This is What Your Tap Water Looks Like

Uploaded by NaturalSociety on 11.08.2012

Hi this is Anthony Gucciardi and it's very rare that you actually get to see what
tap water looks like. In this instance, I'm showing you the contamination of the
tap water and the after effects.
What you're seeing right now is the overflow tray from my personal
water filtration device, it's a twelve stage system.
And the gunk in there is basically contamination, heavy metals, pesticides
drug residue, urine, fecal matter, dirt, dust, the works in there.
Very often you hear about how tap water is so contaminated but you'll never really
see it in this this light here.
So I thought I would show you this
to give you understanding of what you are actually putting into your body when
you're drinking unfiltered tap water.