Minecraft Shape Shifter Z [SMP] [1.4.7]

Uploaded by zacuke on 12.01.2013

Hello everyone!
I bring you Shape Shifter Minecraft Multiplayer Enabled
as you can see my friend here
changes into anything he wants and i can see him change
i want to be a spider
i can shoot web, i can climb up things
even in survival mode
cannot fly but can climb
cooked beef
first you get the cpae
i'm going to fix that
so you can get any cape you want, setup a cape server
obviously there's no special abilities
produce cooked pork
british walsh
i'll get that fixed so it produces a color what you are
uh... taken to triple jump
clean camouflage
what chief gates we are
the flyer sigmund
hahahaha as my flight
fighting over that
zero so to socal throws uh...
cooked beef
does not have a special he's one of the characters added updated yet in fact
most of these after this i have an updated but i will since
uh... so also continues peter
some fish
the uh... does better water
i think we're building for him idon't want to just make a daughter when you
hit the ability so i've typically some creative
uh... the agreement
teleport of course i'll get that fixed
total and of course i will fix the snow problem in
the nobility colors
topics impair i think i'll make a proposed and like what he does no good
prominent expired
bs small part all i could have been
provisional within the military had
i don't know what to do with the way i think it was on the right
uh... all
i'll fix it so if you get to the zombie taken skin as well
participant hospital bill we might be three swivels limestone
tactic used to paying
regular villager you can actually cycled yet
like the one report that have the but i think that the turtles lives but all
that is good for u
play here
them one at the end of the baby is lower the is equal to the top on the ball in
world war and
acknowledging that what special build execute the back but
we're going
special building to be a flyer
doesn't game
were the dragon got my eye
but what is your interest reforming looking
unit or looked at the modern at work for cincinnati so you're for around one
thousand bargaining
and back to me
yeah so
soviet indoor but it is multiplayer enabled now which is so cool
solar ballot
and what you think and