NASA | DIY Desktop 3-D Fabrication to Realize Ideas

Uploaded by NASAinnovation on 02.02.2012

Additive manufacturing is a build up process where you add material
and you're actually adding the only material that you need
to build up and create or grow a part.
We have created a lab
that will allow people to come over
and build plastic parts,nominal parts
to be able to grow ideas. Once I found out about these
economical, low-cost
desktop fabricators,
we figured that we could get couple of these and offer them to people to use
to be able to build up parts
and it would give people a
resource that wasn't currently available.
We can actually save money
because with additive manufacturing you're building layer by layer and only putting material
where you need it.
So, if they go to the whole project and building out of metal
and say they mess up,
you know, cause' we actually wanted this hole smaller because we found out it doesn't
Well now that we're doing this additive manufacturing part
you can look at that
before you do that form, fit and function test
and see, oh, well, I do need to make that hole bigger, or that hole smaller.
So when they do go to machine it
they already have all those bugs fixed out.
We book the times for
two days, so if people wanna come out they'll get the whole two days. So if they want to just
come out for
you know, that morning and then they want to come out the next morning, you know, they
have a meeting or something in the afternoon, well the machine is yours for the two days.
so you know, you work around your schedule to use it for those two days.
I think it's unique because the we're allowing them to come in and hack
you know these machines that they like.
Where you can go to
the high end machines and be like "hey, let me open the back and see a change something,"
Well you come into ours and you're like "I want to expand the build area!"
Well, go right ahead
like I said, they're low budget machines so
worst-case scenario, you know, if there was something that went wrong
while I've built three or four of them, so I could reduild it back.
People will
talk about a product and
sometimes sketch it out on a napkin, but
physically making that part and being able to hold it, to move it around and
describe it, really
aids in communicating the idea of what it is that you want to grow, that you
want to build,
want to design.