CES 2010: TheGeeksHere - iLuv Blackberry & iPhone accessories revealed - iLuv Vs. Accessory Geeks

Uploaded by TheGeeksHere on 12.01.2010

Hey geeks it's Miller again for 2010 CES Convention, I’m here with Dan. Dan what company do you work for?
I work for iLuv, for apple wise company, we are going on the marketing 3 years now. All of has line closure they launch from the drop days.
Awesome so that you can collaborate pretty well like iMac already, iTune and…
Right I mean all the kind that we do from multimedia video players, the speakers, docs, earphones, and cases.
Basically for iLuv Apple products. We have the stuffs too.
Wow great, that’s awesome… What’s your position here?
So I’m Training Marketing, to do with national accounts also marketing this as a PR.
Let’s see here..What would you say the most popular item would be that you guys promoting today?
You know, it would have to be our Apps station CES 2000 Winner, it’s really as a different by the customer offer that we use.
For offering free download and app store dropping on February and March along with the app.
It’s a great speaker doc, you could play video or music whatever over it. Untill it nice cause you can always use a product too.
There is a lot of different ways to wake up, and with the software being upgraded, all you have to do is download the free software. It’s pretty easy..
Wow so fantastic… Do you guys have any future products here that you guys might be promoting?
We definitely would promote our fashions item that’s a multimedia portable video player, it’s called the iLuv 1166
And it got also HD quality screen and play all the formats from your iPod, to your DVX DVD, to SD card, to a USB
And you know It's probably particularly gonna be one ago. It has a lot of price, just pretty awesome.
That’s great I mean great it has in it, you know.
Alright we just like to end our conversation, let me ask the last questions we‘ve been asking everyone here.
Have you heard of accessorygeeks.com?
Ya, I know, definitely..
Wow good it’s always good to meet the fan
What kind of geek are you, in other words what kind of fan are you?
You know, it’s hard to say, I was love the goods,The sound is really important.
That’s why I like especially the songs with the doc quality and speed quality and good drivers.
You know awesome video as its so important that’s why we are gonna believe driver portable DVD. Portable Video Players actually.
That’s good, I mean ya it has really connection between you know iLuv and you, you know, you involve with I mean it nice to you
You got to be passion of what you do. You know if you wanna push something forward you have to be passion about it.
Exactly.. the geeks know that right?
Now Just a message to encourage me to all of the geeks out there listening..
You know, CES big, big show, a lot of news. But really have wanna see a differentiation points take with it, as what consumers want, it’s really have fun.
Be happy what you are doing, cause that's the most important.
Wow that’s great.. alright then. It's a surprise to meet you.