Life On A Ship

Uploaded by UnitedStatesNavy on 20.04.2012

If you're considering joining the Navy, you may be
wondering what life is like on a ship. That's
understandable. Ship life is exciting because it's a
new, honorable endeavor in your life, but what's it
really like to spend extended amounts of time at sea?
First off, ships deploy every 18Ð24 months, depending
on the mission and type of ship. Extended operations
away from home port typically last up to six months.
Ships on six-month deployments spend time visiting
ports throughout the world, which is a really
exciting element to life at sea. For the most part,
your ship will be "your home away from home."
You'll experience living conditions that have similar
aspects to civilian life. Depending on the ship
you're on, you'll have areas for exercise, watching
movies, playing cards, taking college classes and
purchasing snacks. On a ship or submarine, each
Sailor is assigned a "berthing area," including a
locker for storage, as well as a "rack" for sleeping.
One thing is for sure, the ship is very clean, and
you're expected to keep your area that way as well.
When you're off duty, it's perfectly acceptable to
spend time watching television or playing games. Many
ships also have ATMs, mail service and limited
Internet access. Don't worry about connecting with
your friends and family, because you can make calls
and keep in touch via email. You can also buy
yourself or any supporters Navy gear at the on-board
store. No worries about getting sick, medical
services are available onboard at all times. When
it's time to eat, a ship's "mess deck" accommodates
over 100 Sailors at a single time. And when you need
spiritual guidance, onboard Chaplains enable
the free practice of religion for all Sailors.
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