ShaqDown Android Review for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Uploaded by TheAndroidizen on 22.01.2013


Hello everyone,
this is Shaqdown
Honestly this probably means more to our American cousins than it does to me but
apparently Shaq is some really really important
awesome dude in the States. Basically it's an
endless runner.
You move between these various walkways
you collide with the zombie looking creatures you have to avoid the really
angry looking zombie creatures or kill them by throwing objects at them
and you also have special powers.
It's an interesting idea for a game and obviously
incorporating something like
a recognisable celebrity who obviously has quite a lot of culture,
you know mean culture going on with him is a clever idea.
It's currently up on the app store for a couple of pounds. It's not a bad title, I mean I found
I had to restart it unfortunately when I re-romed my phone the other day and lost my data
but as titles go it's really nicely done. On the Note 2 very fluid graphics, quite cartoony
Manga style
which, you know, is quite nicely done actually.
Come on, move up, there we go.
You gain points you unlock new levels etcetera.
All good fun, Shaqdown.
Certainly I've played worse endless runner style games and you know,
I'm learning about a bloke called Shaq who is apparently a big celebrity. Awesome.