Google Places API: Events

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 25.04.2012


Hello, and welcome to another Google Maps Developer
Relations screencast. My name is Andres Ferrate.
And today I'll be talking about our new Events feature
in the Google Places API.
That's right.
We've added a new Events feature to our Places API.
OK, so what's up with this new Events feature?
Well, with this new Events feature, your users can add,
delete, find, and check-In to events and places using the
Places API service.
Say for example, a donut shop.
The Events feature is accessed via HTTP, using POST request.
And so here's an example of a request for
Google's office in Sydney.
I'm going to submit a new event.
That's right.
I'm going to add a happy hour for Thursday afternoon, here
in the Sydney office.
Now the idea here is that you can use this feature to
provide your users with information about events that
are currently happening.
This could be one of the millions of locations that we
currently have available in the Places API.
And once they find an event, users can check-in at a
specific place or they can check-in to a specific event.
OK, so how do you get started?
Well, simply follow the instructions in our reference
documentation at this URL.
And by the way, this is found at our new home at
So yeah, check it out and let us know what you think.