Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Vesperata

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It's not only in its name that Diamantina carries an important part of its history.
The imprints of the mining that started 300 years ago
are preserved in the architectural set of Diamantina.
The mark signs the path where the diamonds were taken by.
The Estrada Real starts here.
- Through the same paths that the essential goods arrived, the Portuguese culture,
the fantastic baroque which today is called "barroco mineiro".
Inheritance that gave Diamantina the UNESCO title of World Heritage Site.
- For its history, for its culture, and, mostly, for its musicality.
Musicality that fascinates.
Márcio grew up breathing and inspiring with the music.
- Since I was 5, 6 years old I was amazed by the third battalion music band.
The passion became a profession.
Today he plays the euphonium at the third battalion music band.
The sergeant dresses his gala vestment, cleans the instrument and the heart:
- When someone manages art, the heart beats hard and it gives butterflies in the stomach.
It is Vesperata's night, an exclusive spectacle of Diamantina.
The musicians play from the balconies.
At the center of Rua da Quitanda, the conductor.
The music contaminates the familiarized residents.
- It's my tenth Vesperata. It's always exciting to watch.
And it electrifies the tourists.
- Diamantina doesn't see art. It fells art.
To explain what music represents to Diamantina,
Márcio uses a phrase of the most important son of Diamantina.
- Like JK once said:
A night of Serestas in Diamantina is prettier than a night of Troubadours in Napoli.
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