Demonstrator's speech at undercover police who boycott 15M peaceful demonstrations in Spain

Uploaded by bienverastaman on 18.06.2011

A demonstrator throws a non-blunt object near the group of undercover policemen, immediatly another demonstrator asks for the agents to be respected: 'Eh, eh, no one throws anything!'
A demonstrator removes the object thrown as an expression of reject towards any agressive behavior.
Another demonstrator begins to shout at them:
Really don't you understand that your family's salaries are going to be reduced too?
Your families are having their salaries lowered too.
And you, you are going to have your number of working hours per day increased.
And VAT is going to go up. So, everything is going to become more expensive but your salaries are being lowered.
Do you understand that you are going against your mothers and their retirement pensions, your fathers, your grandparents...
against your brothers/sisters, your cousins, your brothers/sisters in law, your neighbors, your friends...
Do you understand what you are doing?
Or you are just trapped inside an spiral of consumerism, originated by politicians, corporations...
and the fucking mass 'manipulation' media?
What world you live in?
Do you defend that your salaries are being lowered?
Do you defend that public health system is privatized?
Do you defend that education system is privatized?
What the hell are you standing up for right there?
What the hell are you defending by standing there?
Why do you cover your face? Do you feel ashamed of yourself for what you do?
Why don't you show your face? Why do you hide it?
What's the problem in showing the face? Do you want to see my identification document?
If you are interested I can show you my identification document.
What are you getting by covering your face?
Don't you see that you are going against your families with this new law (budget cuts being voted that day)?
Have you even read what is being approved today?
Excuse me, has any of you read what is being signed? Have you read what they are signing?
Excuse me, it is a question: Have you read it? Have YOU read what is being approved?
So, do you know what they are going to sign in there? Do you know?
Or you just obey the law, do what you are told, and that's all?
Do you really know what is approved down there? Does any of you know, what is being signed in there?