Inversion y Desarrollo con Luis Velasquez 192 1/1 Retos y Oportunidades de Guatemala 2012

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Before all I want to thank the program Investement and Development for giving us the opportunity to greet the people of Guatemala
I believe this is a very important date for the people of Guatemala as we expect for next year
to be productive and more developed, with much more positive things that may have Guatemalan people
between the fellowship from both countries. I do believe that next year we are going to begin with an intense process to increase economic activity
between both countries and this is the goal for which we fight and that is why arrived lately to Israel a delegation of 12 officials
and students to assist to economic events which is the first stage to this event that we are having next year
that is why I wish the Guatemalan people for this coming year to become productive and of much development and most of all to be a calm year.
My name is Felipa Boj Chil I'm from Santo Domingo Xenacoj, Mayan Cakchiquel, I feel very proud as a Mayan woman
that we have been successful in "Guatemalan Women at Heart", achieving succesful projects that have been developed in our Town Santo Domingo Xenacoj;
I encourage all women to unite and organize themselves in this way to be able to provide successful projects to their communties
as they have done at "Guatemalan Women at heart" working in: Courses, trainings, infant motherhood, grandparents dining, housing and more.
During 2012, we make a call for all women to organize and get trained for the opportunity for Mayan women
nationwide, to become united as we are able to work together to increase Guatemalas productivity.
Including youth onto a possitive path and progress for 2012. "Guatemalan Women at Heart and "Kab'awil" wish you all a happy new year
may the "Ajau" bless you and provide many blessings in your homes.
My name is Pedro Bal Cumes from "Kab'awil Indigenous Convergence", of San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango. Land of artists and paintors.
On this occasion I am pleased to tell you that under my authority we have achieved many accomplishments and activities that provided us important successes
for all people in Guatemala and specifically for the indigenous population.
In this year that lies ahead, The Changing Age, "The 13 B媚qtun", "The knowledge Age", "The Reconciliation and Peace Age",
I wish to all Guatemalans and especially indigenous people to overcome discrimination through participation, overcome exclusion through organization,
to achieve decent work, Economic and Social Development through indigenous people participation whereby I think it is important
for indigenous communities to begin searching for new development options. The children, teenagers, women, men, elderly
we all are anxious for this new year to bring us many success and activities that we can promote and be known around the world.
We Mayan people have had a great civilization that stood out from its beginning with great advances known as "13 B媚qtun"
"The Changing Age, "The New Age", we all will start to build a better Guatemala, with values and principles
we believe that we can be the creators of this change and in this opportunity, we as Kab徨wil Indigenous Convergence"
and other entities who have joined us within the country, are ready and eager to be changing generators and the future for new generations.
I am deeply grateful with the program "Investment and Development" for the invitation and at this time I want to send a message to the Guatemalan population
to all those who have faced a series of national circumstances by major natural disasters as a result of the country's vulnerability,
however I do believe that know that the end of year holidays are yet to come, it is important to keep Faith, Hope
and also the right resolutions in which we visualize a better Guatemala to the extent that we break our paradigms,
our parameters by trusting in our country, either with investments that provide economic movement and also
through art and culture as the construction of the Guatemalan spirit, because we have great traditions, outstanding customs
that we have inherited from our ancestors worth to be kept and these inspire us so that we can build a better future.
In this New Year 2012 is an important year due to the Mayan people who had predicted the end of cycle, precisely by December 21, 2012
in which we will experience a cyclical change, the End of an Age of 5 thousand years in which they had wisely provided.
Who are the Mayan pepople? Our best inspiration,nevertheless without caring about adversity they were able to develop:
architecture, agronomy, astronomy and mathematics which are an important legacy that should inspire us. We have great things
to be proud of, therefore: to teenagers, children and older people I request to trust ourselves and in our own strength
and the brilliant ability to reach and build a better Guatemala. I wish to all Happy Holidays and a successful year 2012.
I have noticed that at this time people walk happy and in a good mood becuase of the Christmas Eve Holidays and it is added the expectation of the next government.
I think what everyone expects from the next government is positive. I think our Guatemala has enormous possibilities
to succeed, as long as things are done well, but there are capital issues such as Investment in the Human Capital
from our Guatemala. The education topic, health which is in long term unfortunately, but I've had the experience
in how you can invest a little in a community that has any level of experience in any subject and how these people grow.
Let愀 also take a look on how in the highlands they produce with a high quality level any kind of products exported from our country
that are highly valued, I also believe that we need security and governance that is being a wall that does not allow
to develop the foreign and domestic investments. We must believe in our country, we must try to act together
not only be criticizing, but to be trying to believe in our people and that our country is the greatest wealth we have.
A young country that has many dreams and desires to move forward. I also noticed that employment for young people
will be created so far as we have better conditions for Guatemala to Attract Investments and the only way we can do this
is having Security to a High Level of Competitiveness. When I was leading this competitiveness effort we reached a good level
as "Eco Filters Company". We want to send a message with the ending of this year and the beginning of 2012 purpose
encouraging and motivating all sectors that get involved in the country Economic and Social Development to undertake together
the task of achieving the Technical and Scientific Development of the country, taking advantage of the huge flow of Guatemalan people
who has nothing to envy, or look elsewhere, because here we have the intellectual capacity for the country's development,
We believe that with joint efforts of all Economic, Social and Political Sectors can be achieved perfectly.
A development according to the actual needs of Global Development that is our desire at "Eco Filter Company". Insisting a bussines with a social character
that together all Guatemalans and following our example we can achieve Social and Economic Development for the country
that benefits all people who make this great nation which is Guatemala.
I'm thrilled to be in this program "Investment and Development", a program that through the year
has being in charge of positioning the important concept related with the investment and of course is the one that generates a direct impact
in improving living standards of our country and that means nothing but DEVELOPMENT. We are initiating a New Year in a few hours
and luckily this agrees with a very special circumstance for our country which is the entry of a new government
around which has generated high expectations for growth, opportunities and direction of the country to take it
to the growth target that we all are looking for.This is also added to significant changes
that have being witnessed around the world in the last 3 years, since the world does not work as it used to and for small countries like ours it is an advantage.
I can tell that the conditions seem to point in our favor because being a small country also has great benefits
and the problematic in which large developed countries have been involved lately
has brought them also to a great need of improving Competitiveness and Productivity and that has created the need of searching for Competitiveness
has brought them closer to us. So more and more people are coming to our country, looking for better products of better quality
yet with better prices, which is why I believe that we should not let go those opportunities,
instead get advantage of them and there are a lot of ways in which this new government brings us the opportunity.
There is already a task where we all have different roles, the government and its public policies will have to find
ways to improve the Human Resource as an example and we all know that we have been trying to communicate about the Human Resource need to speak other languages
and that urges an important public policy to generate these massive employment opportunities in our country
and not only for students who are finishing high school, but also the ones that are recently out from the university or have not finished yet
but also there is great opportunities for professionals and graduates.
It is important for the new government to begin working and giving the correct signals for new investment to come
and that could Generate Development and Economic Growth in Guatemala, which is the only thing that will get us out of poverty.
We are aware that the government needs more Tax Revenue and that is why we insist that there must be a permanent struggle
against smuggling and Tax Evasion, that represents about Q.6,000 million in smuggling
and Tax Evasion around Q.5,000 million. So we are hopeful and optimistic that with a vote of confidence in the new authorities
hoping that they can generate confidence in the Guatemalan people, trust also in the new investors and this to generate new arrivals of investment to Guatemala
where formal employment can be generated and reach the Human Development , a developed Entrepreneurial and consequently an Economic Development
which is what we all Guatemalans are looking for, which must be at least in a 6% annual sustainable to begin taking steps
in an Integral Development. Up to today we have been growing at an average of 3.2% but when the equation is added
population growth and inflation are hardly growing, so we need as how this program says : Investment and Development in order to come out of poverty. Thank you!
Friends, good evening my name is Arturo Matheu I am a Guatemalan citizen who has been fighting for our country, I love Guatemala!
Today we begin a New Year, I would like to send a positive message. First of all, I would like to tell you that we all have a community responsibility
and within it we must be as fair as possible in giving and sharing with others as much as we can give.
Secondly, let愀 share our Social Responsibility as employees, employers, and as customers and friends, including suppliers, manufacturers
transporters, we all must live with responsibility, dignity and giving with ethic the best that we can all be.
Finally I would like to send a special message to all professionals and media that this new government that arrives:
to support and work with us. We should give them the opportunity to work Effectively and Efficiently, with Responsability and Ethics.
That Responsibility and all these Values must prioritize in all their work, as they will always have an audit from the citizens.
May God bless you all, that we may built a great country and that next year we all be able to say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year,
without grief and sadness, God bless you all.
Every day women play a variety of roles in society, we are daughters, mothers, sisters, friends and workers between others.
Becoming a strong influence on the Integral Development of every nation, so that every day becomes more important
the inclucion of women in areas such as education, training and active participation in the various sectors that represent society
the new opportunities given to us every day so every one of us should take advantage, moving into different working fields
and becoming by this way in a Powerful Engine that Impulse Development, raise competitiveness of our country and works as a guide
and set as an example for our children, brothers and family. A new cycle begins, in which all of us should train ourselves
and study, taking advantage fully of every opportunity that will allow us to open our country into a globalized world.
The New Year brings hope for the change or begining of new projects that we have dreamed for so long, turning it into a different reality
where we can give our love ones a better life quality through the development we promote.
A New Year in which we become implementers of inclusive and influential projects that could generate a change from our homes towards society in general.
The opportunity is now our responsibility, of supporting each other and support strategies that bring with it fruits of welfare
and peace for Guatemala and the world. Happy New Year 2012.
Our country Guatemala and the rest of the world is the perfect place in which all children can develop,
however, there are major challenges to improve life conditions for future generations.
Many people and institutions work every day to provide better living conditions for children in the world and on behalf of these children
today I want to thank you for your tireless effort and struggle. Thanks to all mommies and daddies that with endless love and dedication get prepared every day
for work and to provide all the necessary elemnts for our development and growth, dedicating themselves to take care of us,
ensure our dreams and cultivate endeavor and love for our homeland.
To adults of the world I like to remind that every day is a new opportunity to bring the best of yourselves for the development of our societies.
The children's eyes are upon you imitating all the actions that you perform, and imitating them in the best way.
In this New Year we all have the opportunity to initiate new projects, retake innovating ideas that will impact on a possitive way
many children lives, either directly or indirectly and for this always remember that children are always happy, to the expectation
and energetic when we start something and eventhough we find obstacles in the road that only leads us to pause
but never to surrender on the opportunity to initiate and discover something new.
On behalf of all the world's children I wish that their minds and hearts are full of love, forgiveness, unity, peace and humbleness that dwells
in the heart of the little ones and remember that building a better world for us is important, but our world
are the people that surround us and we expect from them all the best things that they can give us, so that later
we can imitate, Happy New Year 2012!
The year 2012 sets the change of a New Era in the Mayan calendar, the emergence of a cycle in which we all have the opportunity to contribute
possitive elements that benefit our society and therefore stimulate the development of our great nation Guatemala.
Guatemala, must be the door that we can all take and create job opportunities to improve living standards
and thereby continue building a country with Welfare and Security for our families, we all yearn for a change and to make it possible
the responsibility is on us, the young entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial spirit and vision to achieve a better life for all
we bring a positive change to our nation. The year 2012 is the opportunity that we and next generation will have to become major players
that will directly influence on Guatemala愀 future, this new cycle is the opportunity that we all young people have
to integrate the active and productive economy in our country. We young people are dynamic, creative and have
a strong desire to succeed and we are currently working for Economic and Social Development, but above all Human Development
showing to all the world societies that we want a positive change and we are doing everything possible to be part of it.
In this New Year we the young entrepreneurs wish to exhort Guatemalan youth to unite and work together
to rewrite a different story in our country, where Development and Opportunities in order to undertake,
be for all. A story where Social Life could be full of Peace and Communication, where Guatemala with great steps
reach fast towards development. In this New Year we wish you to have many projects to be undertake, and many activities where always Social Peace be involved
and therefore begins to generate positive results for Guatemala. We wish you all blessings, but most of all we leave you the challenge
for us to be a blessing that all the people of our country needs. Finally I wish you that all be always Full of Positive Energy
Creativity and Endeavor. Necessary elements that will take us to Prosperity and Development throughout Guatemala. To finalize I leave you with a phrase
from the book of the Mayans, the "Popol Vuh": "Let all stand up and no one be left behind". On behalf of our staff at Investment and Development with Luis Velasquez
We wish you a Happy New Year. See you in 2012, in "The Beginning of a New Era", with interesting programs as the one of today.