The Westin Mission Hills Resort & Villas: Sanctuary in the Desert (Rancho Mirage, California)

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{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\sb100\sa100\lang9\f0\fs22 Hi I'm Jim Moran, General Manager of The Westin
Mission Hills Resort and Villas, your desert sanctuary to relax and renew. We're both golfers,
we love coming out here because I understand they have about 135 golf courses in the Coachella
Valley here. So we love the choices here, we've exchanged our weeks for other places.
We've been to Hawaii, Harborside at Atlantis, we're been to Colorado and we've loved them
all. One of our favorite Starwood Vacations is right here in Palm Springs. It is magnificent;
I can't even tell you how good it is. Everyone's friendly, there's so much to do downtown Palm
Springs, it's just fabulous. The Westin Mission Hills Resort and Villas opened up in September
of 2002 and part of the hotel's architecture is a Spanish Moors design and what's really
neat about it is our guest\rquote s ability to enjoy golf, spa and a number of recreational
activities being a mixed use resort. My passion is to make sure every customer that comes
into the resort has a great time. If you have kids, it starts with the kids. You make the
kids happy and the adults will be happy as well. I have the best job in the world as
the Fun Manager. I am outside everyday with the guests getting to know them on a personal
level and making sure that not only do I get to know them, but they're having a wonderful
time here enjoying our activities. Some of the most popular activities here for the owners
are family fun bingo and we have the fastest slide contest. One great feature about our
property is the putting greens located right behind building 43. That's a great opportunity
for budding golfers, children and golfers of all ages to practice their short game.
Our owners enjoy all the shopping locally here at The Westin Mission Hills Resort and
Villas within 10 minutes you'll find El Paseo which is our Rodeo Drive of the desert. Which
includes the gardens which is a wonderful al fresco mall that you can spend the entire
day in. The grandkids every year talk about coming to the desert for spring break. Our
grandson who's only 4 1/2, but an avid swimmer asks are we going back to Palm Springs. To
that great room you have, he calls it the room. You know at Rancho Mirage and I say
yes. Every year now, they really look forward to that. That's like Christmas and Easter
and it's engraved in their memory. When our owners return to their sanctuary in the desert
The Westin Mission Hills resort and Villas it's all about familiarly. They'll check in
and they\rquote ll see some of our desk agents that have been here for as long as they've
owned. All of our staff knows what all of our owners want in terms of the location preferences
they might have, different types of amenities that they enjoy cause at the end of the day
it's about familiarly and relationships. Come have fun with us in our sanctuary in the desert.
Come join us in our sanctuary in the desert for relaxation and renewal. Here's to our
sanctuary in the desert. \lang1033\par \pard\sa200\sl276\slmult1\lang9\f1\par