just spent a lot of lunches and nights kind of working on it until until we were officially put on to it to write and direct it.
Well thank you so much it was really a huge honor. Well thank you.Thank you, thank you
Now I want to prepare everyone because we're to analyze some footage here.
Look at that face. Does that look like a happy red carpet reporter? I don't think so. Now notice the gentlemen standing behind her stuffing her coat pocket.
You need to remember that.
What I really grab from this shot here is that Tracy is pissed.
Now here's what happen. Peter Fonda is being escorted down the red carpet by the publicist. The gentlemen stuffing his coat pocket is blocking our opening so that the publicist knows to let Peter into our spot. So instead she leads him all the way down the red carpet to the very end.
We don't get the interview and Tracy? Well she was pissed!
So Jiyah Starks is on the red carpet.
Ok so what can you tell us about your production?
About "traveling?" "traveling" is a story of three people onthe road discovering family and they don't get to choose, I sort of feel like we never get to choose our family and I wanted to tell the story where people actually did.
So what was your inspiration? Like did you get it from like your own home when you had, Did you ever have difficulties with your family? or is it more of one of those stories you said Oh! And you woke up in the morning and just kind of had the idea?
Well I have a great family and this is more about family that is not so great in their relationships. There not so good at connecting to each other. But I guess because I can connect so well with my family and so well with other people that, that's where the inspiration came from. I thought about the opposite of whatever I am.
Ok so what was the hardest part over all about the whole entire production?
You know we had an easy production. I guess the hardest part is getting it out there, getting more people to see it, getting people in seats. and that's why it's so great being at a festival like this where they help you with that. They really help you get, reach your audience you know. We had a great time shooting the film. We had a great, I had a great time with my producer Farah White finishing the movie. And it's really honestly just been a fabulous experience.
Well thank you so much for letting me interview you it was an honor. Bye bye.
Day nine starts off at the Historical Texas Theater. Now it's the place they caught Lee Harvey Oswald after he assassinated John F. Kennedy.
So I here at the Texas Theater but no one in my crew none of my anchors are here, just me, everybody's late, and were all lost. Hey I see one of my anchors right now. There he is.
Better late than never man.
Anthony with APB. I just wanted to get a little information about you guys and your film that you guys are working on.
Sure my name is Eric Steele, This is Barak Epstein. We produced "WUSS". Which is directed by Clay Liford and it won the special Jury prize last night here. It's a feature it's about a high school english teacher that gets ruthlessly beaten up by his students and he decides to take actions into his own hands and everything kind of falls apart from their.
It has been such a great experience being here this whole entire week and I've been loving everymoment of it. From meeting all the directors and actors and producers it has just been an exhilarating and extraordinary experience for myself.
Thank You