Raising an Organic Barn!

Uploaded by ofrf on 26.11.2012

There are more and more people like you and me
who want to eat healthy organic food everday
its delicious
its nutritious and it helps our planet get healthy and stay healthy
There is just one problem. We don't have enough organic farmers and organic acreage
to deliver this wonderful food at the pace we demand it
there's not enough universities teaching organic practices to future farmers
there's not enough federal investment in organic research and programs
there's not enough grant money awarded to innovative organic practitioners and
there sure enough of us who truly understand how much work goes into providing our
families organic food
as hard as it used to be a farmer in this country it's even harder to be an
organic farmer
This year, we're asking
you to make it just a little bit easier to gain greater access
to healthy organic food. We are inviting to you to raise an organic barn
structure to and noble mission
and everyone will be pitching in! with organic farming research foundation
support Ben, JoAnne, Roy and Jed will grow organic food even better
then the policy of around steiner for can accept the cajun culture program
they'll be able to access relevant research about organic farming that
helps so many farmers like them elect barack will fly to a hand to d_c_ to
tell members of congress how much their support homes and more and more farmers
can learn about work and at any lingering university in america
organic farming research foundation does all this and so much more forgiving
will you joining us and keep delicious nutritious healthful organics viable
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