Direct Live La Grande Evasion ( PS2 )

Uploaded by Karkaradon on 15.07.2009

"That man, caught in Northern Holland, he escaped again, and he's caught again."
"That man, 11 tryes of escape, he even try to jump out of the truck who was sending him to jail"
"Dick, participated at 11 escapes by tunnels"
"That man, 4 tryes. MacDonalds, 10 ! The list never ends. One of your guy just made 19 tryes ! It's crazy captain ! We'll end it !"
A melody that you've all, I hope, recognized, it's the theme of The Great Escape.
Big american movie of the '60s, of course, with famous actors, Steve McQueen on top,
Charles Bronson, lot of others...
It was an huge american movie, I hope you've seen it, because it is really great.
So, we're back together with the game, of course of the movie, an adaptation
In most of case, those adaptation are bad, and this game prove it.
So, it's a DirectLive...I'm gonna cut this...
We're gonna create a new normal mode.
DirectLive, means that we're gonna discover the game together.
Well, not really, cause I played almost 15 minutes
And while I was playing, I told myself : "No, I can't continue"
I didn't want to continue playing at this game, who is just an abominable horror.
First possibility : show you the game from where I was,
Second possibility : No video at all.
I say : "Hop, a little DirectLive, everything in Direct", a little video without preparation,
Total improvisation in this video, so don't care about what I'm saying :
maybe I'll say "This game is great" but it will be abominable,
maybe I'll say it's a bad game but it will be a great game.
So don't care about what I'll say in the video !
It will be my feelings, my first impressions, I won't even think before talking.
Because some, in my Killzone 2 video, they didn't understand that.
I may just say too much, or I've explained it bad.
Don't take what I'm saying in a DirectLive's not even my opinion !
It's not even that ! I'm not thinking about this, just what I'm thinking right now.
Nothing more. Try to understand this.
So, as I was saying, the game is gonna follow the path of the movie, for the scenario.
We're gonna play with four caracters, cause I read the notice, this time.
So here, for exemple, we're gonna control McDonald for the 1st mission
And what surprised me, even surprised me well,
it's that I was thinking that we're gonna play all the game in the jail, in the prison camp
I hope you've already seen the movie, I won't explain you everything : it's while the World War II
there's americans or british captives, most of time officers, who will be imprisoned at the same place
in the same prison, but that's not really a prison, more like a sort of a city, with lots of barracks
and they're living into. Of course, they can't escape, there's roasting
So The Great Escape tell the story of a really huge evasion, as the title says it
They will dig a tunnel to escape.
I think it's based on a real story, but I'm not sure. Maybe based on a real story,
but it have been fictionalized for the movie, and SO the game is gonna tell this but as I already told,
I've been surprised : we're gonna control 4 characters, and espacially because we're gonna have some returns in time.
Cause I think the game will entirelly take place in the jail, but no, seems that we're gonna have some returns for all the
characters, to see how did the get trapped.
Here, for exemple, we're controlling McDonald, and we're in the middle of DCA's firing
We're in a bomber and we're directly thrown in the action
So I'm controlling McDonals, and we can see, well you can't but the handling is just awful
So here I've took the extinguisher, there's fire in the plane, so I'm gonna continue
to blow out all fires, only need to be right in front and press the X button,
And that's over, end of the first sequence, who was EXTREMLY difficult,
The second one will come, so apparently the game will be varied,
I've read that they will be moto sequence with Hilt, the Steve McQueen's character
So here new sequence, really fast, controlling a gun, I'm at the bottom of the plane
And I need to destroy all german planes.
For the moment, it's not bad, telling to myself "Huum, that's correct", I was prepare to something bad
Wait, cause when we died, we're comming back to the beginning in this game,
I'll try to be focus a bit...So I told "that's not to bad" but when I arrived to the next level
And when I notice that the entire game will be that sort of sequence, I said "That's can't be possible"
"I can't continue playing this game" That was just impossible.
That was horrible. You'll see it right after. Trying to end this...come on, I'm firing at him !
Ah, finally. The sequence end, I think we'll have to jump, of course, the german will get us
I think we'll have for every characters those back in time, to see how did they get trapped.
Abouts the graphism, didn't talk about it, it's really average, and here that's still okay.
You'll see after...What did I need to do here ? Let's go there...
Ow yes, put the fire to this, need to be in front and press X, like always, X is the button action.
He's putting the fire to documents, that the germans won't be able to get them
The game has been entirely translated in french...I know that when we're pressing select
we have all the objectives...1st : fight the fire ; defend the plane ; destroy the code book,
that's what I've done, and so find a parachute.
It's seems to be at the bottom of the plane, there's a little schema on the right.
I should be there...Yes it's there, it his flashes.
Oh no, I think I missed it...I think that...let's see...
Yes, here it is...
Too much, I'm dead, we don't know why, probably because I take too much time.
I probably take too much time to do all these actions, cause YES, give attention to the top left-hand corner
there's a timer, I can't move, Damn it, we can't pass the video sequences, so look
Yes there it is, cause there's in all sequence a timer. I need to take the extinguisher, did I have it ?
No...where it is ?! Ah it's there, I let you enjoy the soundtrack.
Ok, the gunman get killed, and we're gonna replace him. I didn't notice it...
Try to be faster this time...
Come on...
Aw Jesus, the handling at the stick is average, of course,
Moving with the right stick, ah !
That sequence isn't bad at all, even visualy, I think it's correct
I've seen worst, we're on the PS2, in 2003, don't know if I told you
This game is also available on PC and Xbox, the 1st one of course
So it's correct but you'll see in the second level, it's horrible !
Try to go faster this time...
So here, I suppose I have to put the fire on the code book...
So now I take the parachute...Need to be fast !
Okay, I've got it, and now ?
Now I'm bloqued. I can't do anything...
Ah okay, it was automatic, so voices in french, always good
That could be the Original Version with subtitles but they made the effort to translate in our language
It's always nice...And here I think he will get caught, and then I played 5 minutes
and then I stopped, cause I died...well I didn't really die, since we get arrested by the Germans
And we need to do the level from the beginning again, it's horrible.
And the handling is horrible...but you'll see it.
So here, apparently, it's still back in time since...
In the movie, we're in a specific camp in Summer, and not in Winter like here
Still back in time with McDonald's Character
-"Have any weapon, attack any guard or trying to get out of the camp is forbidden and could be synonim of death"
"Any try to pass trought this will send you in front of guns."
"That british officer will be able to told some other importants informations. That's all"
Okay...The guard just explicated us the rules of this camp, AH
McDonald, in the North and West of Germany, 4 october 1940...
Winter escape, still in past...And you're gonna see it's absolutely horrible...
Everythin, everything ! Visually,...Here I notice how awful was the handling...
Everything : Handling, Camera, Animations, look...
With R2, we can see...Frankly, it is really done wrong.
I'm sorry, we're on the PS2, it's done wrong, we can't say anything else.
And McDonald, I remeber the movie a bit so I remeber the characters, and McDonald doesn't look like this
So there's things not clear...So here it's really ugly, very ugly
So...Ah, here.
-"Hello, I'm John Rose, the highest british officer. You should be McDonald. Where did the german caught you ?"
-"We were flying over Berlin. There were so many of them that we can almost walk on them. We got shot."
-"Bad luck old chap. Fortunaly, we've got a good organisation to escape and you should stay here for long."
"That's for you, from England. It's a compass, the pointer show you the direction of your objective. Use it to find the Big X of the camp"
"He's adminstrating all tryes. Our Big X is George Exander. Barrack number 2. Pay attention to the guards when you'll leave."
-"Thanks a lot."
Just like in the movie, the Big X...ah, an other thing that I didn't like, I notice since I began
We won't be able to interact with people like that, who are doing their things in their place
I can't speak with him, I can't...we can strike like that with R1, we can give a punch
But nothing happens, we can't interact with other characters, I thought it wasn't good
that we can't even talk to them, frankly, no, it can't be possible ! Just no !
Aw yes, we can, by pressing L2, we're gonna walk furtively, that the guard won't get their attention on me.
So, try to get out of here, with Select, tells us "Talk to Big X", I should be the green arrow
So it's in the barracks next to mine, the red circle, tells me to go near by.
So let's go this way, we also can, with the directionnal arrow, made the camera moving,
And even, look, when we're in front of a hole, like this, a keyhole, by pressing the up arrow
We can see by the hole and so I see that there's a guard, so I'll wait...
He's comming back...WOW just incredible what he has done !
Did you see there ? Done a little "freestyle" on himself ! Over there, there's a mirador
with a projector...Aw yes I wanted to show you a thing that made me...Wait, it's not here
No that's not here. No it's near by, you'll see there's a crazy thing.
Let's...try to be careful...This way...Look out for the mirador there...
That's okay, far enough, pass by there, not to bad !
A bit of Metal Gear Solid, a bit of...Made me thing of "Impossible Mission" on N64
But this game isn't really known...Ah it's there
Okay, so it's him.
-"Excuse me, I'm looking for the Big X"
-"Well, you've found him. I am George Alexander, the Big X of the camp. I'm sure you want to escape"
-"Yes of course ! How should I do that ?"
-"You first need a pass. Jimmy will help you."
-"Thanks a lot."
Okay, maybe the french voices doesn't have enough conviction...
So look here, going near by him, a little bobble appears on the left, I suppose that means
That I can talk to him...
-"Hello Mac. I'm Jimmy James, the counterfeiter of the camp. "
"To escape, you need a german pass. I'll do one for you but I need a model."
Yeah, I'm gonna cut if we can...Yes we can cut the animated sequences
He asked me to give him an german pass and that's where I stopped cause
I died 3 or 4 times and that was enough, don't want to continue
So where is the crazy thing I saw...
But it's not here !
But that was here !
No that's not him...Don't understand, so it was two characters who were talking together
But that was aberrant, they asked themself questions and didn't even anwser
Always the same lines, big problems, I swear it : there was a bug.
But they're not here. Maybe in the 3rd barrack, it doesn't matter
So we also have an stocking, so yesterday, when I played this game, I took a bottle over here
Or somewhere not very far, we need to visit and somewhere we'll be able to interact and...Ah !
There's an icon who tells me that I can take something, AH, bottle
Now, if I want, I can take the bottle in my hands and I can throw it probably to distract guards
So let's look...Nothing at all...Let's open...
Ah, maybe here ! Wait, it should be here the two...Ah it's there ! Listen to THIS !
-"Continue, old chap"
-"I want a good stew"
-"Must remind that liberty is only a relative concept"
-"We have to hold on !"
-"I would love kick some Schleu's ass"
-"We must be ready !"
-"They shot my Spitfire above the English Channel !"
-"Those motherfucking Schleu took my criquet bat"
-"I just came from the Dulag Luft 10"
-"They're transeferring me to Coldrits"
Here it's not too bad, yesterday that was really awful, wait, I let a bit longer, it's not possible...
-"We must be ready !"
-"One day, someone will made movie about us"
-"It's FASCINATING ! It will make a great book !"
-"I want a good stew"
-"Good job old chap !"
-"They're transeferring me to Coldrits (????)"
-"Good job old chap !"
-"Did you try with a wooden horse ?"
-"We must put sable in the whole gear"
-"They're transeferring me to Coldrits (????)"
-"My mom always said to me : Don't think you're free because you're out the cage"
-"Good job old chap !"
-"I'm asking myself on how the war goes on"
-"We must put sable in the whole gear"
Okay, now it's correct, well no ! Of course it's bad, but comparing to yesterday
I should capture it because it was just crazy, he was always saying the same thing
The other one only said : "They shot my Spitfire above the English Channel !"
"They shot my Spitfire above the English Channel !"
Only said THAT ! And the other one, next to him "I want a good stew"
It was hilarious, those two only said that, it was some crazy stuff
So, I can't take anyhting here, so let's continue,
Get a german pass, Okay, need to go in the barrack who is located at the other side
Ah, there it is, behind the roasting, and I wasn't able to pass
So we're gonna wait that the projector get away, let's pass in furtive mode
Every time, there was a guard who was comming over here, none of them here
That's good,
Yesterday, I didn't even come over here
The guard who is in the barrack is sleeping. I should move slowly.
With that stupid handling, let's pass by there...
Here it is...That's a guard...Is he with me or not ?
He's not with me, he's got a gun
Wait...What does he have in hands ? Ah no, that's a bottle ! Must be with me...
Ah no he's with me, I'm stupid
So, It should be just here...I'm helping myself with the compass down here
hum : "If the german guards discover that this pass has disapear, it will be hell on earth"
Yeah, here...So I take the pass...New objective : Give the pass to the forger
Oh shit, I need to get back there
So he's with me I think...WHAT ???
It's so BAD ! So BAD ! He was german ! That's horrible ! He hasn't seen me little time ago !
Aw, do the level again, fucking crazy there ! I was just in front of him, I moved and he didn't see me
And then I saw me !
So you've got an exemple of the Artificial Intelligence...So, where am I ? I bet I'll have to do everything again...
I need to do everything AGAIN ! Talk with the British officer, but where is he again ?
He's over there...Crazy ! Let's cut everything...Let's go...Bourrinage mode ! Nothing here, nothing there
Nothing here, crazy, we can't jump or anything, can't run, we can squat and lie down, if I can...
Like that, we can give little punch, already said that, there's a First-Person view like this
and that's all. All the other buttons don't serve. I'm dreaming ! Why...let's pass
Why the guard saw me when I came back and not...completely stupid that !
Stuff like this...So, big X...not here, no the next barrack, and let's go for the barrack's stuff
Try to be fast this time...
The guard didn't see me...That's good, pass by there...
So that's that, I need to move slowly, okay I understand, because I didn't moved slowly,
When we move like this, he doesn't see us, HELLO ! That's crazy !
OK, we must stay with the furtive mode like that
Let's take that...Continue to move slowly, what we need to do
I we need to do the entire game like that...It's a bit stupid
Noooo, it's over...If I try to hit him...
We can' objective add, I can't I'm dead...
It's my fault, I should look by the keyhole to see if there was a guard behind or not
No problem...
Talk about bad animations ! We're on the PS2...
I'll take a bottle maybe it will serve...If I find it...Ah
Bottle...And if a guard arrest me again, I'll try to punch him
Get a pass...that's it...
Let's go...Holly hell !
He didn't see me...Shit, that's not here, that's not what I wanted to do, Shit !
Holly...It's gonna be bad...No he doesn't see me...
Okay...what's going on...
Wow...Bad for me ! Try to punch him ! WOW
I'll try to take the pass, I have an healthbar BAD FOR ME !
I've been stupid : why did I try to follow him whereas I didn't see me ?
and I've got a chance to continue
Try to be better...WOW almost 25 minutes of video
It's crazy...on the instruction booklet, I've seen there will have some motorcycle sequence
Looks like we'll be able to drive vehicules sometimes
Soooooooooooo...Have enough of this...
Talk about shitty handling and animations...Seems to be on the N64
It's not a game that make you want to continue. So...Let's go it again
It's the last time, if I miss I'll stop
So one more time, I didn't give you a good overview of this game
But it's not the objective, the objective is that a DirectLive is to relax
The other one is still here I bet...Okay
I can't take anything else here ? No...Here there's a deer's head...Take this, that's good, Let's go...
So this time I'll be careful...So...
Ah, someone is comming over there, good I've looked
I hope he won't come in...Ow, he's comming my way, QUICK !!
Ah...with the directionnal arrows we can move the camera, it's not too bad
He's not comming apparently, false alert, Ow NO he's comming back !
I don't think he'll come, it should be entirely scripted, so he sould stop there
Yeah...he's comming back on his way...Let's go...Why don't you open the door ?
Ah...That's good, there's none of them, let's go...That's good, wonderful !
So where it was ? Ah it's there, next barrack...
The arrows are really important...So it's him, isn't he ?
-"You're doing a great job !"
That objective must be done in a specific time...It's not him ??
Next barrack ? I don't understand anything...No I'm at the right place, I need to talk to him !
Ah, finally...
-"Small Eagle...Good. You better bring it back the faster you can."
Oh no...It can't be true, I need to put it back...But no...
Take a look at my stocking...Ow, need to put it back...
I can't BELIEVE IT !
Now, I musn't get arrest cause if I do, I'll need to do everything from the beginning
And I can tell you that we won't make it...Let's wait for the projector to move away
Let's close the door...CLOSE YOURSELF CRAP !
Look, we're gonna listen to our two clown again
-"It's FASCINATING ! It will make a great book !"
-"I would love kick some Schleu's ass"
-"I think that the Wellington is the best bomber of the war"
-"They shot my Spitfire above the English Channel !"
The voices aren't even synchronize with the speaks
-"I'm asking myself on how the war goes on"
-"I think that the Wellington is the best bomber of the war"
I think you've understand, there's telling the same thing every single time
And we can't even talk to them, look : nothing happens !
I can't interact with them ! 100% Stupid ! Okay, fast, we're gonna be faster
Let's be carefull with the other one...Shit ! NO !! Bad for me BAD FOR ME !!
He sees me, let's stay here
Ok, he didn't see me, cause I read the notice, when someone sees us, our compass became yellow
And we should have the time to hide...
NO !! But who sees me ? I'm only yellow, let's try...
The other one doesn't even wake up I bet...He's not here anymore
Let's hide here, I've no idea if they're gonna come or not...
Look, on the compass there's a yellow halo so I think there searching me...
So the notice said to hide and wait
I'm hearing someone walking...
Ow someone is there, there's two of them !
They didn't see me, let's wait...One is gone, I suppose the other one is gonna sit down...
The alert is no more...Looks a bit like Metal Gear...Let's test...
He didn't sit up, but I hope he won't sees me...I can't do something else...Didn't see me, good...
Aw, I'm stupid ! I didn't even put back the pass, the time is comming to his end
Wait...Talk to the person who is diggin the tunnel...Aw Jesus !
Look at the clock...Ah no, it's good. The clock was only for the return of the pass
Close yourself, CLOSE YOURSELF ! Why didn't it close itself, that door ?!?
Ow ow ow, talk about shitty handling
Will he come...SHIT !
If he sees me...I'll take the bottle...I didn't have the bottle anymore ?
Why did he came in, that stupid boy ?
Okay, he's gone...
It's a bit bad, that this guy doesn't see me while he's standing
Okay, he's gone...This time will be the right one !
Don't do the fool there...
Let's be in furtive mode...Behind him...
The game isn't that bad, playing it again, it's correct...Let's go !
So I need to talk to that guy...
-"I'm the one who dig the tunnel, I need help ! I need another shovel, I broke the other one.
The German was throwing the snow in front of the second door, you better search over there
I'll be in the tunnel when you'll come back"
Frankly, if the entire game is about searching an object to get him back
Ah it's not far away...It will be a bit boring...
We're still hearing the two guys who are talking...
I'll wait for the projector to move on...
Not so bad, not so bad, I'll may play more to make a real Video review...
To see if the gameplay is changing after that part...
Yeah, we begin to know that they shot your SpitFire above the English Channel
The other guard pass, that's good and...I'll wait that the projector is passing again and then, I'll go.
Go...I can't go there with that projector, I can't !
Maybe I'll need to pass by the other way...Let's try...
Yes, the shovel is over there, GO !
Can someone tell me what a shovel was doing just near by ?
There's a shovel there, the prisoners can use it to escape but nobody goes take it
He's not here ? But he was here !
What the hell...Seriously, he wasn't there, the guy who asked me to find a shovel ?
Ah we can take some object to puch them...
Ah yes ! He told me to go in the tunnel ! So here...WHAT ???
What's he doing there ? I'm scared...I'm scared guys...Let's wait...
Apparently, he didn't see the tunnel...What's he doing that...
Apparently, he came to inspect the barrack and he didn't see the hole just there
I've really been lucky, I could be block there, completly by chance, I find that we could puch object
And I discover the hole, that's what I said moments ago...
Not bad !
-"I need some Wood, there's some in the barrack outside, take that key I've take from the german last week"
Ok...he wanted me to bring some wood now...
-"LOOK OUT ! Someone is comming !"
Ow, quick ! I'll put the...WHAT ? Him again ?! Is he with me ? I think he's Big X...
-"We're gonna rummage trought the barrack ! You're gonna cooperate ! Everybody have to stay where he is !
We're gonna stay here...
Why are they hitting me ?!? I didn't understand anything...Why did the hit me ?
What ? We're not gonna do the level again from the beginning...But why did the hit me ?
Again from the beginning ? Talk with the British Officer...OW SHIT ! You know what ?
I still want to continue. So...I'm disgusted, I'm gonna cut the video and we'll come back where we were moments ago.
See you soon !
Ok, we're back on. I just took the shovel...I've gotta say that I died three times, let's say that there's 20 minutes
that I left you, I can't take it anymore...
But it's for YOU that I'm doing that, understand that...So I'm gonna give that stupid shovel to that stupid guy...
And then, well I didn't really understand why I get caught moments ago...
Yeah yeah, you need some wood...And then, what will you need ? Just like before, they'll come back, so I think I need to put
the box back...Ok, I'll stay here...
-"We're gonna rummage trought the barrack ! You're gonna cooperate ! Everybody have to stay where he is !"
Ok, so I think that they saw me pushing the box, I don't have other explications...
Let's wait here...So I advise to every single one of you to watch the movie "The Great Escape"
A real good movie, that's sure.
Apparently he hasn't seen anything...Who is coughing ? Him ?
Hum, he has a correct modeling...
Big X...I think it's good, what is the next objective ,
Find some wood...Of course, it's on the other side...
Ok, they're gone...I will take a bottle, just in case...
Cause I've seen that I haven't any bottle...Hey !
I can talk to him !
-"You're doing a good job ! Continue Mac !"
Ok...Only to say that...I prefer not to talk to him...
So...find some wood...Shit...Getting on my nerve to always do the same thing...
Where it is ? Ow, it's on the other side, I need to pass other there...
Enough of passing by this way...Ow ! He's gonna see me ! But why can't I close the door ?!?
I'm pressing the button ! Aw ! Let's stay here...He scares me...
-"What are you doing here ?"
Oh no...And if I don't move ? That's good, he's gone...
That was hot here...Let's try another time...I would like to close the door but I can't...
Why doesn't it want ?
He's gone...go...go...So, the wood...Refering to the compass, the wood should be there...
But there's nothing at all...Ah there ? We can't see anything ! If there wasn't that icon...'s in that...So...
I think I have enough time...there...Push the box again...
It's not so bad, but it looks repetitive, I'm still doing the same since we began...
-"The tunnel's gonna be ready soon. Get your papers from Jimmy"
And then I presume that we'll be able to escape...And then we'll get caught again and we'll go
to the real prisonner camp, the movie's one. It looks like this one, but we're not in winter
-"Here's your pass. Good luck for the escape."
Are they still here those two stupid guys ? There are no more here ! They're gone
Maybe they'll escape with me...Let's go...can I talk to him ?
-"Continue !"
Ok, I continue...That's it, the tunnel is over, he has been fast !
We should squat, we should be able to lye down...
I showed you moments ago...This move can be used to move under obstacles and to hide...
Here comes the end of the level...Here it is, it's over after.
Of course, I was sure of that, of course...To respect the movie, we have to get caught...
-"Mac Donalds ? Good try, but it seems you still have a lot more to learn."
Save game ! So we'll stop here, so we're still in winter...
-"If the german caught you escaping, they will send you to the castle, with projectors, guards and even the gestapo."
"Even if you escape your cell, one way to go : go on top of the ramparts and let yourself slide on telegraph lines.
"Nobody ever done that, but it should be possible."
I tought we'll go to the movie's camp but no. So we'll stop here. You have an idea about the game
A simple directlive, I discover the game almost at the same time than you.
So don't care about my impressions, of course I think it's average.
Visually, it's really ugly, the handling is really...
-"Hello. I'm Jerry."
-"Good to meet you. I'm MacDonalds, but call me Mac."
So the handling is really horrible, the animations are more than awful, it looks really repetitive...
-"When you'll be ready, I'll distract the guard !"
If you want...So the saw...I need to talk to him...
-"Don't pay attention to me, we need to take care of your escape."
I can't open the door...Can't use the saw...Here maybe ?
Ok, I'm stupid...I'll cut the bars of that way...
-"Ow ! The saw's blade is broken !"
Don't care, I can pass apparently...
It will be hard to pass without distracting the guard.
So...we don't see anything there...I can't do anything...
Let's tap at the door...ah ok, it wasn't close...He sees me no ?
Let's pass back there...Quick ! Lye down ! He sees me !
He sees me ! Listen, I think we'll stop there.
It's correct, I've been waiting for something worst, it's correct.
The realisation is unworthy of the PS2, it made me think about "Impossible Mission" on the N64, with a bit of Metal Gear
I don't think I will continue. It was a little directlive,
I say : "Bye bye" and see you soon !