Warm Bodies: Plugged In Movie Review

Uploaded by PluggedInOnline on 31.01.2013

Why can’t I connect with people? Oh right, it’s cause I’m dead.
In the somewhat-of-a-rom-com, Warm Bodies, residents of planet earth are living in a
post-apocalyptic time. When I say residents, I’m talking about a small number of surviving
humans, plus zombies and evil looking used-to-be zombies referred to as bonies. Although humans
are holed up behind a huge wall of protection, they’re in desperate need of medicine and
additional supplies. So, the human’s chief-in-command dispatches a small group to venture into zombie
territory to secure provisions. A battle soon ensues and among the few survivors are human
Julie and a zombie named R. Music
Heartbeat R is fascinated with Julie and decides not
to harm her, but rather protect her. Eventually they become friends. And the more R shows
human kindness and compassion, the more human he becomes. And the more human he becomes
the more other zombies are interested in following in R’s footsteps. But those evil bonies
still lurk nearby. And none of them seem interested in any positive change.
To say that this film totally omits the scares and the gruesome wouldn’t be entirely true.
But neither would it be fair to call this is a horror film. This is a Twilight-like
attempt to upset the zombie film apple cart. Here zombies can change, and can get another
chance at living. Of course, theologically, it’s far from anything resembling the truth
about the afterlife. Add in significant language problems and a smattering of gore and I’m
forced to give the surprisingly good-hearted Warm Bodies a chilly 2.5 abandoned convertibles
out of 5 for family friendliness. For an in depth review on this film, or anything
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I'm Cheryl Wilhelmi for Focus on the Family's Plugged In Movie Review.