Runnin' around Rock Springs Run WMA

Uploaded by ihuntflorida on 31.05.2012

Hey Everybody welcome to Rock Springs Run Wildlife Management Area.
This area is approximately 30 miles north of Orlando and is comprised of just over 14,000 acres.
There are plenty of outdoor recreational activities out here to enjoy such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, and of course hunting.
Some of the hunting opportunities that are offered here are archery, muzzleloader, and general gun.
There's also a small game hunting season where it's legal to take wild hogs.
Unfortunatley, there is no wild turkey season out here.
But there are a lot of turkeys, so if you're up in your stand you may have a couple walk by
and give you something to look at while you're waiting for that monster buck.
There are several habitats that can be found on this WMA.
Some examples are pine scrub oak, pine flatwood such as this behind me, hardwood forests, and you get the swamp basins.
Unfortunatley, camping is prohibited out here. But you can come and go as you please during the daylight hours.
There are miles and miles of trails out here. It's very popular with the horse riders.
It's very easily accessible and there are multiple places to park trailers.
Horseback riding is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature. They're quiet so you can get right up on wildlife and they'll never see you coming.
Speaking of wildlife, this area is part of the Florida Birding Trail.
It's also home to the Florida Scrub Jay.
There are numerous sound birds out here. Just standing here right now I can just hear them singing all over the place.
It's really quite nice.
Hear 'em??