Iron Man | Limited Mask Edition | ES

Uploaded by SpecialCollector89 on 19.06.2012

Hello and welcome!
today I will show you the Iron Man Mask Edition
which I bought from Amazon Spain
here's the side
and the other side
and I already opened it
it comes in a cardboard sleeve and a platic case
let me show you the backside
and everything is obviously in spanish
it's a 2 Disc Set
languages: Spanish and English
and here's the mask
It's in a plastic case
and the back
it's pretty neat
here you can open it up
Disc 2 with Special Features
and here's the movie
and I think behind the disc is nothing
only the plastic
and up here's is also nothing, but I will show it anyway for you guys
pretty cool
it's completely made of plastic
but it's very well done
well that was the Iron Man Mask edition
and it was really cheap 9 Euro something
yes that's it for now with the Iron Man Edition
I hope you liked it and to see you all next time!! Bye