Jesus Christ at San Diego LGBT Pride Parade

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Do you think, as far as Jesus's sexuality, did he get erections?
I think Jesus got erections. - Why? - Well, he's a man.
Why don't you think people discuss Jesus's penis, like, a lot?
Probably because it's church.
What color was Jesus? - Black.
I completely believe that he had erections, hello, he had Mary Magdelene.
What color do I think he was? Hmm, I think he was a little bit of a bronze
just because he's probably gonna be like that more like Israeli-Middle Eastern era.
Do you think he had erections?
That I can't answer. I've never personally thought about that.
Okay, I go by what the Bible says, because I believe it's - the Holy Spirit inspired people to write it.
I don't know. I've just never read anything about Jesus like that.
Second question is, what color was Jesus?
Jesus was Jewish so I believe he was, like the color of Jewish people.
Which is what color?
I don't know. Because I never really went to Israel. I have a Jewish friend, she's white.
He might have had a tan, you know, like me, I think, because he lived, he lived in Israel.
Do you think Jesus had erections?
No. Because he was pure.
So if you have erections you're not pure?
I'm not saying that. Jesus came here for another purpose, not sexuality.
So you don't think he, as a man, he didn't have the same urges... - No, I, I don't think so - or bodily...
I think because he came--he had believed he was of virgin birth--that he came for a purpose.
Do you think Jesus had erections, um, what types of sexual behavior do you think Jesus participated in?
You know he's a man. And we all have needs regardless of the situation of how holy
or, you know, whatever position we hold in a religion.
Um, so yeah, I do think that he experimented with that.
He was hanging out with Mary, you know, who was a prostitute,
so I'm sorry, I personally think that yes, there was.
What color was Jesus? - You know...
I think we portray him as white only because of the fact that it's more comfortable for us.
But really, technically, he would be more darker colored because of where he was born
and where he was raised and where that nationality is.
Did Jesus have erections? Yes. - Jesus was human so I'm pretty positive, ah, that he did
because, I mean, God brought him here to be human, but to show people who God was, so yeah I'm pretty sure he probably did.
I'd guess he was like Arabian-dark tan because that's where he lives. - Yeah.
I feel like God splashed a bit of every little race in him.
They said that he was asexual, or so the Christians say, so
But I honestly think that he probably did have erections, I mean, like he was, he was man.
Do you think Jesus, ah, do you think he had sex?
Yes, I think Jesus had sex.
And what color do you think Jesus was?
Whatever color you want him to be.
Did Jesus have erections?
Okay. Second question - Why do you think it's weird for people to talk about Jesus's sexuality, and like, his penis?
Is it weird for people to talk about Jesus's penis?
A lot of, a lot of responses I get.
Oh, really? Hmm. - Do you think it's weird?
I guess it was weird because I had never thought about whether or not Jesus gets erections.
But actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm quite confident Jesus probably got some pretty serious erections.
And then what color was Jesus?
I don't know. Does it matter?
He's like normal. He's just a person.