Rashan: Central Harlem resident describes NYPD crackdown after shooting

Uploaded by PROPNY on 25.04.2012

In the projects I live by we have a lot of random shooting that go off and on the cops
will come in and pretty much lock it down. They would sit at every exit literally and
walk through where anybody was sitting down they would harass, bother anything to get
them to talk get them to move. One night I was waiting for one of my friends to come
out of a building and I was on my phone and some beat walkers walked through then a black
car came through now one of the kids I know had something on him, he ran the building
that's how I realized it was a black car coming through these kids were sitting here
up to...the other kid with the stuff on him was out there and plus before I had walked out there they were
out there for a while. Sitting there talking literally, in their own neighborhood, in front
of their own building. The cops came out harassed them, searching them, messing with their clothes
and it was a point it really bothered me and I had to let them know to hear my voice that
someone's watching them and the cop made a comment to a point that he was about to
search me so I'm not going to lie I backed off but I let them know that there is somebody
watching them so that way these kids will not continue to get harassed and it's so
sad that a random shooting they would have no suspects, everybody is a suspect