Interview (aperçu) de Loic Estimbre - C'mon Guys

Uploaded by TheCmonguys on 01.01.2013

My name is Loic Estimbre and I'm a 25 years old entrepreneur
and I'm co-founder of the "Mediapropre" company.
So essentially I'm in charge of the sales and marketing side of the business.
Mediapropre" is a company that sells hand-sanitizing gels in single dose format. It names is "DoZZ".
I left school at 19 to start my own business
and my partner went to the best universities, HEC and CENTRALE.
We work together well, like two halves of a whole.
To be honest, I couldn't have done it on my own, in spite of my drive and energy,
I didn't have the right educational background, I lack the theoretical knowledge that is fundamental to succeed.
I think that if someone leaves a top university and sets up in business
with people from the same educational background it becomes a bit incestuous.
They will lack the practical knowledge of the market gained
by actually being "out there" and marketing a product.
I think that today's successful business people know how to choose the right team.
They won't choose people with the same background or ideas as themselves;
otherwise it's all a bit one dimensional.
I think that the modern education system in France
is all about getting the baccalaureat at 18
and going on to the best possible university.
There's no thought about what type of work students might want to go into.
If someone does an apprenticeship to become a chef or a plumber, or whatever,
that person is seen as a failure.
I think that if you ask any plumber, any baker or any artisan in France,
you'll find someone who makes a good living and who likes and is passionate about their chosen profession.
That's something that they don't tell you at school;
they look at any job that doesn't require a degree
as a failure and a waste of a life.