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Uploaded by bunlijten on 17.12.2012

Damn this, get sharp, get sharp, get sharp
Yeaaaah, almost!
Yes yes yes yes yessssss, BEGIN!
*star-wars music*
This is a job for SUPERTEDDY!
Hello Joop!
How are you?
Yes, me also!
I'm here to tell you some things about ILM
And that starts with "Industrial".
yess, we got a industrial location. "magic" is also in the movie.
And "light", we all showed it.
Ooooh Joop! Joop!
We are getting disconnected!
Joop, Joop! Joop, Joop, Joop!
Watch out, the following part may be dangerous for younger people!
hihuuuhhhh (horse sound)
galopgalop (hooves sound)
hihuuuhhhh (yeah, its the horse sound again)

YUMYUM slobberslobber
As first, we very liked working on this project. - yes, yes
and what we saw in Tilburg was fantastic! - yesyes yes, isn't it? - yes, of course it was!
We tried to copy it on a cheaper way.. - yes
..and we very liked doing that! - yes, yes
So I hope you enjoyed Joop!
Did you enjoy? - yes
Yes, i hope so because..
..we tried really hard making this so well. hihihi snorksnork
So we liked it very much to do this, and I just want to tell you..
THANK YOU, but also:
This movie has been made by...:
yes yes yes
We'll, I think it was Bart... And Mees! - Yes, Bart and Mees And Tim! Yeaaaaah, Tim, Tim, Tim
He had also a very important role in making this movie to what it is now. - He didn't like it very much, but that doesn't matter!
ehm yes.. - In every possible way, thank you...
...we very liked it! - Yeaaaah it was really cool! But ok, byeeeeeee