My best gay friends [Tập 2] - Bộ Ba Đĩ Thõa

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Mop the floor for hour and not even finished yet?
Never been doing household chores? you are sluggish!
What the heck! why are you keep watching movie ? you have a floor to clean!
Still standing here? Clean under the table!
The bitchy three
8:30 already. I’m so dead
Dead what? You must go to my room and change out my sheets!
But I have to go to school, class start at 9. Can one of you take me to school?
None of my business, I have to work at the market
I have to take the bus instead then
But I don’t know which one to take. Let me check it out
Have never ride on a bus in my entire life
Finish your chores yet? Take my dirty clothes from my room to the washer machine then you may go wherever you want
Urr! Witch!
What the heck is going on?
Why are you screaming so loud?
Who is this person and why you put his photos all over the wall?
It’s my privacy. Why you have to put your nose in my business?
Is this an altar? It looks scary. You play dark magic or what?
Dark magic your head! If you don't know, don't talk. Take out all the dirty clothes and vanish out of my sight
The person in the photos looks familiar. I must have met him somewhere
Oh, dead! I’m so late, I'm so nosy!
Hello. Are you Nhat?
This is mom. Where you at? You know how much I worry for you?
Why are you calling me? I don’t want to be involved in your problem
I’m so miserable now. I just want to meet you for the last time then I will leave this place
Ok. Where do you want to meet?
Hey, stop, wait for me
Hey stop! Stop!
Oh sorry, It came so quick, I have to take it
God! What the hell is wrong with you?
Sorry, it's not my intent. Let me clean it for you
I'm really really sorry about that. Please don’t be mad at me
I have never ride a bus before, I got bus-sick
Is there no better place to meet?
My dear, this is the safest place.
Why do you want to meet me? Please be quick
Oh my god, why you’re so harsh to me, my baby?
I gave birth and raised you with all my love
Now you grow up and treat me this way?
You hurt me so bad, Nhat…
ok ok ok, please go straight to the point
The cops have been chasing me for the last few days.
I’m running out of money
You have any left? Please help me!
What? It's only one month, you have spent all of the 200 millions Dong?
No, my dear
Oh mom
I will die because of you
And you still not learn your lesson, turn over a new leaf
Still gambling all the time!!
Oh my god. Who? Who tell you such thing that I gambling. Who? I’m so mad
Just think, in my situation, how possible could I gamble?
It is true that I took 200 millions with me, but you don't understand
The cops chasing me from turn to turn
Lord knows, I drop the money on the run.
I have only 2 millions left in my pocket, tried to survive day by day, month by month
Why couldn't you understand for me? Baby, I'm so miserable.
Are you fooling me?
I swear to God that everything I said is truth
I believe you this time
I have only $700 left, you take $500
- Find a job, stop wandering - Ok, I got it
I have to work too. I don’t want to have anything to do with you
At this point, taking care of yourself
I don’t want to be caught as your accomplice
I want to be independent. I don't want to have any connection with you
I couldn’t believe you have done such thing
Nhat, Nhat, please don't leave me.
God! How could you left me alone, How could I live without you? Baby, do you know how much I love you, Nhat?
Hello. Ms.Sau, Did the game start yet?
Ok ok ok I will be there soon
Sorry for being a little late, just took money out from the bank
Hey, I’m here. Where are you going?
I told you to be here at 1:00. You show up at 1:15?
School finished at 11:30. It took me 3 hours ride on the bus to get here. I have tried my best
If you don’t have money then quit school and go to work? You go to school for what?
May I have some water please? I haven't drink any water since this morning, I'm so thirsty, my throat is dry up
Huh! You being here late and demanding!
Here, drink your water, lady
Can I have one more please?
So annoying
Are you boiling water to make tea?
Why wasting wood to boil the water? This water is clean
Plumber water is clean???
No one ever got stomach ache for drinking my tea. Other place makes tea the same way as me
Are you done? Let me show you how to make a sale
Mister, mister, please stop by for some noodles
Mister, we have vacant table here. My god, he is so handsome. Mister, mister, please stop by here
Mister, stop by get something to eat
What you two want to order?
What would you like to eat?
(pancake): I eat whatever you eat
No, you choose
(pancake): No, you choose
Ok, so we both choose, okay?
2 crab noodles please
Right away
First, get rice noodles
Then add two pieces of meat
Add some snails. Onions, parsleys
Ok, it's done
For the pancake, this is how it should be making
Hey, you told me two pieces of meat each bowl?
shhh. Just be quick and take it to them, Nosy
God, Why get so much
How could we make profit?
Sale like you will end up at a loss
Each bowl only gets a slice of tomato and a piece of crab meat
Hey wait
For the pancake's bowl take 27.000 Dong and for the guy's bowl take 25.000 Dong
That’s strange, his bowl has more meat than her
Nosy, just do what I say
Han, here is your noodles
30 thousand Dong right?
Today, price went up by 500 Dong
Wait, Someone told me if anybody called the name Han that someone will scratch that person face? Why not do so?
Here is 31 thousand. Now leave, I have work to do
See you tomorrow
Who is he?
Just a noodle deliverer
You two look like love bug
Are you crazy? He was just teasing me
Maybe because I'm cute and lovely
I witness Rie seem to be shy
Lyric: The purest love ever
Flowers blossoms in the middle of winter
- Nosy - Lyric: I’m silently listening to my heart, humming the sweet words...
Where is Nhat?
I think she is sleeping in her room
Thank you...
What are you doing?
I’m chatting with my boyfriend
Huh? You can get a boyfriend with that face?
Where? Let me see his face
I don’t have his photo
We love each other for who we truly are. Not for how we look
So we wait until we meet then we can see each other
God, why are you so naive?
Nowadays, everybody love through the eyes
What if he is fat, pimple faced, ugly?
I don’t care about the look
As long he truly love me
Everybody deserve to love and be loved
Ok we will see. How could you love a person if there is no look.
I wish your boyfriend will be extremely ugly
Beauty or ugly, doesn’t matter. Beauty in the soul is forever.
God. This person is cute but dumb
My boyfriend is pretty or ugly is my thing
Put your mind on your market lover
I told you he is not
I don’t believe you
How long you two have known each other?
When will you meet?
More than 4 months
2 more days is our anniversary, we will meet
I wish we will… Huh, why the power down?