Crackòvia: La remontada de las galaxias Ep. I / Star Comeback Ep. I

Uploaded by Kewban on 03.04.2012

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
Episode IV: The Death Star
In a season full of tension and scandals, the Empire is about to attain the final victory.
The space station is flying straight to achieve the title. But they didn't expect the willpower of a small group of rebels.
In the first three episodes of the saga, the Rebel Alliance has thrashed the Galactic Empire.
But we'll see these episodes within a few years. If George Lucas have done well, we will too.
"Start the approach manoeuvre."
"Starting the approach manoeuvre!"
"Prepare the side ramp."
"Preparing the side ramp!"
"Why don't you stop repeating everything I say?"
"Because I've seen it in the movies, but I use the gerund form to be cooler." "How dare you!"
"What are you doing? You're gonna throttle him!"
"No! I've accidentally swallowed a chewing gum."
Immediate approach."
"'Immediating approaching'!"
"Damn it! Touch parking is really difficult with a helmet on."
"Are there any signs of rebel resistance?"
"There're some rebels who say they don't resist, but there're some rebels that then don't stop busting balls.
But I have a secret weapon to destroy them."
"Your light finger lights us up the way." "That's right."
"Your light finger lights us up the way." "You've just said so."
"Because you don't pay attention! I've said it lights us up the way. I need to go to the bathroom but the hallway is very dark.
This is the great Death Star but it didn't cost anything to install a fluorescent lighting in the hallway, I think. Let's go."
Get the front cannons ready. We're lunching the final attack on the rebels within five minutes." "Yes, my Lord.
May the Force be with us." "I hope so. I didn't eat a kiwi this morning so it'll be hard to go to the bathroom.
By the way, it's impossible for us to lose, isn't it?" "Yes, of course. It's impossible. Impossible."
In the next episode...
"Let it go, it's impossible!
Maybe if we attack early, very early...
Who am I trying to fool? They're unbeatable!
They're attacking us! We won't succeed!"
"We can't give up! We have to fight! There's only one person who could help us.
'Help us could he'."
To be continued...