Meet Cosmetic Dentist to the Stars, Dr. Michael Apa

Uploaded by lifeminute on 17.07.2012

Hi, I'm Michael Apa we have a restorative dental practice
here in new york and we also have a a branch in Dubai.
the number one request from patients is a whiter smile
listening to the patient's is really how we approach how we are going to treat them
really educate and then ultimately fix or changed their smile
As you age you lose collagen and elastin
which affects your skin but you also lose support on the lower part of your face
which affect your teeth
In order for them to look younger and better version of themselves but i think
they've lost x anoint of volume the and im going to rebuild that
and going to re institute color and make the teeth pretty.
Creating perfect smile really has to do with
looking at the person as a whole
how they present what kind of clothes are they wearing and what kind of a person they are.
During a consultation
Ill just sit and talk to the patient not about dentistry just about anything
Because what im really tying to do is see how their teeth
move within the frame of their face. Are they showing too much to do they need
to show more tooth
are their teeth crooked within the frame of their face?
three-dimensional and artistically i'm trying to figure out where do their
new teeth need to be. Then you have to go into the chair and be
a dentist, take x_-rays see what's going on a in their mouth, see how their mouthfunctions.
The important part creating something
artistic is creating something that is imperfect but perfect for the person.
I wait for the people to come in and say finally i found you im ready to
to this, when can we get started?