[Real 2PM] 2012 2PM LIVE TOUR in Shanghai "What Time Is It?" Episode

Uploaded by 2pm on 22.11.2012

Hi, It’s 2PM!
Yeah, we are in “Shanghai” everyone.
This is the first concert hall of 2PM’s LIVE TOUR!
This is where our self-composed songs will be opened to the public for the first time.
That’s right.
The final rehearsal has just started,
and are there 26 songs?
We have just finished 3 out of 26 songs.
Because I’m hungry~
I’ll have a chocolate for my meal.
We are practicing our Intro.
Bad person! Please don’t do that~
Come here please.
You are no fun!
That’s right~~!
Thank you. Thank you!
2PM Fighting!
Nichkhun fighting!Nichkhun fighting!
Jang Woo Young, we love you!
2PM Concert Fighting!
Taecyeon, we like you~
2PM fighting!
Junho oppa saranghae!
I have 30 minutes until the concert starts~
30 minutes left!
Yeah, I will stretch!
I will do my best.
I was doing this seriously..
I didn’t know that~
How can you do this.
We should do it together!!
Let it rain! Let it rain~
We have prepared an entertaining concert for you guys!
So, let’s enjoy it!
2PM, What Time Is It NOW~~
Actually I am very very looking forward to it.
We have changed the mood of the songs completely,
so that you guys can experience different interpretation of 2PM’s songs.
So, I am thinking that you guys will like the show.
Because I had a sudden minor injury during the rehearsal yesterday,
I could not participate in the rehearsal properly and just had to watch it.
It’s too bad and I feel sorry.
I will do my best not to disappoint you guys. Fighting!
I will work hard to show you guys my best. Fighting!
Let’s go now!
Let’s rock this show!
Well, let’s chant here before going up the stage~
I am scared if it will be pricked in my custom lol
I can play a drum in this wheelchair.
Now, our new Asia Tour has been just started.
an unfortunate incident has occurred to Junho today.
As there are many concerts left to go, Junho, don't worry and get well soon.
Let’s rock this!
Yeah, we’ll do our best!
Chansung, come on! I’m coming!
Junho’s hands are in the bottom, so don’t slap downwards so hard!
Let’s chant!
Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop! 2PM Go!
Shanghai~! Start!
Junho, just stay in the mid-center if you really can't do it!
Hello~ We’re 2PM!
Yeah~ It’s time for an encore.
It’s done. Why is it so fast?
Hey everyone, we will promise to come back quickly.
It was 2PM! Thank you!
It was more fun as it was a concert after a long time.
Chansung will catch a cold lol
It’s so cold! It’s so cold!
Ah, although it was fun, I’m not too satisfied with it.
I will do even better next time, fighting!