Transparent Rubik's Cube Mod

Uploaded by redkb on 09.02.2010

Hey guys, Kenneth here. Today I'm going to talk about my newest puzzle the Transparent
Cube. The only thing really custom about this puzzle are the custom cut stickers. To cut
each sticker I found myself a stencil. I put the stencil on top of the stickers and then
using an X-Acto Knife, I cut each sticker along the stencil. Using the stencil it gives
you a very consistent cut so that each cut is about the same. Anyway the puzzle turns
very well. I'm pretty happy with it. I didn't even have to lube it which is kinda nice.
Here's what a cube in a cube pattern looks like, which is pretty cool. And what you can
do is you can also customize this pattern a little bit by returning the centers to their
side. And now you get kinda that pattern which looks very nice. So that's about it. Thanks
guys for watching and have a great day!