Haka used by international music artists

Uploaded by tekareremaorinews on 10.09.2012

Haka is being used to market the music of overseas artists
and one haka exponent is applauding the move,
because the music industry
has finally seen its marketing potential.
Nicki Minaj is a famous American rapper.
In this clip, she uses kapa haka performers with very Maori moves.
They see the great potential
in the usage of the haka.
That's what I like about it.
He also says artists are using Maori movements
to stand out from other artists.
I guess it's similar to haka training,
whereby we try and look for that point of difference
that will possibly give us the edge.
In this clip, the dancers don't say any words -
it's purely dancing.
Rapana has words of caution;
People might watch it and get the wrong idea,
because it's being used inappropriately.
That's what I don't like about it.
Haka has been used to market things overseas for years
to the dismay of Maori.
Will Smith also used haka performers in this music video.
Anzac Pikia, Te Karere.