Aaron Campbell application for Make TV Host

Uploaded by alphacampbell21 on 11.01.2013

Hi, I'm Aaron Campbell. I'm the first host, I'm the next host, I'm the last host of make tv
make tv
I'm awesome i'm totally fantastic and the reason I'm totally fantastic is that I'm funny
I'm loud, I have good teeth
i have eye brows that come out
i have by glasses that I need
i'll be blind without them
i have huge hair look at this hair
please make me the host
i'll do everything i'll get you coffee, I'll MAKE you coffee!
I'll shine your shoes, i'll bring out the heart of people's innovations please
let me do this, I'd be the best!
i wouldn't yell on screen as much as I'm yelling right now, hire me as the host of
the t_v_ show that doesn't yet exist that should
good lord, these people need to get their innovations out
to see other people innovate and we need to go from
place the place and town to town to bring these people altogether and show their
that's what i would do that's why i'm excited that's why i'm yelling, its not
because i'm half cocked
it's because I'm full cocked that's right, I'm a maker, I do THIS thing, I'm a little bit
obsessed (I'm a lot bit obsessed)...This is all my stuff
i can't go through it all because it will take too much time
I need to get right to the point
I'm a good listener
I'm extremely intelligent and I listen to people's
other languages because I speak multiple languages and not just ones that people
speak out loud and I can draw out that awesome. let me do it for real
let me be professional at it, give me something to read behind the screen so
it's not just extemporaneous awesomeness that I'm giving you right now
I want to do this
not just because i wanna do it for myself it would make me some money for my family
it's because I think the world needs more making
it needs to be more makey! it needs to be more open and sharing and
innovative and I need to do all that, i want to be a part of that , I want to be in the big
picture of this whole make scene please
give me this job and I'll kick its butt
and that'll help everybody be awesome
give it to me
I really..give me
I'm serious, I'm serious man!
Aaron Campbell
I sound crazy but I'm only partly crazy!