Let's clean Slovenia in a day! — (no) reason for panic?

Uploaded by ocistimo on 04.02.2011

A terrible disaster happened in the heart of Europe, in a small country called Slovenia.
So far more than 270.000 people have been infected by
a dreadful pandemic of waste flu.
The infected can be reckognized by the unrestrained smiling,
enthusiasm and good temper.
The professional name for the new pandemic is
or Hominid puriform encephalopathy.
It's main symptom is irrational manic altruism.
The disease is most often exhibited as euphoric picking of all kinds of waste.
Cleaning thousands of dump sites
has created an enormous stain in the environment.
According to expert estimations 70.000 cubic meters of waste vanished
in one single day
on the 17th of April 2010.
The HPE pandemic has been spreading all over Slovenia.
Almost 15% of Slovenian citizens are infected,
including children of all ages,
athletes, soldiers,
pensioners, cavers, foresters.
It is suspected that the waste flu pandemic had begun in
Estonia in 2008.
A mutated variety
reached Slovenia in 2009.
The disease is spreading by touch. Although some experts believe all it takes
is an excited smile.
The gravity of the pandemic is evident from the fact that even politicians,
singers and fashion models
have been enwrapped by the manic cleaning.
We have checked the entire area. There isn't a trace of waste anywhere.
The international media are warning
that due to the horrible waste flu pandemic, Slovenia has become the cleanest country in Europe.
Travelling to Slovenia can be extremely dangerous,
leading to many smiling and voluntary engagements in social activities.
And how can you protect yourself from the infection?
Do not associate with other people. After work, head directly home.
Stay at home,
watch TV
and don't pay any attention to the groups of smiling people picking waste.
The HPE pandemic is spreading with the spead of. lightning. According to scientific estimations
the entire Earth
will be affected by 2012.
Then, the magnificent world,
as we know it,
will become frightfully
World Cleanup 2012.
Coming soon to your country.
Join in,
Let's do it,