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Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for August 2nd
of 2010.
Gold is currently trading at 1177.42 U Silver is at 18.07 U
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 65.15 D Oil is at 79.85 U
and the US Dollar is at 81.41 D
First... Recession Was Deeper Than Govt Previously
Thought The Commerce Department, in revisions issued
Friday, estimates the economy shrank 2.6 percent last year -- the steepest drop since 1946.
That's worse than the 2.4 percent decline originally estimated. The economy's plunge
underscores why the unemployment rate surged to 10.1 percent in October, a 26-year high.
From the start of the recession in December 2007 until the April-to-June quarter of 2009,
the economy sank 4.1 percent. That was deeper than the 3.7 percent decline previously estimated
for the recession. The Commerce Department's latest revisions reach back to 2007. They're
based on more complete data and on methodology thought to be more accurate. Yeah, right....
Everything the government tries, turns to crap once the initial propaganda wears off.
Guess, a war needs to be cooked up to get the economy going again.
Next... US Treasury Is Running on Fumes
As the White House is screaming like a stuck pig in regards to the WikiLeaks’ release
of the Afghan War Documents; the US economy and the well-being of Americans are being
sacrificed to the regime’s wars. On July 12, Niall Ferguson, an historian of empire,
warned that the American empire could collapse suddenly from weakness brought on by its massive
debts and that such a collapse could be closer than we think.
Next... 8 More Reasons Why a Double Dip is Coming
Here are a few of the reasons why another recession is imminent:
1. U.S. orders for durable goods fell 1.0% in June.
2. Industrial output in China fell 2.8% in June which signals a weakening of the global
economy. 3. The Economic Cycle Research Institute weekly
leading indicators index has fallen as low as minus 10.5. There has never been a case
when it has gotten this low and there hasn't been a recession.
4. The Consumer Metrics Institute's Growth Index has been negative since January and
is now around minus 3.0 5. The U.S. trade deficit widened in May and
was the largest in 18 months. 6. After a sharp drop in June, U.S. consumer
confidence fell even more in July. 7. U.S. weekly unemployment claims refuse
to drop below 400,000, the approximate dividing line between recession and non-recession.
8. The economic cheerleader-in-chief, Fed Chair Ben Bernanke, gave a gloomy report on
the U.S. economy last week in his bi-annual testimony before congress.
Get ready, because it is going to be a bumpy ride.
Next.... Congressman at Town Hall: ‘The Federal Government
Can Do Most Anything' Please listen to the video. This online video
illustrates why our Republic is in so much trouble. We have people who do not understand
the fundamentals of the Constitution making laws in the country. This is indeed very scary.
Finally, Please prepare now for the forthcoming economic,
and subsequent social, unrest that will hit the US.
Good Day
Finally, Please prepare now for the forthcoming economic,
and subsequent social, unrest that will hit the US.
Good Day