Potato Chips Recipe | Potato Crisp Recipe | Aloo Chips

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Potatoes contain large amounts of starch, protein, alkaline salts, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B and carbohydrates.
Potatoes are also good in taste that they are used almost everyday in almost all households.
Obviously curries are made with potatoes but we can also make Aloo ke Sev, papad, Aloo chips, french fries etc with them.
Toady we will make Aloo chips.
Aloo Chips can me prepared in 2 ways:
a) Cut raw potatoes, boil then dry them in the sun.
Fill dried chips in container and whenever you want to eat chips, take them out and fry.
b) Cut raw potatoes and fry them immediately to make chips.
Today we will follow method b to make Aloo Chips.
Ingredients required :
Potatoes - 3
Salt - 1/4 tsp or add to taste
Black pepper - 2 pinch
Alum - pea sized (which has been turned into powder form)
Oil to fry chips
Firstly we will peel potatoes and cut them into chips.
We are done peeling potatoes and now we will cut chips out of them.
Take water in any utensil, we will cut chips and put them directly in water else potatoes become clack without water.
Dissolve alum in this water.
Cut chips with the help of a chips cutter.
While making chips directly after cutting them, the chips need to be thinly cut.
They can also be cut in a food processor or with a knife, what is important is that the chips should be thin.
The chips have been cut and put in alum water
leave them soaked for 10-15 minutes.
Then we will take them out, wash with clean water and prepare chips.
15 minutes are over so let us wash the chips in plain water.
Soaking chips in alum water gives them a good colour and extra starch is removed.
Take out the chips and keep them on a cotton cloth so that the water is removed from them.
Wipe the chips properly and heat oil.
Until then let us wipe the chips dry.
Oil has heated and we have removed water from the chips by wiping them.
Put chips (as many that fit in the pan) hot oil.
Keep a medium flame as the oil is sufficiemtly hot.
Fry chips till they become crispy.
The Aloo Chips have turned crispy and light brown and it takes around 7-8 minutes to fry them at one go.
If fried on a high flame the chips don't become crispy hence keep a medium flame.
We have fried all the chips, sprinkle some salt as per taste.
You can also sprinkle some black pepper if you want to.
Plain salted chips alone also taste good.
Here we are mixing 2 pinch black pepper to the chips, it adds a nice flavour.
Crispy Aloo Chips are ready
fill them in an airtight container once they are completely cooled and have them whenever you desire for a month.
Try this recipe yourself and share your experiences with us.
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