Send in Your Questions for the Jan. 22 Student Town Hall

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>> Wayne Smutz: Hey Penn Staters, what do you want
to know about Penn State World Campus and continuing education?
Are there burning questions you want
to ask experienced staff and leadership?
>> Heather Chakiris: Whether you're interested
in faculty development, course offerings, our community
of adult learners, or anything else, we want to hear from you.
>> Wayne Smutz: I'm Wayne Smutz, Associate Vice President
of Academic Outreach,
and Executive Director of the World Campus.
>> Heather Chakiris: And I'm Heather Chakiris,
Director of Advising and Learner Success for World Campus
and Continuing Education.
>> Wayne Smutz: Join us on January 22nd
at 8:00 p.m. eastern time for our third World Campus
and Continuing Education Town Hall.
This semester we'll be live right here
in the beautiful Hintz Family Alumni Center
on the University Park campus, the home away from home
for Penn State alumni.
>> Heather Chakiris: And whether you're a current
or future Penn Stater, this is your chance
to get your questions answered by Wayne, and other experts
in World Campus and Continuing Education.
And if you live close to University Park campus,
we invite you to join us in person here at the Hintz Center.
>> Wayne Smutz: So send in your questions and get involved.
You can submit questions in advance through Facebook,
Twitter, or email, and during the event chat
with fellow Penn Staters, and ask questions
in our moderated chat room, or through Google Hangout.
>> Heather Chakiris: We hope to see you there.
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