DIY: Quick and simple hood

Uploaded by mossgreenmaid on 24.10.2011

You need two measurements and make a rectangle
First measure the length around your face where you want to close the hood
thats the longer edge of the rectangle
second measure from the forehead to the back of the head, where you want the hood to end
this is the length of the smaller edge
I crocheted the rectangle but you can use whatever you want: knit, fleece or even cut up an old sweater to get that rectangle!
fold the rectangle in half
and sew ONE side together (doesnt matter which side, I show both)
she likes it! ;-)
I have sewn the hood and left the thread for adding some embellishments later, like a pompom or anything fancy.
sorry for the sound :-(
turn the hood to the correct side (so that the seam is hiding)
you can add a button, some ribbons or even a brooch to close the hood