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In this world...
Is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law?
Is it like the hand of God hovering above?
At least it is true...
...that man has no control, even over his own will.
In my eyes, a true friend is someone who never clings to another's dream.
Someone independent...
...who can find his own reason to live and follow that path without guidance.
And if anyone tries to crush his dream, protect it heart and soul.
Even if that person happened to be me.
For me, a true friend... someone whom I consider my equal.
The Battle
Sir Griffith!
Princess Charlotte, what has happened?
Please, take this...
This is a necklace made from lodestone.
It isn't anything extravagant, but it belonged to the former queen.
It was my mother's keepsake.
Such a precious article of yours...
I cannot accept it.
Please, carry this with you.
There are two of these lodestones, a male one and a female one.
And each attracts the other.
It's said those who hold companion stones will always be reunited.
If you would bear this male stone formed into a necklace... may be attracted to my female stone necklace.
And thus, you ought to return safely from the battlefield.
Please, I would like you to have this.
This is a precious keepsake of yours, Princess.
I cannot keep this as my possession.
Therefore, I will return this safely to you as soon as I return from battle.
Honestly, never before has the war filled me with such fear.
Sir Griffith, please...
Please stay safe.
Knight, please come forward.
Y-Yes, ma'am...
Please guard Sir Griffith well during this battle.
Certainly, ma'am, on my life.
Let's go.
All right...
What do you think you are doing, Charlotte?
What do you mean?
Do not feign ignorance.
You gave that man of lesser stature a present.
It is not your concern who I choose to give my property to!
That is improper!
You are a member of the royal house.
To think that you gave a present to someone of such humble origins!
When you talk to that man, concern yourself with what others might think.
You shall be mindful of your class.
But, Mother...
You have turned sixteen. You are no longer a child.
Look how popular we are!
We are taking on the vanguard position. It's a big responsibility.
Hey, are you nervous?
You seem to have lost your nerve.
You're shaking.
Shut up!
I am just excited about the whole thing!
Why is Griffith so late anyway...
For me, a true friend... someone whom I consider my equal.
Oh no, why now?
What's wrong?
You look pale.
It's nothing.
All right, the battle is about to begin!
This is not going to be easy!
It's you...
...the Band of the Hawk's sole female company commander.
So what?
I do not like it...
...a mere woman such as you acting like a knight.
Women are inferior to men in strength, so what use are they in killing?
If you think so, then come try me.
What's so funny?
I assume that you comfort your fellow soldiers during the night...
What did you say?
So, due to getting into Griffith's bed, you must have won your rank... a company commander!
I would like to experience the charm that you've used on such men.
You bastard!
You bastard!
A battlefield is a sanctuary for men.
What outrageous conduct would lead a woman here?
I, the leader of the Blue Whale Super Strong Heavy Assault Knights...
...Lord Adon, will teach you a lesson for this!
He's coming!
Big sister!
Damn you!
Stay back!
W-What a fighter...
Get back, Judeau!
I'll find a way to kill him!
So useless... No wonder you are all under that woman's thumb.
What was that?
What will you do now?
There is no ground behind you.
Hey, now, look at this.
Well, I see. You look rather pretty even though you are dressed... the manner of a man.
Now, I will give you a chance.
If you will be an obedient captive, I will not kill you here.
Being captive means you may serve as my army's prostitute, of course.
Son of a bitch...
So, you call me a son of a bitch...
Then you will be buried by a bastard you hate!
Big sister!
This is not like you.
Come on.
I don't care who you are. I just want to swing my sword against someone...
Until I'm so exhausted that I can't think anymore!
Enough with your stupid remarks!
Well done, I praise you for blocking my strike!
However, a fluke never happens twice!
Can you defend against my special strike that can even pulverize marble?
This is the spearmanship...
...that has been passed down through the Coborlwitz family for 140 years.
The ultimate secret technique...
What the hell?
He beat that monster with only two blows.
Nothing less from our captain.
Way to go!
What's wrong?
It's totally unlike you, losing your edge in combat.
Get it together or you'll get killed.
Never again...
I'll never go in the water with my armor.
She's got a serious fever. It looks bad.
If I make a fire, the enemy might spot it and find us.
Damn it!
I guess there's no other way.
We did this sort of thing once. It's no big deal!
What the hell? With that fever of hers, she thinks she can still fight?
So that's it.
It's pretty tough to be a woman...
Guts and Casca...
The cliff was quite high, but a river ran below it, so they must have...
You know how Guts is. They're probably alive, but...
I couldn't see if they landed safely from that fall.
And the captain was already injured in the battle...
Casca was not quite herself as well.
We should get a search party out there right away.
Lord Griffith, you must understand this...
In a battle, our utmost concern is to conquer the enemy.
It is outrageous to use soldiers who have been gifted to you by the king... search during a battle to ensure the safety of a mere...
...troop commander.
Besides, this happened because they recklessly entered single combat.
No, that's not true...
The Raiders' leader and the famous female company commander...
The two most skilled commanders are together, aren't they?
Supposedly, they are able to take such troubles in stride.
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Those who dedicate their lives to another inevitably shed blood.
Those who die for unrequited love are doomed to shed tears.
Dreams... Hope... Death... Despair...
Can one finally feel alive when he believes and accepts them all?