SYTYCD 2012 - Season 9 Top 8 - Twitch, Mandy Moore - Performance & Elimination Interviews

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MARY MURPHY: A whole lot of fabulousness was going on out
there today.
I mean, for me, it was the best show ever.
To be sitting next to Jesse Tyler Ferguson, it's just like
somebody pinch me, you know what I mean?
And then the dancers really brought it tonight.
The choreographers brought out their A game I thought, and
the dancers really just put it out of the ballpark.
RYAN DI LELLO: My favorite part of tonight's performance
was dancing with Eliana.
She is just fantastic.
I mean, obviously in her style, but to do the quick
step as phenomenally well as she did, it was such a shock.
Because, I mean, that's usually a kiss of death.
And people are so afraid of it.
And she killed it.
ELIANA GIRARD: Tonight, I did the quick step with Ryan.
And it was so much fun.
He made it so comfortable to do something I've never ever
done before.
And I had an incredible choreographer, Jonathan.
And it was an all around amazing experience, but I'm
not going to lie.
It was really difficult this week.
I was stressing out.
I was so nervous.
I remember before dress rehearsal, I was shaking.
It's so nerve wracking, doing something out of your comfort
zone, and lo and behold, it's the kiss of death, dance of
death, whatever you want to call it.
But it was an amazing experience, and I'm so
thankful for my partner and choreographer.
MELANIE MOORE: I had a jazz dance.
Mandy Moore was the choreographer, and Cyrus was
my partner.
And that was so much fun.
He was a blast to work with.
Everyone who knew that I had him was
like, how are you doing.
Because they know that I'm one of those people who really
likes to rehearse until it's literally perfect, but he has
the best work ethic like ever.
And it was a lot of fun working with him because you
had to relate some things to basketball terms.
Like traveling across the stage, Mandy used to play
So she related that all in basketball terms.
And all of a sudden, it just clicked for him.
And I was like, oh, OK.
I see how you run.
I like it.
CYRUS SPENCER: Mandy's amazing.
Her choreography is tough.
It's exhausting, but it's so much fun.
Melanie, ridiculous.
She's a winner.
I mean, it's kind of like it doesn't get better than that.
I felt like I was cheating a little bit, but it was great.
It was great.
Really, really amazing.
Really fun.
She's very supportive, very positive.
So it's always good to have in a partner.
MANDY MOORE: Cyrus is so outside of his box.
The guy has never taken a jazz class in his entire life.
So I have to teach him how to be a jazz dancer and create
the moves and make sure Melanie looks good, all in
five hours.
So the kid was completely game, did it, and I was so
proud of him tonight.
I thought they were incredible.
TIFFANY MAHER: Working with Mandy, she is one of a kind.
She is the funniest person ever, but
then so nice and just--
oh my god, I am so grateful that I had her this week
because I really think that she taught me so much.
And she gave me a dance and a moment in my life that I'll
never forget.
ALLISON HOLKER: Tonight, I got to do a Sonya piece with the
incredible Cole.
He is absolutely breathtaking, and it was an honor to dance
with him tonight.
My favorite partner probably I've ever
danced with, to be real.
And simply for the fact that we move a lot the same, but
then also had the same work ethic.
COLE HORIBE: Allison was unbelievable
to have as an all-star.
She just throws herself 100% into whatever she's doing.
Her character, her commitment is unbelievable.
And I feel like we're very similar in that way.
Before our performances, we kind of
just kept to ourselves.
We're really quiet, really didn't say anything, just
tried to focus on becoming our characters.
And that was so incredible because then when I'm dancing
with her, I don't feel like I'm putting on a performance.
I don't feel like I'm on stage portraying this character.
This is Allison.
I feel like we're living this experience together.
WILL THOMAS: I had a Chris Scott hip hop routine, and it
was so much fun.
And I got to work with Lauren Gottlieb, and she's amazing.
She pounds the crap out of me.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Working with Chris Scott, it's honestly a
dream because he comes with the best ideas and a full set.
I mean, we had a couch.
I don't know if it came from his
apartment, but a huge concept.
And that can be really tough to try to hone in in a minute
and a half.
But he's also got this really calm energy about him, which
in this kind of a pressure situation is
really nice to have.
CHRIS SCOTT: Really a solo piece inspired for Will with
Lauren being this very important soloist in her own
right, too, representing that piece that gets us through the
hard times.
I think we all have that thing inside of us, in our minds,
that pushes us through.
LINDSEY ARNOLD: I had Alex Wong, and we worked
with Sonya on jazz.
And it was so amazing.
I hadn't worked with Sonya, and I heard
so many good things.
But then I've also heard how hard her rehearsals are.
So I was a little nervous, but then I was really excited.
And the week went amazing.
I mean, it went so much better than I even expected.
And I'm so glad that I actually got to work with her
and just learned so much from her.
ALEX WONG: I actually felt like it went pretty well.
I guess contrary to what the judges thought.
I think Lindsey and I both felt connected, and I felt
like we were dancing together.
SONYA TAYEH: I think Lindsey was lacking in that chemistry
But I think it's just like I was saying before, it's just
life experience.
I think she's an exquisite dancer.
And like they were saying, the dancing was beautiful.
She has that down.
And I think that once she gets that emotional connection,
that she'll just burst into this lovely, amazing dancer.
So I'm proud of her.
I really am.
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