Las lecciones de Coco - El teatro o no teatro del Barça (Multilanguaje)

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Coco’s Lessons
Today: Lesson 39 - Barça’s Perfomance or Not
Hi friends! How are you today? I’m @CocoLecciones and, in this lesson, we’re going to talk about performance
Barça’s players are accused of making performances in the pitches, so today we’re going to discover if it’s true
Let’s start with some image and we’ll analyze it carefully
This is not a performance, Messi just want to demonstrate how well he rolls on the floor, just that
Let’s see another action…
This is also not a performance. What happens is very simple: Pedro was attacked by a mosquito in his face at the moment he crashed with Arbeloa
Let’s continue…
How shocked Shakira would be watching these images! Piqué fell down and she would think she would stay widow, I’m sure…
Another one…
This is also not a performance. Let’s see, Mascherano has a lot of feeling in his shoulders, so if you touch them, his face hurts…
Let’s analyze another one…
In this image, Busquets showed us how well he performs…
… he took experience from Champions matches from last year, when he played against Mou’s Inter
I think in this action, even Busquets’ family can’t deny there is a lot performance
The next one…
This action was officially nominated as “The best fake-dive of the year” by the Associated Press (a fake-dive is when a player simulates a fault and he falls down deliberately)
Although this other Alexis’ fake-dive is also really, really good. Performance even in friendly matches
And let’s finish with Cesc and his performance kicking and then, simulating a hit in his head which makes him fall
But, what can you expect from a team which even its coach made a performance?
Well, kids, we finish this lesson with an obvious conclusion: Pepe did say no lies in his statements
Saying Barça’s players are not actors is like saying Spain has no crisis
BYE KIDS, UNTIL NEXT!! Translation by @lulukellogs