Communication Arts Expansion Ground Breaking Ceremony

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this is a presentation of the University of Wisconsin Parkside
well welcome to another historic day here at the university of Wisconsin Parkside
the historic day University of Wisconsin Parkside chancellor Debbie Ford referred to
Was the ceremonial breaking of ground for the renovation and expansion of the University’s
communication arts building
getting the project from concept to construction
Took more than two decades
the idea for this project began back in nineteen
eighty nine
So I’m told when Proffesor McKeever Sketched out a music hall
on a piece of paper
ever since I arrived on campus nearly twelve years ago
I've heard comments about the limitations of the space available for fine arts academic
Shows, and performances
if only we had A,
or B,
or C,
or D,
and when I've listened to Professor McKeever
all four, [laughter]
we could do wonders.
when completed in the fall of two thousand eleven
the comm. arts project will have modernized and renovated ninety one thousand square feet
of existing space
and added another seventy two thousand square feet
Of learning, performance, and exhibit facilities.
Along with the new black box theatre,
the centerpiece of the comm. arts building,
Will be the new three hundred and fifty seat music performance venue
Named for a beloved music faculty member.
Since nineteen seventy one thousands of music concerts have taken place in spaces
not really designed for musical performance
it is one of the first things I heard from our music department faculty. But thanks to
the generosity
Of Francis Bedford,
a former faculty member in the music department
Our music students
will now be able to have their own concert hall
known as the Francis Bedford music hall. So Francis, thank you
For your generous donation.
Current students’ reaction to the comm. arts project is a mixture of great excitement
with a bit of envy
the greatest thing about this expansion from a theatre students’ point of view
is the fact that it will provide us with
so many more opportunities to grow and expand as artists through our own productions.
We will have
one of the greatest performance venues
in the region that will make us proud, and
inspire us.
I am excited about this new building. And I've heard a lot of excitement about this new building.
But I’m very jealous that I won’t get to be here when it is all finished.
Saying the Communication Arts building will serve the University and community admirably, Chancellor Ford
Said the project will allow UW-Parkside to continue providing a high
quality education
we have out grown our existing space,
And now it is time
for us to expand
the University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s ability to deliver
educational experiences, and to continue to deliver those experiences in the highest
our students will graduate far better prepared for their fine arts careers
and our community will have a resource that really will be a fine arts magnet for southeastern
and that state to the south of us thank you.
For one student leader
the new building represents the university's commitment
to its students
this new building is more
the just space, it’s progress itself
it represents another step for creating more possibilities for students to be involved
in their local communities
and lets everyone know
this university
is not being idle
with it students’ futures
Thank you everybody for coming out
Lets turn some dirt over. Thank you.
reporting from Kenosha I’m Dave Buchanan
[Cheers and applause]