IRC Brasil 2012

Uploaded by lucasgabd on 04.10.2012

I'm sure you already know about the 14th CBMC
the Brazilian juggling and circus convention
that will happen from 14 to 18 november
in São João del Rey, Minas Gerais
and will have the illustrious presence of Neta Oren!
But you may not know yet about the IRC.
IRC is the IJA regional competition.
IJA: international jugglers association.
the IRC is a performances championship that will happen on the second night of convention
The prize: a plane ticket to the U.S. to attend to the IJA festival that happens every year
and already had more than 60 editions, surely you want to go there!
signing up is very easy.
We just need some information from you and a video of your act on youtube, it can be set as unlisted.
If you're a juggler and have an act, what are you waiting for?
If you don't have an act yet, click here, get your FANTASTIC JUGGLING SKILLS and create it, there's still time!
registrations ends on Oct. 14
you can find everything you need down there on the link in the video description.
If you have any questions you can send me a comment too!
I'm Lucas Abduch and I'll see you soon on the 14th CBMC!
There are only 41 days left, Bye!!!