Slavoj Zizek: anti-Americanism, Christopher Hitchens, occupation of Iraq (eng subs)

Uploaded by nobodyreally11 on 01.05.2011

Because of all that, I think that anti-Americanism
is ever more becoming an excuse for something dangerous.
As some intelligent Marxists have warned, anti-Americanism is becoming an excuse
for all those who want an authoritarian form of capitalism.
So they can say, we will not follow the American model, we will create our own, alternative capitalism.
This is what bothers me about Chavez, and the Latin American populism.
Don't forget, the adversary is not America. Not an adversary in the usual sense.
This is, after all, the most dynamic system so far. How should I put it? The source of problems,
and at the same time the source of greatness, is capitalism. Not some image of it.
So don't centre on the USA. I won't go too far,
I still stand by my writings against the occupation of Iraq and so on...
But my good friend to this day, to the horror of my leftists colleagues,
Christopher Hitchens elegantly pointed out. How many of you even know
that in the first Iraqi government, after Americans occupied Iraq,
for the first time in the history of Iraq, communists were included.
Do you know ... I don't know his name, I'm a racist ... the present Iraqi prime minister,
that he is a member of the Socialist International? And so on ...
So don't simplify things. I still think it was a great error.
But as I said ... Here one leftist observed ...
When there were all those protests against the invasion of Iraq, how nobody remembered
to invite the representatives of the Iraqi democratic anti-Saddam opposition to join the protests.
They were literally offered to the Americans.
I read an interview Hitchens gave me. With the Iraqi communists.
They were asked, "Why didn't you join the Left?" "Because they kept saying, don't attack Saddam!"
"They didn't even listen to us."
Now I will truly finish. I just wanted to complicate things. I hope I succeeded. Thank you.