Stronghold Kingdoms - Tutorial 04 - Capitals

Uploaded by fireflyworlds on 01.10.2012

In Stronghold Kingdoms, capitals play a pivotal role in controlling the land. There are 4 types of capitals, parish capital, county capital, province capital and country capital. Lets take a closer look at the parish capital.
Left click to select the capital. The parish capital is the centre of activity in the parish, here you can trade, communicate and elect a leader of the parish.
On the top tab panel, click on the Parish Tab
This is the parish wall, on the left side we have an overview of the recent activity in the parish, such as election results, donated goods and destroyed wolf lairs, bandit camps and AI castles.
The right panel is a message board for members of the parish, a great way to share and discuss small events with the rest of the parish. For larger discussions players can use the parish forum, found on the last sub panel of the capital tab.
Now lets take a look at the heart of the capital, the town view, its the first sub tab button. This is the town view of the capital, here the parish steward can place buildings, for a building to be placed the capital requires gold and flags.
Flags are automatically generated every few days, but may also be stolen from other capitals. Gold is acquired mainly through the taxation of the residents of the parish but alse through trade. The rate of taxation is set in the town view by the steward.
Buildings in the capitals will allow for various upgrades and improvements to the capital and villages within the parish.
Players in the parish must donate to buildings to improve the bonuses which they bring.
A parish has a castle just like a village does. The construction and defence of the castle are the responsibility of the steward.
Finally we have one of the most important tabs, the voting tab. Here players have the ability to elect a leader for the capital. In order to be able to vote, players must be at least Rank 4 (Peasant). All village owners receive three (3) votes per day, per village. Only Rank 6 (Villein) or higher may be elected as parish steward.