INTRO NAVIDAD 2012 2013 Donlumusical

Uploaded by donlumusical on 19.12.2012

Hello, how are you? I am Donlumusical. It is Christmas. I come to present our new video,
but I think I can not in these clothes. Wait a minute!
Now, Donlu´s corner this year has opened its doors for everyone involved.
There have been many children, their parents,
that I know it's been a great time making the video, my friends, other teachers...
Once again Donlu´s corner works with people who are not from our country.
This is the case of two children who are called Cedric and Katia are of Jalisco. (Mexico)
We sent a kiss to them from here.
I greet my Mexican fans. Happy Christmas. Continue participating in the channel
I dedicate this video to a little person very special to me.
This Christmas will not be together, but I still love you forever.
It's time to see the video.
Merry Christmas to all and happy new year.
Be with the people you love at this time and see you soon.