World War Z - First Look Footage - Trailer

Uploaded by filmisnowextra on 14.03.2012

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The 10th of May the new brilliant production by Tim Burton comes out, Frankenweenie.
Burton goes back to his dark roots with an animation from one of his short-films of 1984,
black and white and with strange design figures, all round and with eye rings.
The plot is about a kid who loves very much his dog and
when this one dies he tries to bring him back to life, and succeeds.
Director Kathryn Bigelow and the screenwriter Mark Boal
have been very elusive about their new project, finally with the title Zero Dark Thirty,
on the Navy SEAL Six operation to kill Bin Laden.
At this time we know that shooting is taking place in India, reported in The Times Of India.
Probably security measures have obligated Bigelow to shoot in India instead of Pakistan.
In the cast Jessica Chastain, Chris Pratt, Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Ehle and Fares Fares.
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