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Good morning, sister. -Good morning.
Aunty, even today my younger brother..
..Mr. Ravi kumar hasn't come home.
No dear.
His mischief is getting worst day by day.
Mohan. How was your interview?
It was good, sister. I think I'II get seIected.
I've toId you thousands of times don't argue with me!
That is not the case, Shanti. At Ieast Iet me speak.
You don't need to speak anything and..
..neither do I want to Iisten to you!
God knows who made you an inspector!
You just know how to wear this uniform.
But it's me who washes and irons it niceIy!
Sister, teII me why his transfer was stopped?
You had put in a word, isn't it?
Why are you getting me insuIted earIy in the morning!
It was because of my seIfIess service that..
..the government stopped my transfer.
Oh! Stop it! It's nothing Iike that!
ActuaIIy, it was me who begged to..
..sister that I couIdn't Iive without you.
I shed so many tears and hence she stopped your transfer.
Isn't it sister?
Shanti, you very weII know that I don't use reIationships..
..in IegaI matters. Then how couId you assume..
..that I got the order canceIIed?
Are you back to your senses?
Are you down from your seventh cIoud of buttering up?!
Look, don't mess with me!
If I Iose my temper, you know what I'II do!
Sister! Sister, pIease.
If you're an inspector outside..
..sister is the commissioner of the house. -I know.
You can never outsmart her. -I know. -Come with me..
..I want to taIk about some important things. -I know!
I know! -Come pIease.
Aunty, Ravi is not to be seen. Where is he?
Ravi is not home since three days. -Three days?!
Yes. And the sibIings are back to a cross one.
Greetings! How are you? Fine, isn't it?
Greetings, sir. -Greetings. How are you?
I'm Iiving on your bIessings. -BIess you! BIess you aIways.
Live tiII you don't die! Just coming..
This Iimping Sevakram is back again.
TiII he was an MLA, he kept Iiving off government money..
..Iike it was his ancestraI weaIth. -And now he has Iost..
..the eIections, he is after our Iives!
Not onIy that sir, whenever he comes he dines for free!
He says, get me MLA omeIet, MLA bread, MLA buttermiIk!
He has Iost the eIection..
..but he is stiII fIoating on the MLA cIoud.
Is there a booth?
A factory making weapons was found.
The prime minister is fine now.
A stack of crime video fiIms was found.
Why shouId I be concerned? I get bribe.
Missing! Name, Ravi Kumar. Age 25 years.
CoIor dark. Height, 5 ft 1 1 inches.
The above young man has been missing since 4 days.
Anyone who finds him wiII get a reward of Rs. 10000 cash.
Ravi.. my brother, my son, my dear, my heart!
Where were you Iost, reIative of Sevakram Sitapuri?!
Who are you?
Don't hurt me by asking such questions!
Your questions make me feeI Iike I've Iost the eIections.
And aIong with it I've Iost baiI too!
Why are you crying this way?
Son, I didn't cry as much, the day I Iost the eIections..
..as today when you've asked me such a question!
I don't understand why you're crying so much for that?
Dear, sweetheart..
I had a younger brother who Iooked just Iike you.
Did he expire in during the Iast eIections?
No! He was Iost in a fair. And I've been in agony since.
Come with me to my house. My wife wiII be happy to see you.
She'II feeI as if she has won the Lok Sabha eIections.
PIease come home. -Savitri.. Savitri.. where are you?
What is it? Why are you screaming so much? -I'm not screaming.
I've got news as sweet as RosoguIIa (sweetmeat).
Look, who's here. -Who is this boy? -This is not just a boy.
He is the brother of a Iove broke person Iike me.
He is your brother-in-Iaw.
The one who was Iost in chiIdhood at the fair.
At the fair.. at the fair..
Look carefuIIy. Look at him, Iook at me!
Look at him, Iook at me! Match our faces. Don't they match?
Brother-in-Iaw! -Sister-in-Iaw!
Brother-in-Iaw! -Sister-in-Iaw!
Brother-in-Iaw! -Sister-in-Iaw!
Let go! -Brother-in-Iaw! Sister-in-Iaw!
You don't hug your sister-in-Iaw! You have to touch her feet!
What can I do? Seeing her, you feeI Iike hugging her!
Big brother! -Big brother? -Yes.
You caIIed me Big brother..
..and I feIt as if aII the voters are chanting..
..GIory to Sevakram Sitapuri! GIory to Sevakram Sitapuri!
This is nothing.
If you wish, even the Ieader of the country can..
..chant GIory to Sevakram Sitapuri! -Yes.
Why not! I deserve it.
I just Iack due to my Iimp. EIse I can kick the whoIe country.
I can see that.
Do something.
Sit here. I'II discuss about omeIet with your sister-in-Iaw.
Sister-in-Iaw!- Brother-in-Iaw!
Savitri, come on.
Greetings Sumitra devi.
Who are you? -My name is Sevakram Sitapuri.
I'm an ex-MLA. Come on, sheII out Rs.10000.
Excuse me. I don't give donations to peopIe Iike you.
I'm an ex-MLA, not a charity worker from an orphanage!
Look at this newspaper.
You'II understand why I need to get Rs. 10000.
Give me Rs.10000 and I'II return your Iost brother to you.
No. I don't need him. You can keep him for yourseIf.
I don't get it.
I've not given out this advertisement, got it?
He himseIf has given this advertisement.
It has become a habit of his. Come on driver.
It's his habit?
It's his habit! It's his habit! It's his habit!
Savitri! Savitri! Savitri! Savitri!
My God! What is this? How did this happen?
TeII me. TeII me! TeII me! What happened?
That boy whom you got here as my Brother-in-Iaw..
..he stoIe everything and went away.
Everything?! Oh God!
Oh God! What happened, mummy?
Who tied you up?
A conman came, he tied me up and stoIe everything.
A robbery in broad dayIight! What is the government doing?
Is it sIeeping or awake! -Don't ask this question over here.
I'II raise it in the assembIy!
But how shaII I do it. I've Iost the eIection.
Who wiII Iet me in? -Come on father!
First make a Iist of whatever goods have been robbed..
..so that we can inform the poIice.
Do whatever you Iike. My heart has gone Iimp due to fear.
You ruined everything. -First untie me!
Why shouId I?
Father.. father..
Look father, my diamond neckIace has gone.
CaII the poIice immediateIy. -No. Can't do it.
It is a gift given to me by Sitaram for the cement scandaI.
I don't have any receipt or account for it.
Listen.. aII of my siIver ware is missing.
We have to report to the poIice.
No. That was the bribe given to me by DaIpatram..
..for the tar road scandaI.
That is unaccounted and without receipt.
I'II get trapped in the matter.
Father, my two in one is aIso missing. SureIy we've to report it.
We'II be trapped, my dear! We'II be trapped!
It was a smaII gift given to me by..
..YashpaI for the mud road scandaI.
There is no receipt for that too. -What shaII happen now, Lord!
Father, aII of mummy goId ornaments are missing.
We can sureIy report it. -Yes, do it.
No dear. When my father was an MLA, he had taken a bribe..
..to make these ornaments for me.
Don't report it, dear. PIease don't!
Oh no! This means that the thief stoIe those items which..
..we can't report to the poIice.
What is worth reporting in this house?!
Everything is bought from bribe money.
As you sow, so shaII you reap!
He kept on steaIing bones Iike a cat aII Iife.
And he did away with everything in a singIe bIow..
..just Iike a dog! -Who was that cheat!
Here is the man's photo who duped me too!
Where can he escape to? I'II find him somewhere or the other.
I'II take care of him!
Thank you.
You trusted me and started the digging job.
Thank you for that. -When shaII the water start coming?
Just in a IittIe time.
Ravi, you're so young. But you sureIy kept your promise.
Brother Ravi is not a Ieader who begs before eIections..
..and breaks promises after eIections.
Brother Ravi is a sweetheart!
Very good KamIi! What a perfect thing to say! -Brother Ravi..
..the heIp that you've extended to the members of this..
..settIement to get water..
..we women foIk want to honor you for that.
I don't want any honor.
Honor the M. P. Of this region, Raj Shekhar..
..who won the eIection but forgot you and your needs Iater.
Do something. Invite M. P. Raj Shekhar and his MLA..
..Sevakram Sitapuri here and ask them..
..to inaugurate this pump weII.
Wow Mr. Ravi! We'II caII them onIy.
And we'II give them such honor that next time they won't..
..dare to come to this hutment begging for votes!
Greetings! -Greetings!
Beat! Beat!
GIory to M.P. Sir!
GIory to M.P. Sir!
Beat means beat the drums in honor! You shouId have said so.
My heart went Iimp with fear!
What are you saying!
The pump is this way, M. P. Sir. -GIory to M.P. Sir!
GIory to M.P. Sir!
WeIcome, weIcome sir.
Inaugurate this pump with your kind hand.
Pump it.
Pump harder sir. Pump harder.
M. P. Sir, onIy gas is coming out, not water.
Do something. You move aside. I'II pump.
Pump harder. Pump harder.
Hey sir.. you peopIe stay in bungaIows and roam in..
..air conditioned cars. You come out just for asking votes.
With your pumping the water won't come out.
Let me do it. I'II show.
HaiI Goddess Ganga! PIease come.
PIease come to satisfy poor man's thirst!
Brother Ganesh, who inaugurated it? You or them?
Whom shouId I garIand? -FooI, give it to me. I'II garIand him.
I'm very happy.
King Bhagirath got Ganges from the HimaIayas to here.
In the same way as the one who found..
..water from the earth's depths..
..and got it to you. May that great person come before us!
We want to congratuIate him.
He is the same fraud, goon, who duped me..
..out of aII my bribe income. He is the same cheat.
Even I think he is a cheat, prankster.
But yet, right now it is appropriate..
..that we shake hands with him.
First me and then you.
I'm so happy to meet a youth Ieader Iike you.
But I'm very unhappy.
You had promised to heIp these poor peopIe.
But you just ignored them.
These peopIe are suffering for their sins of past Iife.
This is not Iast Iife's sin.
But it is this Iife's fraud and curse..
..for which these poor peopIe are suffering.
What did these peopIe ask for?
Mercedes cars, air conditioned bungaIows, taII buiIdings?
Nothing.. other than a IittIe bread to satisfy their hunger..
..a sheIter to cover their heads..
..and a handfuI of cIoth to cover themseIves.
What have you given them?
Not even a drop of water!
If you have a bit of shame, go and drown in this water!
You've caIIed my father to honor him or degrade him?
We've caIIed you to warn you that now..
..instead of eIecting a Ieader..
..Iike you, who does nothing after getting eIected..
..we'II decide our own Ieader.
Ganesh VithaI KoIhapuri!
What can I do, sir?
I toId them to honor you, and they did.
Now he says to curse you, so they are doing it.
Let's go from here!
Wait! Listen. Change your attitude otherwise, I aIong..
..with the pubIic wiII change your history.
WeII done.. weII done!
You idiot, brute, rogues!
You spoiIed my sari! Darn you!
May God ruin your Iife! May God turn you bIind!
What madam? Just your sari has been soiIed..
..and you're crying Iike someone has died.
What eIse can I do? I was going for an interview.
I got a caII after so many tries. -Now you teII me..
..if I go there for interview in this soiIed sari..
..wiII they give me the job?
They won't! They won't.
Oh god!
I've nothing in my Iife other than darkness of disappointment!
My oId parents must be waiting for me at home.
What shaII I teII them?
Instead of going empty handed, it's better to commit suicide.
Do you know any deep weII nearby? -Why?
I'II jump in it and commit suicide!
Did you work in fiIms before this?
I'm crying and you are joking?! I'II commit suicide.
No madam. Suicide is cowardice. Cowardice.
Yes. And you know, there is a soIution for every probIem.
If you Iisten to me..
..I've an idea by which you can go for the interview.
Oh thank you! But teII me your idea fast.
Remove your sari. -What do you mean?
I mean come behind the trees for a minute.
Hey mister! What is your intention?
You are mistaken. You go behind the tree and remove your sari.
I'II remove my pant and shirt and give to you.
You wear it and go for the interview. -You'II get the job.
And after returning give me back my cIothes.
Yes, yes. What an idea!
Come on fast. Do it quickIy eIse you'II get Iate.
Come on. Undress quickIy.
First you remove your shirt pant.
Have you undressed? -Yes.
Give me.
Take this.
They are a bit Ioose.
They are a man's size!
Hey! You're haIf naked.
Here, wear my sari.
Thank you very much.
I've promised you, and I'II keep it. Go fast.
Mahabharat Krishna gave a sari to Draupadi and this Krishna..
..has given me his shirt pant. Look!
Hey mister sweetheart!
You must be amazed seeing aII this, right?
Do you know who I am?
Mr. Sevakram Sitapuri's daughter.
You duped my father. And hence I sought revenge.
I see, I see. So you're that Iimper's daughter!
Your father is just Iimping on his Ieg.
But the daughter has a Iimp in her brain too. -Oh shut up!
Next time if you try to mess with my father, I'II get your..
..vest and underwear removed too, got it?!
Hey! You think I'm such a fooI?
After meeting you, why shouId I mess with that Iimper?
I've got my hands on a goIden statue.
Now I'II just mess with you.
Let's go!
I'II sureIy revenge this.
Wow! What a dame!
From top to bottom she is a kiIIer!
Eyes are Iike wine gIasses. Lips are Iike rose petaIs.
And her body is Iike a serpent swaying to the music of a pipe.
Buddy, I haven't seen such a girI aII my Iife!
Not a girI, she's an angeI!
What say mister? Am I not right?
No, you're absoIuteIy right.
What is her name? -Ratna.
Where is she from?
She is from this city itseIf.
How do you know so much about her?
Because she is my daughter.
Why are you so awestruck? Are you getting a picture cIicked?
No, nothing. Just Iike that.
Oh, sit down. Don't fear. Your friend said the right thing.
Beauty is aIways to be admired, not bad mouthed.
What say? -Yes, yes.
Hey waiter, come here. Get me 4 Iarge pegs..
..and add it to sir's account.
Whoever I Iike, I befriend him immediateIy.
You Iook from a weII to do famiIy.
Who are you?
I'm judge Sumitra devi's brother.
Come on Padma.
As soon as we reach the rest house, I'II first eat.
I'm very hungry.
Hungry? You're aIways thinking about food.
In Iast birth, you sureIy must have been a demon. Come on.
What wiII happen now!
My God!
Is he hurt?
I think the oId man is cIose to death.
Let's take him to a hospitaI.
No, no. We'II be trapped. If we take him to a hospitaI..
..it'II be a poIice case.
Oh my God! -Let's do something.
Let's take him to the rest house.
Yes, yes. -Come on. -Pick him up.
My God! This oIdie is so heavy! -Yes.
My god! Why is this oId man trembIing so badIy?
I think he is suffering from a disease.
You stupid girIs! Stop this nonsense taIk.
Give me something to cover myseIf. I'm feeIing very coId.
Yes. Give fast.
You fooIish girIs! I'm feeIing coIder now.
Get me something eIse.
Something eIse? We've nothing eIse now.
You aII have many saris. Remove your saris and cover me up.
I'm feeIing so coId. I'm dying!
My god! This oId man is dying!
One more, one more. I'm stiII shivering!
Get me something more. Get me something more.
Padma.. there is onIy one way to save him now.
What? TeII me fast.
Perhaps he can be saved with bodiIy warmth.
You hug him. -Yuck! He is a man.
So what? He is so oId. Be quick Padma.
If he dies, you'II go to jaiI.
No, no. I'II hug him.
Be quick Padma! -Yes, yes.
OId man, pIease shift. I'II Iie next to you.
OId man! Your beard is prickIing me!
Beard is prickIing? Doesn't matter.
You removed your sari for me, I'II remove my beard for you.
You scoundreI!
Oh God! Idiot!
How was my revenge?
Let the worId be my enemy..
..I just need your friendship.
Let the worId be my enemy..
..I just need your friendship.
I just Iove you..
..and don't care about anyone eIse.
I want your.. happiness
I want your.. happiness
Let the worId be my enemy..
I Iove your sari..
..you won't get it back.
Your cheeks Iike fIowers and your tresses Iike siIk..
..Iet me kiss them first.
Everything comes at a price..
..and you'II have to pay the price.
Don't be scared of the worId..
..don't feeI shy.
You need to be enthusiastic in Iove.
Let the worId be my enemy..
If you hate me, if you say no..
..I'II have to die.
AII the kisses and embraces..
..I'II pass them to you in inheritance.
If you Iisten to me, I'II be your companion..
..the journey wiII be coIorfuI.
I'II make you my wife and a mother too..
.. we'II start a famiIy.
You're my angeI, I'm your jeweI.
You're my angeI, I'm your jeweI.
I need a yes from you today.
Let the worId be my enemy..
..I just need your friendship.
I just Iove you..
..and don't care about anyone eIse.
I want your.. happiness
I want your.. happiness
What is this board? -Can't you read?
I can and that's why I'm asking! How did the rice get over?
The government sent Iess quantity and hence they got over.
The non-rationing rice is at Rs.4 per kiIo.
If you want, buy that.
If we had to buy the Rs. 4 per kiIo rice, then why were..
..we given these yeIIow and green cards?
The government has given us the ration cards..
..and you'II have to give us the ration items!
Yes, yes. You'II have to!
Hey madam! Are you here to give a Iecture?
The government has a card printing machine.
It prints cards in every coIor.
Why don't you go and ask them?
Try to understand our heIpIessness.
If you're so heIpIess, than shut down this shop and..
..start another business.
Why shouId I start another business?
I'm not a daiIy wage Iaborer Iike you!
You're not a Iaborer, but haughty.
Who are you?
A man who breaks arrogance of haughty men Iike you.
Oh! Do you have so much manhood?
Hey! You sticky pumpkin of dishonesty..
..he is my brother.
If you get just one bIow from him..
..your name from the ration card..
..Iist wiII be cIeared forever!
Oh I see! If I don't give rice, he'II beat me up?!
And I'II bash you in such a way that aII your Iife..
..you won't eat rice out of fear.
Hey brother.. that is not needed. Not at aII.
Ranga.. get four sacks of rice for the sir.
Ravi.. Ravi.. stop it! Your brother-in-Iaw is here.
Munna.. Iook son. Papa is here. Papa..
EarIy in the morning, untiI you bust at Ieast one face and..
.. make it sweII Iike a meIon..
..you can't digest your food, right?
Come on to the poIice station.
Why shaII he go to the poIice station? -Shut up! Shut up!
I won't shut up.
God knows why you start boiIing the moment you see my brother.
That's because..
..the cheating which you can't stop with this uniform on..
..my brother can stop it without it.
That's why you are jeaIous of him.
I'm your husband. Come here. -What if you are my husband?
First teII me for what crime do you..
..want to imprison my brother?
For bashing up these peopIe.
Me.. Whom did I bash up?
Shut up! I saw with my own eyes.
Sister.. did I beat anyone?
No, my brother.
Hey! Did my brother even touch anyone with his finger?
Here.. Look here and speak. Did he?
No. Forget touching, he didn't even show a finger to anyone.
Don't get scared of them.
TeII me the truth, who bashed you up?
No, no. No one bashed us.
Then what are these injury marks?
These.. We were unIoading the sacks of grains.
We sIipped and feII on each other. -Yes.
Did you hear that? And if you haven't..
..shaII I get a Ioud speaker? -Shut up!
Shut up!
From where are you coming?
Didn't brother-in-Iaw teII you? -What have you done?
Oh! He didn't even teII you that!
Do you feeI happy by tainting my reputation?
Sister, our vaIues are different.
You're a protector of Iaw.
But I don't agree with your Iaw and its vaIues.
Hence, I do whatever I Iike.
I've got a first cIass degree and yet am unempIoyed.
But I don't bIame the government.
Honest are starving to death and the corrupt are making merry.
BIoodshed and threatening in broad dayIight.
What not is happening!
But I don't find fauIts with the poIice's shortcomings.
In fact I myseIf face those goons.
Wow brother! You are dashing! What a diaIogue!
Munna, come on bIow the trumpet on that!
SiIence! Ravi.. you very weII know me and my temper.
My decisions are very strict.
They can never be softened by emotions and reIationships.
If you want to stay in this house..
..you've to Iive Iike Mohan..
..and become a good citizen and a good human. EIse..
Samdhi (son's father-in-Iaw) brother.. Ganesh.
My Samdhi brother..
Who is it, brother?
It's me. M.P. Rajshekhar. Your wife's brother.
You.. me.. -Samdhi brother..
I've come here to ask for your daughter's hand..
..for my son.
What are you saying, brother!
I'm saying the truth, Ganesh brother.
Perhaps my son saw your daughter on the pump inauguration day.
And since that day, he is adamant that he wiII marry onIy..
..Ganesh brother's daughter eIse..
..wiII stay a spinster aII Iife.
No brother. She is a piece of iron.
How can it be merged with a piece of goId?
Father-in-Iaw.. -I don't want to marry KamIa just as a formaIity.
The day I saw her I feIt that if such..
..a simpIe girI becomes my wife..
..there wouId be no one more fortunate than me in this worId.
Brother Ganesh.. what are you thinking?
When the one to wed is saying aII this, why worry?
Why are you drowned in the sea of probIems and thoughts?
If I were in your pIace and I had 100 daughters..
..I wouId have married aII 100 daughters to him.
Say yes Mr. Ganesh. -Say yes Ganesh brother.
I.. I..
What do you say, chiId?
Father, if you aIso wish that, I'm ready.
Mr. Rajshekhar has won over his cIose rivaI..
.. Mr. Ratan kumar by 30000 votes.
WeII done Mr. Rajshekhar!
By making a poor man's daughter, your daughter-in-Iaw..
..you Iimped on the ground of fortune..
..and cIimbed down one step. But on the ground of eIection..
..you cIimbed up ten steps! What poIitics!
This Sevakram saIutes your poIitics! I bow to you.
Let go.. Iet go. I can waIk.
Come up daddy. Come up pIease. -One smaII peg.
One smaII peg. -Be carefuI.
Looking at my daddy's gimmicks, you must be shocked.
A person who makes his daughter dance in a cIub..
..squanders her earnings on Iiquor..
..anyone can hate such a person.
But if this man doesn't drink 24 hours a day, he wouId die.
The fire in his heart wouId burn and kiII him.
Fire in his heart? What injustice has he faced?
The pain of his companion. His wife cheated on him.
That means your mother..
Yes. My father was poor.
So she Ieft him and eIoped with someone eIse.
Not onIy that..
..but before going, she kiIIed my younger sister too.
You have come to my house for the first time.
And I am going on with my saga and troubIing you.
Have a seat, I'II get coffee.
No Sapna, it's too Iate.
But just remember one thing. After today..
..consider me your friend and weII wisher.
If you need my heIp anytime, don't hesitate to caII me.
Thank you. -Bye.
Hi Padma! -Hi.
Is your car out of order? -Yes. That's why I'm repairing it.
Come on, I'II give you a Iift.
Lift? You've aIready given it to some girI.
Your seat is occupied.
Oh! You're taIking about KamIa.
That wedding was an eIection stunt.
What! -Yes.
I didn't teII you?
My daddy said..
..if we want the poor men's votes in the eIection..
..you'II have to marry KamIa. I did so and he won!
He won and so you'II Ieave her? -ExactIy!
Shut up! -Hey! ControI your tongue, darIing.
According to the agreement between your daddy and mine..
..we're going to get married very soon.
Get off your hand.
Before marriage, peopIe present a ring.
I'II present you with a sweet kiss.
Who is it?
Before your sweet kiss, how did you find my hard hit?
I'II teII you. Not with my mouth, but my hand!
Your name? -Ravi.
What's our occupation?
I tried a Iot. But the government didn't offer me a job..
..and has kept me unempIoyed.
And hence you've chosen the path of crime?
Crime? What crime?
You beat a man caIIed Raghu.
You see, everyone beats others. Just the styIe is different.
To get confession of crime, poIice beats a criminaI.
With the heIp of the tip of your pen..
..you beat a criminaI's Iife.
In the same way, a man who has Iost his path of decency..
..humanity beats him. So is that a crime?
Who are you to give punishment?
I'm a citizen of this pure country, India.
The society here, Iooks upon a woman as a mother and sister.
And when a dirty part of this society tried to abuse a girI..
..I had to raise my hand against my wiII.
PIease caII Ms. Padma to the court.
Ms. Padma.. Ms. Padma..
Ms. Padma.. A man caIIed Raghu tried to abuse you?
TeII me cIearIy, what had happened?
Raghu and I not onIy know each other, but we're oId friends.
My father and his have poIiticaI reIations since many years.
No onIy that, Raghu is an ideaIistic.
He married a poor girI.
That day, this Ravi caught me by force and tried to kiss me.
Raghu came there at the right moment and saved me.
And this heartIess man got furious..
..and bashed up Raghu merciIessIy.
After hearing Ms. Padma, this court finds Ravi guiIty and..
..under the section 381of SexuaI IPC..
..imparts 15 days imprisonment..
..to Ravi or Rs.2000 fine.
Sister, this is injustice.
You'II have to change your decision.
SiIence! SiIence!
To heII with your siIence! Come out and I'II show you!
Sister.. what have you done! That was not good!
Do you feeI good that he wiII.. -Don't scream.
This is a court chamber. -What if it is a court chamber?!
I thought that just my husband didn't have a brain.
But today, I've come to know that even you don't have one.
Sister.. you very weII know how much Ravi respects women.
That stupid..
..rogue girI Iied and you beIieved her and punished Ravi!
I'm screaming here and asking you something..
..and you don't even answer. TeII me.
Pay this Rs.2000 fine and get him reIeased.
Sister! You're great!
My dear sister.. may you Iive thousand years!
Wait.. Wait! I said wait.
You just Iook for a chance to handcuff him and take him away!
You want to take my brother away! Look here.
I've got the fine money.
I'II pay it and get my brother reIeased in a jiffy.
No sister.. Iet me go. I want to go to jaiI.
Ravi.. -Yes sister.
When the peopIe who sit in the chair..
..of justice can't recognize..
..truth and Iies and prove me guiIty..
..and when the peopIe whom I tried..
..to heIp for the sake of humanity..
..can dupe me, then it's my duty to go to jaiI.
Ravi, if the home food Iacks a bit of saIt, you don't eat it.
How wiII you eat the jaiI food?
Sister, now when I've digested such a big deception..
..jaiI food is nothing for me. I'II eat it. Come on.
Why are you here? -To apoIogize.
Perhaps you're into a habit of deceiving and then apoIogizing.
But it's not my habit to forgive those..
..who commit mistakes purposeIy.
I didn't deceive you on my own wish.
My father had coaxed me to give faIse witness.
If a person's Iife can be saved due to your Iie than do it.
If anyone's famiIy can be saved than do it.
But don't Iie standing in the box of court!
Because, with your Iies, you can save your reIatives and..
..weII wishers.
But you can aIso get an innocent person insuIted..
..and imprisoned.
I toId you before, I'm sorry for that.
Forgive me.
And I toId you before that it's..
..not my habit to forgive those..
..who commit mistakes purposeIy.
Fine. But at Ieast eat this food.
Thank you. That is not needed.
I heard your sister saying that if the food is not good..
..you don't eat at aII.
That's why I cooked myseIf and got it.
For the first time in Iife, I have gone near the stove.
Look, my hand got burned too.
You stiII won't eat it?
Ok. I'II go. But remember something.
TiII you are reIeased from jaiI, forget food..
..I won't even have a drop of water.
Fire in my body, shudder in my heart..
..since I am cIose to you.
Rhythm in my body, dance in my eyes..
..since I'm cIose to you.
Be with me aII my Iife..
..this Iife is so good since I have you.
Be with me aII my Iife..
..this Iife is so good since I have you.
Fire in my body, shudder in my heart..
..since I am cIose to you.
Rhythm in my body, dance in my eyes..
..since I'm cIose to you.
The figure that I aIways had in my mind..
..I saw that face in yours.
One whom I had aIways dreamt about..
..I've found such a Iover.
My Iife.. your eyes!
My eternity.. your words!
My tempIe.. your path!
My worId.. your arms!
Be with me aII my Iife..
..this Iife is so good since I have you.
Fire in my body, shudder in my heart..
..since I am cIose to you.
Rhythm in my body, dance in my eyes..
..since I'm cIose to you.
Be with me aII my Iife..
..this Iife is so good since I have you.
Every styIe of yours is beautifuI..
..but you have a IittIe faith.
You've taught me Iove..
..you've awakened the woman in me!
Just you're my dream.
Just you're my own!
I want to stay with you.
We have to go through hard times and good ones, together.
Be with me aII my Iife..
..this Iife is so good since I have you.
Fire in my body, shudder in my heart..
..since I am cIose to you.
Rhythm in my body, dance in my eyes..
..since I'm cIose to you.
Be with me aII my Iife..
..this Iife is so good since I have you.
Is it too spicy?
Doesn't matter. If you can burn your hand to cook..
..can't I burn my mouth to eat it?
That was fun. Very good!
Raj sir, everyone is asking questions about you.
What is the truth?
The opposition party were making fun of me saying..
..M.P. Rajshekhar got his son married to a girI from another..
..community without any dowry. So what's the big deaI?
Sir, the dogs keep barking and the crows keep cawing.
It's their habit. Isn't it?
That's why I want to shut their mouths.
By stuffing their mouths with mud?
No. Under the name of your daughter, I mean under the..
..the name of my daughter-in-Iaw, I'II buiId a 5-star hoteI..
..at the expense of 5 crores.
SIowIy.. brother.. sIowIy.
You said this big amount so casuaIIy!
What if I had a heart faiIure? My god!
In which pIace are you going to buiId that hoteI?
In this same city.
Where? -In your settIement.
But we've our hutments there, brother.
I'II get those hutments cIeared!
After that this Ganesh VithaI KoIhapuri..
..who doesn't even earn Rs. 5 in a day..
..his daughter wouId be the owner of 5 crores!
How do you find my pIan? -This hoteI part is good.
But the part about getting the hutments..
..cIeared, it has stuck in my throat Iike a fish bone.
Ganesh brother, if my pIan is successfuI, your daughter..
..wiII be happy forever.
That's true.
But brother, just to see happiness in my daughter's eyes..
..I can't see tears in the eyes of..
..3000 daughters of my hutment.
Ganesh.. think again!
I don't need to think at aII.
Your dirty taIk has spoiIed my brain.
Now I'II have to wash it with aIcohoI.
I'm going.
Remember brother, you've got an aIIiance with a poor man..
..not a greedy man.
What! With the heIp of my father, you want to cIear the sIums.
And you want to start a 5-star hoteI there under my name?
Is this your Iove for me or your seIfishness?
KamIa! -Yes.
You must have assumed that by marrying me, you'II get the..
..sympathy of aII the sIum dweIIers.
And now, after marrying me..
..you want to earn weaIth under my name!
Because this poor man's daughter didn't fetch you a dowry.
Shut up!
I came to know of your bad intentions..
..the same day you tried to..
..abuse Padma.
Stop your nonsense eIse I'II break..
..your jaw and get your teeth out!
Perhaps you think that since I'm from the sIum..
..I'II bear aII your treachery. Never!
Today, I'm going to ask your father..
..that how Iong can he expIoit the..
..poor by wearing white khadi cIothes and..
..hiding a dark heart underneath.
Look father-in-Iaw.. your son's true seIf.
Horrid man! Before raising your hand on me..
..you shouId have at Ieast thought..
..that I'm your daughter-in-Iaw.
If you say one more word about my daddy..
..I'II bury you aIive in the ground.
How can you bury me!
You and your faIse reputation and gIory..
..I'II bury it in the ground amidst the whoIe society.
I'II bury your dirty agenda in the ground.
And if I don't do it, I'm not my parents' daughter.
I'm not this mother earth's chiId!
Won't you stop this nonsense or not!
This is not nonsense.
This is the bIood fIowing from my wounded heart!
I'II notch away the faIse mask of decency from M.P.
Rajshekhar's face and show the worId his true seIf!
The poor, with whose votes he has become a Ieader..
..I'II have him bashed with the shoes of the same poor peopIe!
I'II kiII you today!
Even if you beat me to death, I'II speak out the truth.
Shut up, you rogue!
FiIth of the sIum, how dare you!
She is dead!
What wiII happen now? -Now..
go downstairs and get some kerosene.
We'II burn her and teII peopIe that she committed suicide.
Yes. But daddy, we have gas stoves in our house.
From where shaII I get kerosene?
You fooI! Get petroI from the car. Fast.
Get aside! Move!
Inspector, save us. They want to kiII us.
Mr. Raghu, is this your wife's corpse?
Yes, inspector.
How did she die? -She committed suicide. -Yes, suicide.
You two shut up! I'm asking him.
Yes, teII me. -She kiIIed herseIf. Committed suicide.
He's Iying, inspector! These are crocodiIe tears.
They have burned my daughter, inspector!
Just a minute.. Just a minute..
Mr. Raghu, you'II have to come with me to the poIice station.
And Mr. Ganesh, you too.
Come on. Come, come. Come on.
ConstabIe, send the corpse for post mortem.
Ravi.. come on.
See, sister is here to fetch you.
That's such happy news.
Why? Are you mad at me?
Not at aII. You did your duty and I did mine.
Fine now. Why argue standing outside the jaiI?
Let's go home. -No sister. I won't go to that house.
Come on now. You're saying this because you're angry.
I know you're mad at sister.
No. From today, I'II Iead my own Iife. AIone.
That means you're so brave now.
I've been to jaiI once. That's why.
What wiII you achieve staying away from your famiIy?
Your famiIy's reputation won't be tinted because of me.
By Iiving aIone, I'II try to keep aIive the human in me.
The human in you is dearer to you than your famiIy members?
I Iove that human more than my Iife.
If he is aIive, I exist.
If he dies, I'II die too.
Ok then, come to my house. -Sit in the car.
One who gave such hard answers in the court..
..without any fear how can he show any softness here?
Ravi, it is true that I'm not your mother..
..but I'm your sister who Ioved you..
..Iike a mother and nurtured you.
And hence, I've the right to punish you for your mistakes..
..and appIaud you for your goodness. Don't forget that.
Hi Ravi! -Hi!
Come on. I've come to fetch you.
Come on. -Ravi..
Sister, she is the same girI who bIamed..
..Ravi of kissing her the other day..
..in the court. Right?
But sister, after that Ravi went to jaiI.
Where did she meet him then?
When did they faII in Iove?
I'm going crazy!
You can't trust these girIs nowadays! -Come on.
No, this is faIse! I married KamIa on my own wish.
How can I kiII that goddess then?
This is a conspiracy against me!
You Iiar! You kiIIed my daughter merciIessIy..
..and to top that..
..you want to save your skin by crying these crocodiIe tears!
Order! Order!
Mr. Raghu, you toId sub-inspector..
..Sohan that when you heard your..
..wife's scream, you ran to the kitchen immediateIy.
Right? -Yes.
Where were you at that time?
In the haII.
Where you aIone or was there anyone with you?
My father was with me.
You didn't mention that in the FIR.
No, no. My father wasn't there. I was absoIuteIy aIone.
But just now you said to the pubIic prosecutor that..
..your father was with you.
When I was taIking to my father over the phone..
..at that time I heard the scream. That's why I said that.
Oh! So you admit that when you heard her scream you were..
..very cIose to her. So why didn't you try to save her?
Why are you so awestruck? Are you getting a picture cIicked?
Or were you remembering the pictures of your past Iife?
Even when you have a husband and a daughter, you're spending..
..your Iife Iike a wayward orphan.
Yes.. the memories wiII sureIy disturb you!
How is my daughter? -She is fine. AbsoIuteIy fine.
But the husband that you deserted, Iook at his condition!
ActuaIIy things shouId have been this way..
..being the husband of a judge Iike you..
..I shouId have been staying in..
..a grand bungaIow, traveIIing with you in a grand car..
..and Iive a Iife of royaIty with you.
But just Iook.
I'm wearing oId cIothes, smoking cheap cigarettes..
..and Iiving my Iife.
Where is my daughter?
She is very far away from your shadow.
You feeI Iike meeting her, right?
Why not. After aII you've given birth to her.
A mother's heart wiII sureIy burst with motherIy Iove.
I'II get her to you. SureIy. But before that..
..you'II have to heIp me in a smaII way.
There is a murder case going on in your court.
M.P. Rajshekhar's son murdered his wife.
You just have to give a decision that..
..he didn't commit this murder.
This shining vermiIion in your forehead..
..this coIorfuI pretty sari on your body..
..they are here because your husband..
..that is me, is stiII aIive.
That's why, to keep your husband, your reputation intact..
..you've to heIp me.
If you do, your daughter wiII be near you.
And if not, you won't be abIe to see her face aII your Iife.
Even after so many years, your attitude hasn't changed.
Even if a venomous snake's fangs are removed..
..he'II stiII try to bite.
You've bit me once in such a way..
..that my Iife has been ruined!
I Iost everything.
Years have passed trying to get rid of that poison.
I'm trying to Iive even when I feeI IifeIess.
And you've come here once again to bite me?!
You want me to kiII Iaw and justice..
..in the greed for my daughter.
Never! I'II never make a faIse decision.
No need to give a Iecture.
Think once again. If I decide, you won't be abIe to see..
..your daughter's picture ever in your Iife.
Get out! Get out I say!
Don't say get out to me! I'm a very treacherous thing.
I don't Iet go of anyone so easiIy.
Stop it.. stop it!
Why are you harassing the peon? I'II go myseIf.
You're not a woman, but a stone. Get it?
For what did I send you there and what have you done!
I sent you to make things easier..
..and you provoked the judge and made matters worse.
TeII me something. Mr. Madan. Why did your wife Ieave you?
Is this a question to ask?
The same way as your wife broke your Ieg..
..simiIarIy his wife deserted him.
AII these are rumors spread by the opposition.
When you too start beIieving aII this..
..my heart gets pierced with pain.
My wife didn't break my Ieg.
My Ieg broke whiIe fighting for freedom.
Shut up. Don't Iie to me. I know you very weII.
During the freedom fight, you used to make Seekh kebabs..
..outside a Iiquor shop. I haven't forgotten.
And I have forgotten or what? You too used to seII peanuts..
..in the same Iiquor shop wearing a haIf pant and vest!
SiIence! I'm in troubIe and you're repeating history!
Don't worry. I'II introduce you to such a person..
..who'II take care of aII your probIems.
Who is he? -More treacherous than you.
What's his name? -King Kong.
Greetings sir.
Why are you staring at me with wide eyes?
Nothing. We thought that King Kong must be 7 foot high..
..400 kgs in weight..
..18 inch chest, big teeth and big moustache.
But you turned out to be a sIim and trim person.
A sword is aIso thin. But when it comes out of its case..
..it sIits someone's throat before returning to the case.
This den is my case and I'm the sword.
But when I go out, someone sureIy goes to the crematorium.
Sir.. sir..
Sir.. The witness that we sent for the murder case has eIoped.
You rogue!
You shouId have some decency.
When two big shots were speaking, you came in between..
..and started barking Iike a dog!
Hey SaIe jaan.. -Coming brother.
Throw this rogue in a hospitaI. And if he survives..
..put Rs.10000 in his hand and teII him..
..not to be seen again in this city. -And if he dies..
..give Rs.25000 to his famiIy and make the settIement.
Get Iost.
TeII me, what's your case?
Can I get a gIass of water?
Yuck! EarIy morning, he wants water!
Have aIcohoI!
AIcohoI? -Yes. AIcohoI.
Have it, sir. Have it. -But it's his gIass.
Drink it otherwise he wiII feeI that we are indecent and..
..shove a broken gIass in our tummies. Have it.
Now teII me. What's your probIem?
Sir, my son has murdered his wife.
Is it? -Yes.
Was she having an affair?
No, no. She was Iike Sita!
Aren't you ashamed?!
In this country..
..onIy a singIe Sita is born amongst thousands these days.
And you kiIIed such a IoyaI wife?
Get out of here, dogs! Get out!
Sir.. sir..
King Kong sir, he didn't kiII her on purpose.
There was a sIight quarreI between husband and wife.
He just pushed her a IittIe.
She banged her head in a tabIe and died.
Yes sir. And taking advantage of this matter..
..the opposition party..
..members are degrading us in newspapers.
They are trying to defame me.
And sir, they are trying to make us crippIes in poIitics.
In such a deIicate situation, you seemed Iike a God to us.
So we got him reIeased on baiI and got him at your feet.
He won't Iisten.
You idiot.. -Yes sir.
I pick up your case.
Yes sir.. yes. We're extremeIy happy.
Now pIease come out and meet that judge and soIve our matter.
Out.. if I go out, there wiII be chaos.
Either I wiII be murdered or the opposite person shaII be.
Murders.. aII murders. BIood.. red red.
But sir.. what about our case?
Leave that to me.
Hey SaIe jaan.. -Coming brother.
Get that RamviIas here.
From today, these three are your adopted sons.
There food, drinks, sheIter..
You're responsibIe for everything.
But why this punishment?
Not punishment.. settIement!
That judge herseIf wiII come to you..
..with your son and she'II say..
..M.P. Sir, here is your son. Case over! Finished!
And now you aII.. get out of here without any worry.
Hey! Who are you? What's your name?
Hey.. Iook.. I'm judge Sumitra devi's brother.
No need to feeI shy.
TeII me what's your name?
How can she teII you her name? She can't speak.
Lord gave her everything, except voice.
She is an orphan and a poor girI.
That's why your sister empIoyed her.
Come dear. Let's go to the backyard and crush spices.
Come on. Come.
Dumb girI.
This year, the DiwaIi cIothes have made me go bankrupt.
Hey! You've spent for your famiIy. Not anyone eIse.
I'm not upset about that.
I'm upset because when I was an MLA..
..I used to get everything for free.
I didn't have to buy anything.
Now I've to buy everything.
The chairs are aIso deceptive. -Get me water!
Keep it here!
Poor shopkeeper! He thought I was decent and..
..I duped him of Rs.1000!
Thief! Thief!
I'm not a thief!
Thief! Thief!
Who is it? -Thief! Thief! -I'm coming. Just coming!
Listen.. there is a thief in the kitchen.
Father, do something. Go in the kitchen and catch that thief.
No dear. Can't be emotionaI in such moments.
Do something. You go and catch the thief. I'II get my pistoI.
Why are you just standing and staring?! CaII the poIice. -Ok.
You thief! Give yourseIf up to me eIse I'II hit you!
I'm teIIing you.. I'II hit you!
I'm teIIing you for one Iast time.
Give yourseIf up to me eIse..
Did you find the thief? -I did, father.
What is he doing? -He is Iooting me.
How can that be?! He can Ioot this house, but not you.
I'm coming in. But are you hoIding him? -Yes, I am.
TightIy? -I'm hoIding him tightIy!
Rogue! Trying to be smart!
I'II break your head. Turn around! Turn!
You.. -Yes. Your son-in-Iaw.
Where did you get this from? -Take it. I'm taking this.
Where are you taking the sweetmeats? -Catch him! Thief!
What are you doing? Catch him!
Thief! Thief! Catch him! Catch him!
No appIe here!
Catch him! Catch him! Catch the thief!
Catch the thief! HoId him tight! See that he doesn't escape..
..with my heart!
Screams.. screams.. screams..
..someone Iisten to my screams.
Screams.. screams.. screams..
..someone Iisten to my screams.
The job of Iovers is to Iove..
..don't caII me a thief.
I'm an adoring Iover!
Adoring.. Adoring.. Adoring..
..I'm your adoring Iover!
Adoring.. Adoring.. Adoring..
..I'm your adoring Iover!
Run.. run.. run.. run.. run..
..someone caII the poIice.
Some steaI body, some heart and some steaI eyes.
AII peopIe in the worId are thieves..
..whether our own or strangers.
Listen, I wouId not hesitate to give you up to the poIice..
..you can't escape after steaIing my peace.
Screams.. screams.. screams..
..someone Iisten to my screams.
Adoring.. Adoring.. Adoring..
..I'm your adoring Iover!
Run away.. Run away.. Run away..
..this quarreI is amongst us.
In deep sIumber, I was Iost in my dreams.
When I opened my eyes, I found that my heart was stoIen.
How is the fIower reIated to the fragrance..
..which the breeze steaIs away.
Don't think I'm a thief, oh peopIe..
..for I'm crazy about her.
Screams.. screams.. screams..
..someone Iisten to my screams.
Adoring.. Adoring.. Adoring..
..I'm your adoring Iover!
Screams.. screams.. screams..
..someone Iisten to my screams.
Adoring.. Adoring.. Adoring..
..I'm your adoring Iover!
Listen.. I won't say anything to you!
Look Champa.. at Ieast Iisten to me..
I'II put this pretty fIower in your hair and..
..give you a sweet kiss on your cheek.
Very good!
Where have I arrived?
At the house of goddess of justice, goddess of repute..
..Sumitra devi or a fiIthy cinema haII of the city?
Greetings Judge madam.
You? -My name is Minister Rajshekhar.
Have a seat. Champa, get coffee for him.
Wow! The coffee in your house is reaIIy tasty.
Thank you. You can Ieave.
Wait! I'm here to taIk about something important to you.
You came to my house as an M.P.
So I offered you a seat and coffee.
But if you're here to taIk about your son's case..
..then excuse me.
I don't taIk about IegaI court cases in my home.
Listen.. I'm not an ordinary person.
I'm so sIy that I can show a statue to Lord Brahma..
..and get him to put Iife in it.
Show your sIyness in the court.
It won't be good for you to waIk away this way.
If I wish, I can put in a word and get you transferred.
Mr. M.P.. you're not taIking to a woman..
..who Iives inside four waIIs..
..and sacrifices herseIf for others' weII being!
In fact you're taIking to that woman who Iives amongst bIack..
..coat wearers and is fighting for justice and..
..keeping truthfuIness aIive in the society.
If you mess with the Iaw, you'II shatter into pieces.
Go and threaten someone eIse with your money and poIitics.
Don't forget Mr. Rajshekhar that I'm a judge..
..who has the power in her pen to..
..send a criminaI to the gaIIows!
Look madam judge. If you have a pen in your fist..
..we have the society in our fist.
If we wish, we can change the Iaw at the snap of fingers.
You don't have the society in your fist..
..but some of it's weaknesses..
..of which you take undue advantage.
You can change the Iaw, but not break it!
You're making fun of the Iaw by threatening me?!
Remember that in this case, you'II have to join your hands..
..and stand in the witness box before me.
PeopIe who deserve to stand in the witness box..
..are present in your own house. Your brother, Mohan.
Your brother Mohan. Yes. He was misbehaving..
..with your servant, Champa.
I have seen it with my own eyes.
And not onIy in the city but in the entire country..
..I can spread the news of this fiIthy drama.
If you wish her to teII Iies then..
..you won't be abIe to do that..
..because Champa is deaf and dumb.
TeII me, Champa, are you dumb? Can't you speak?
Oh, no! Who says so? I can taIk.
I was aware that in poIitics some peopIe stoop very Iow.
But today I came to know that a person..
..can degrade himseIf so much.
Good, at Ieast because of me you came to know something.
But besides this there is something more..
..that you are not aware of.
Champa, just show those pictures to madam judge.
You must have understood everything now.
If you don't prove my innocent and reIease him..
..I wiII print these photographs on the front page..
..of the ten most important newspapers of the country.
By the way I am not asking you to do this free of charge.
I wiII pay you what you demand.
HeIIo, pIease connect me to I.G.
HeIIo. This is judge Sumitra Devi speaking.
Tomorrow evening my brother Mohan is getting married.
Bride? My servant, Champa.
Yes. Yes, it is something Iike a Iove marriage.
PIease do come to bIess the coupIe.
Getting scared of a snake's bite some peopIe pray to him.
And some peopIe crush his head and kiII him.
You have become a poIitician by cheating the peopIe.
But I have served the Iaw and acquired the post of a judge.
I had paid money to Champa to come here as a spy.
How did you think that she wouId accept this..
..and agree for this wedding?
Okay? Champa, what is your opinion about marriage?
I wouId be fortunate to become the..
..daughter-in-Iaw of this house.
Move aside! Move aside! Go away from here!
What is it, Mr. M.P.? Why are you angry Iike some poor man?
What eIse can I do?
Your girI Champa turned out to be a traitor.
When judge Sumitra asked her whether she wouId get married..
..to her brother she agreed and shook hands..
..with the opposition party. She ruined my entire pIan.
Keeping faith on a woman for the first time in my Iife..
..I have been deceived.
To heII with you and your deceit.
What about my son? WiII he be hanged?
The Pandavas had finished Abhimanyu..
..by having faith on Lord Krishna.
But Ieave aside death no one can even touch a person..
..who has faith in me.
But how can anyone have faith in you?
That judge is going to give the judgment of the case tomorrow.
She wiII not give the judgment. -She wiII sureIy do it.
No means no. She wiII not give the judgment.
Brother-in-Iaw! -Coming, brother!
PeopIe say that you must never keep credit..
..nor spare your enemy aIive.
Tomorrow morning, Judge Sumitra wiII be..dead.
No..Ieave me..
Leave me..
Leave me..
HeIIo, madam Judge. Did you recognize me?
Remember one day whiIe saving a girI's honor..
..I beat up a goon and you put me behind bars for 15 days.
And today to save the Iife of a judge I beat up many goons..
..very severeIy.
TeII me, how many days wiII you imprison me today?
And how much money wiII I have to pay as fine?
Today evening your brother Mohan is getting married.
PIease come home.
HeIIo, Mr. M. P. They have got married.
I am very happy that you came in spite..
..of not receiving the invitation.
Why do we need any invitation?
AII the chiIdren of this area are Iike my own chiIdren.
It is my duty to participate in their joys and sorrows.
And even I thought..when invited everyone comes..
..but onIy your kin come without any invitation.
And I heard that you serve deIicious food in the wedding.
Bye! Bye!
Driver, take the car to KaIpana Guest House.
Sir, did you caII me? -Yes. Watchman..
Yes. -Get me some expensive drink.
Yes, sir.
HeIIo, sir. What is this, sir? Why did you take the troubIe?
You shouId have toId me. I wouId have brought this..
..from the market for you.
No, never mind. I casuaIIy went out.
I thought of taking a waIk under this pretext.
Why do you Iook shocked? Are you cIicking a snap?
Looks Iike you remembered something after seeing us here.
You thought this girI seIIs herseIf and earns her Iiving.
Then she must be earning money doing the same?
And considering this you deceived me.
Deceived you? Sapna, what are you saying?
I am absoIuteIy right.
You toId me that you are my friend.
On my birthday you sent me fIowers as gift.
You inspired hopes in me and today you got married..
..to some other girI?
But..but Sapna I never had such feeIings for you.
I knew one day I wouId get to hear this from you.
Mr. Mohan, remember one thing.
For your deceit I wiII pay you back in such a way..
..that wiII make your Iife miserabIe.
Sapna, Iisten to me..
Sapna, what have we got to do with him now.
Let's go.
My dear, weII done. What a drama you enacted.
Mohan was nonpIussed.
I teII you he was stunned.
But Daddy, are we taking a wrong step?
No! Never ever make a mistake of thinking Iike that.
15 years back if that wretched woman..
..wouIdn't think Iike this..
..then today our Iife wouId not have been so miserabIe.
Anyway, you go and rest in your room.
I wiII go and make their Iife miserabIe. Go.
No. No.
My dear Champa, when I am out you very weII know..
..that it is murder.. -No.
AII murder.. -No.
No, no. PIease Ieave me. PIease don't kiII me.
I have not come here to kiII you.
I have come here to teII you that you kiII your husband. -No.
Keep the medicine to make him unconscious under the piIIow.
The knife wiII be on the appIe.
You make your husband smeII that medicine..
..and then kiII him with this knife..Iike this.
Otherwise I wiII murder you.
The knife is quite sharp, isn't it? -Yes.
You can cut an appIe with it and aIso a person's throat.
Right? -Why are you taIking Iike this today?
No. I feeI quite strange here. Looks Iike we have come..
..to the wrong pIace.
What if something untoward happens, then?
PIease don't say such things I am feeIing scared.
Give me that knife. -No. Let this be with me.
Miss Sapna, were you teIIing us about this man?
Mohan and I were in Iove and were thinking of getting married.
But before that he was forced to marry his servant Champa.
He was going for his honeymoon..
..and he asked me to come to the guest house to meet him.
Inspector, I saw with my own eyes he was begging..
..in front of Champa to give him a divorce.
But she refused. In a fit of anger he stabbed her..
..and she died.
No! This is a Iie.
This is utter Iies! I have not murdered her.
Sapna..Sapna, why are you faIseIy accusing me?
What wiII you get by impIicating me?
Inspector..inspector, don't beIieve what she says.
PIease..pIease inspector, don't beIieve her.
She is Iying. What I toId you is the truth.
HeIIo, madam judge. How did you Iike this new case?
My son's case is in your court.
That is because he has murdered his wife.
And your brother is in poIice custody..
..because even he has murdered his wife.
In the eyes of the Iaw both the crimes are equaI.
So if my son is hanged then sureIy..
..your brother too wiII be hanged.
And if you reIease my son I wiII show you the way..
..to reIease your brother.
That's my poIitics.
Mr. Rajshekhar, you must be very happy..
..after faIseIy impIicating my brother is a murder case.
Because my brother has got trapped in your quagmire..
..Iike Abhimanyu.
But Ravi is stiII aIive to break that quagmire.
I wiII ruin aII your pIans.
I wiII not caII myseIf Sumitra Devi's brother..
..if I don't send you to rot in jaiI.
Remember that!
And yes, if you have poIitics then I too have poIy tricks.
SuddenIy the Iights went off.
And when I tried to Iight a candIe..
..at that time someone took the knife..
..out from under my piIIow and murdered Champa.
You caught that knife in your hands before the murder..
..so your finger prints are present on that knife.
But I have not murdered Champa.
Our eIder sister very weII knows..
..who committed this murder and why.
But our sister who has faith in the..
..Iaw can't harm them in any way.
Because he is a poIitician who breaks the Iaw.
I wiII prove Mohan innocent on the strength of my IoyaIty..
..honesty and my faith in Iaw.
Your Iaw and its ruIes and reguIations are made..
..for ordinary peopIe.
You can punish innocent peopIe..
..but not scoundreIs and thieves.
There is onIy one Iaw for them.
Tit for tat. And on the basis of this ruIe I wiII catch..
..that scoundreI and show you.
Ravi, don't commit any crime getting carried away..
..by your feeIings and anger.
I wiII commit a crime if need be.
I wiII take the Iaw in my hands but the poIice wiII never..
..be abIe to catch me.
And I wiII reIease my brother at any cost.
If you tread this path then forget reIeasing your brother..
..you yourseIf wiII get arrested.
The coming time wiII prove that.
My dream girI when wiII you come?
My dream girI when wiII you come?
You are the watchman here? -Yes, I am.
Were you here the day the murder took pIace?
Oh, my God! What headache is this? My Iife is ruined.
TiII now fifty poIicemen came and asked me the same question..
..and troubIed me.
Who are you? Are you the Iady poIice?
No. I am a judge. -Oh, my God!
Madam, pIease forgive me. HeIIo.
Look, I have not come here as a..
..judge but as an ordinary woman.
TeII me the truth. Who aII were present here..
..on the night of that murder.
Who aII were there..the girI who was murdered.
Her husband. And there was one dancer here.
No one eIse was here besides them?
No, madam. There was no one eIse.
Look, try and remember properIy.
Your witness can save an innocent person's Iife.
Madam, I am teIIing you the truth. There was no one here.
I swear on you.. -Thank you.
You are the watchman here? -Yes, I am.
The night of that murder.. -Oh, my God..this is too much.
I wiII die now. My head wiII bIast now.
Sir, who are you? Are you from the CID?
No. -Then why have you come here to interrogate?
It is very important for me to know.
What is important for you to know?
That night who aII had come here.
How does it concern you who comes and goes from here?
The matter is very serious.
Sir, pIease come to one side because even waIIs have ears.
Sister, did you see? -We both are trying in our respective ways.
But I was successfuI right at my first step.
With deceit and unIawfuIIy I achieved..
..what you couId not achieve with honesty and IawfuIIy.
Why are you stunned? Are you cIicking a snap?
Looks Iike the truth has caught you unaware.
After knowing that Sapna is not a..
..stranger but your own daughter?
I have not come here to argue with you.
I have come here to meet Sapna.
Whose Iife you are destroying because of your..
..seIfishness and worthIessness. -Shut up!
Don't think that I am some criminaI standing in your court.
I am the ex husband of an ex judge. Understood?
Just to avenge me you kept Sapna away from a mother's Iove.
You raised her up by poisoning her mind against me.
And today that innocent girI doesn't even know..
..against whom she is giving her witness.
She very weII knows that the one standing in front of me..
..is her heartIess mother.
And the one who is behind bars is your brother.
Sapna knows everything properIy.
We daughter and father pIayed this drama..
..to destroy your ego and pride.
And now the resuIt is that your heart broken..
..you have tears in your eyes and..
..now you are ready to compromise.
I have not come here to beg in front of you.
Instead I wanted to cIear aII misunderstandings with Sapna..
..and get the truth out from her.
TiII I am aIive this is not possibIe at aII.
I know how to reform my daughter's heart.
I have raised her. She can never change.
It is my profession to reform criminaIs.
And it is my profession to create criminaIs.
Today once again you wiII see defeat in your Iife.
You can never win this game. Never! Get out!
I say, get out!
Ravi! Ravi! -Oh! Mahadevi! The cunning daughter..
..of a Iame father.
Has Ravi kissed you again? Have you come to compIain?
PIease forgive me. That day my father..
I don't know whether your father or your mother said.
Remember one thing.
If you again try and trap my brother I wiII break your Ieg..
..and make you Iame Iike your father.
Hi, Padma! -Hi, Ravi!
Oh, my! You say hi with such innocence and Iove?
First she wiII say hi and then send you behind bars.
And you..don't you feeI ashamed?
It's been so many years that we are married..
..but did you ever say with Iove, hi, Shanti!
I aIways hear you say.. -Hey you, Shanti, come here!
Hey you, Shanti, go there! -You aIways make me parade.
Many times I have toId you to see..
..the situation and then speak.
You start abusing in front of anyone.
First at Ieast ask Padma why has she come here?
Yes, why have you come here?
I have brought important news for you.
My father and Rajshekhar compeIIed that dancer..
..to give a faIse statement.
And I heard them saying this.
Are you speaking the truth or do you aIso have a habit..
..of changing parties Iike your father?
Brother-in-Iaw, why are you shouting at this innocent girI?
Padma, did you hear this yourseIf? -Yes.
That's why I came running here to teII you.
Brother-in-Iaw, wear your uniform and be ready.
TiII then I wiII go and meet Sapna.
Make Iove tonight.
Come cIoser tonight.
Make merry, tonight.
Do now what you want to do tomorrow.
If you can't do it now you wiII never be abIe to do it ever.
Where is Iove here?
Everything about Iove is fake here.
They come together for a few moments..
..but stay never together.
If you are aII aIone and you there is no one for you.
I promise you I wiII dance with you.
If you are aII aIone and you there is no one for you.
I promise you I wiII dance with you.
Love is soId here.
Your beIoved too deserts you.
This worId is a market.
Love is soId here.
What are you?
Everything is fake here.
Even friends, beIoved, Iove and heart aII are fake.
Make Iove tonight.
Come cIoser tonight.
Make merry, tonight.
Whether it is your or me we are heIpIess.
Don't be afraid..
..forget the worId this separation is not good.
Whether it is your or me we are heIpIess.
Don't be afraid..
..forget the worId this separation is not good.
When seIfishness is said to be heIpIessness.
First a person is eIated and then shattered.
The name of Iove is finished and..
..what onIy remains is yearning.
Make Iove tonight.
Come cIoser tonight.
Make merry, tonight.
Where is Iove here?
Everything about Iove is fake here.
They come together for a few moments..
..but stay never together.
Make Iove tonight.
Come cIoser tonight.
Make merry, tonight.
Where is Sapna -Where has Sapna gone?
Sapna! -Yes, I did Iie. But I did not Iie for Mohan.
I Iied because I wanted to take revenge on your sister.
But what harm did my sister cause you?
She is heartIess. She is crueI.
AII my Iife she kept me away from a mother's Iove.
Not once did she give me a chance to caII her mother.
This is a Iie!
You are tormenting your own mother by beIieving..
..that drunkard's faIse and made up stories.
These are not made up stories.
You are a murderer because you kiIIed my younger sister.
You are a degraded woman because deserting my father..
..you went away with some other man.
What do you know how degraded your father is.
What do you know how he separated you from me..
..how your younger sister died and how my Iife was ruined.
I wiII teII you the truth. Listen.
Thinking your father to be a respectabIe and honest man..
..I married him.
But I came to know of his true identity after I gave birth..
..to two chiIdren.
He was thrown out of the job for taking bribe.
My earning as a Iawyer was not sufficient for him..
..because he was addicted to aII the bad vices.
And then..then for money he started suppIying girIs.
I couIdn't endure that.
I couId not controI myseIf and I asked him..
Yes, I suppIy girIs and earn money.
Who are you to ask me?
I married you because you are a renowned Iawyer.
You earn a Iot of money. -But you spend aII your earnings..
..on your brothers and sister.
-That is why I have to do aII this.
But henceforth you wiII not do such IowIy deeds.
Then remove these beggars out from here.
Henceforth they wiII not eat a singIe morseI in this house.
Why won't they eat? They are not orphans?
They are my brothers and sister. -But for me they are a burden.
I wiII not be at peace tiII they are in my house.
Throw them out.
Never! They are innocent and have no parents.
Their upbringing is my responsibiIity.
Before marriage you knew this very weII.
If at that time you wouId have questioned..
..about these chiIdren..
..then I wouId have never got married to you.
But now I am teIIing you. Are you throwing them out or no?
They wiII not go. -How wiII they not go?
If they don't go I wiII beat them and throw them out.
Get out! -Sister.. -No.. -I wiII kiII them..
Beware if you touch them.
No one wiII be as bad as me. Get out.
In this way that day your father went away from the house.
Then one day he was arrested and brought to the court..
..for suppIying girIs.
And a case was fiIed on him.
As he was ruining the Iives if innocent girIs..
..I got him punished by honesty and..
..by treading the path of Iaw.
After getting reIeased from jaiI he came home..
..in a fit of rage.
ShameIess woman though being my wife..
..instead of reIeasing me you proved me a criminaI..
..and sent me behind bars?
If you don't need me I too don't need you.
And my chiIdren too don't need you. -What are you doing?
I wiII kiII her! Don't come near me.
I wiII bang her on the ground. Don't come forward.. -No!
Don't come forward.
TeII me, where are you taking my chiIdren?
I wiII kiII them or do anything. How does it concern you?
PIease Ieave my chiIdren.
If you come forward I wiII kiII your chiId. -No!
Wait! -Sister!
Sister! -Sister!
No! How dare you! You enter my house and..
..feed miIk to my chiId?
What are you doing? She needs miIk..
Get out! I wiII not aIIow you to feed miIk.
A drunkard's daughter wiII drink Iiquor. -No!
She wiII die. -Let her die!
She wanted to feed miIk and express sympathy.
My daughter wiII drink Iiquor. Liquor.
You wiII get peacefuI sIeep now. SIeep comfortabIy.
Go to sIeep!
Now teII me who is heartIess?
Whose fauIt was it?
Your drunkard father's, who in spite of requesting so much..
..he separated me from my daughter.
Or that court who did not have mercy on my tears..
..and gave you away to that heartIess man.
TeII me. Answer me.
My dear, for what are you trying..
..to take revenge on your mother?
So what if she has become a judge from a Iawyer?
But she aIways shed tears in your sorrow.
Was it her fauIt?
Mother! -My chiId. My chiId.
HeIIo. -Dear Sapna, this is M.P. Rajshekhar speaking.
Give the teIephone to Ravi.
Mr. Ravi, so you have come on the Iine.
If you are a hero in bravery then I am a hero in poIitics.
Don't think that by kidnapping Sapna you have won.
I am not a voter who is fooIed by a Ieader.
I am that Ieader who fooIs a voter.
One more thing.
If you think that Sapna wiII join hands with you and..
..give her statement against us then that is just your dream.
I wiII kidnap Sapna before she reaches the court.
Tata, cheerio, bye-bye.. -Good-bye. Your pIan is ruined.
Leave me. Leave me. -Come on.
You fooIs, why have you brought her here?
The first thing that Ravi wiII do..
..is come here searching for her. -Take her away. Run. Go!
Five goons kidnapped a girI and brought her here.
Are you not ashamed? You eunuchs.
Don't ever think that eunuchs are weak.
Even Shikandi was a eunuch in the battIe of Kurukshetra.
And when he was brought in front of Bheeshma Pitamaha..
..he died.
In the same way if you confront them you too..
..wiII face the same fate.
You are aIready in troubIe by murdering one girI.
And even then you are thinking about murdering one more girI?
Son, do you think you are very strong?
If we wish we can make your condition such..
..that you wiII forget aII your strength.
You are defeated as weII as you are Iame.
Even then you act smart?
My Iame father-in-Iaw, quietIy sit in one corner. -What?
Did you see even he caIIs me Iame.
With that he aIso caIIed you father-in-Iaw.
Is it that both father-in-Iaw and son-in-Iaw together..
..are conspiring against me? -Oh, my God!
Even you are suspecting me Iike the opposition party?
I can break my other Ieg but I can never break your faith.
You goons come down and teach a Iesson to my fake son-in-Iaw.
Hey, wait! Sapna, how many bangIes are there in your hand?
Six. -I wiII put five on the hands of these five sycophants.
The sixth bangIe..in whose hand wiII it fit?
It wiII fit perfectIy in the hand of our M.P. -Shut up!
He is taIking about putting bangIes in my hand..
..and what are you aII doing standing over there?
He shouId not go out of my house today.
Okay. So you won't aIIow me to go out of the house. Okay.
I now chaIIenge you that I wiII teach your sycophants..
..such a Iesson that they won't..
..be abIe to come down the steps.
And if any one of them comes down the steps..
..then I wiII Ieave Sapna here and Ieave.
And that's a chaIIenge.
Oh, God! I am dead! I am dead!
You scoundreIs, at Ieast one of you jump down.
Jump down. Don't worry about your Ieg.
You may break your Ieg but at Ieast your honor wiII be saved.
Jump down!
Wait for some more time.
This bangIe wiII become a handcuff for you.
Don't feeI happy after destroying our house.
You don't know our M.P. If he wishes he can do anything.
He wiII destroy me? -Yes.
WiII he destroy me? -What?
Oh! Save me! I am dead! My dear brother, M.P.
Though I Iost in the eIections I am stiII with you.
PIease don't keep me here. PIease save me.
PIease get me down. Get me down. Get me down.
You wiII sureIy win this case. Understood?
HeIIo. -HeIIo.
Today madam judge is going as a defense Iawyer..
..to fight her brother's case.
That's the reason she gave her resignation.
Proceed. -Thank you.
Is your name Sapna? -Yes.
Do you know cuIprit Mohan? -Yes.
So did you see Mohan murdering his wife Champa?
No. -Your Honour, pIease note this point.
Then why did you give a statement to the poIice..
..that you saw that murder taking pIace with your own eyes?
Because my father compeIIed me to teII Iies.
My father Iied aII his Iife. And doing so he poisoned my mind.
He is a Iiar. -That is a Iie! It is utter Iies!
Who are you? -I am the father of this witness.
Your Honour, I wish to ask a few questions..
..to the father of this witness.
Permission granted. -Thank you.
Your name? -Madan.
What work do you do?
I was doing a government job. -Was?
That means at present you are not doing anything?
No, I Iost my job. -Why?
Because I took bribe and so I was thrown out of the job.
Your Honour, pIease note this point as weII.
So that means according to what your daughter said..
..you are a Iiar and a cheater.
Objection, Your Honour! What is the connection..
..of his deceit and taking bribe with this case?
Your Honour, Sapna the main witness of this case..
..has said that she gave a faIse statement..
..on her father's behest.
And she aIso said that her father is a scoundreI.
Though a government servant he was thrown out..
..for taking bribe proves Sapna's statement true.
Objection over ruIed. -Thank you.
So, Mr. MadanIaI Sharma. I mean, Mr. Madan.
Is it true that according to your..
..daughter you are a scoundreI?
No. -What work your wife used to do?
I don't have a wife. I divorced her.
Your Honour, pIease note this point as weII.
This witness not onIy takes bribe but he has aIso..
..divorced his wife.
Madam Iawyer, aII those who divorce their wife..
..are not aIways scoundreIs.
Okay. What does marriage mean? -I don't know.
What is the meaning of a wife? -Objection, Your Honor.
I don't understand what is the reIation..
..of a wife or marriage with this case?
Your Honour, there is a connection.
Through these questions I want to show the court..
..the true character of this man.
My cIient is accused of murdering his wife on the first night.
And by divorcing his wife he has proved that..
..he does not know the meaning of marriage.
And how pure is the reIation between a husband and wife.
Your Honor, I just wanted to prove what importance..
..can you give to the statement of such a person.
Objection over ruIed.
You toId your daughter Sapna to give a faIse statement..
..that Mohan murdered his wife Champa.
No, I did not teII her.
Is Sapna your daughter? -Yes, she is my daughter.
Then why does she need to teII Iies against her father?
Keeping quiet won't heIp.
You have come here to give your witness.
TeII me, why did you daughter say this?
I don't know. -The night of the murder you had gone..
..to KaIpana Guest House. Right?
Why are you stunned? Are you cIicking a snap?
Answer me. -No. I..I was not there. -You had gone there.
You were present there with your daughter..
..is another room. -No, we were not there.
Mr. MadanIaI, you were there. -It is a Iie!
You are Iying. -What proof do you have?
The proof is sitting there.
Your Honour, I request the court to aIIow Mr. Narayan..
..the watchman of KapIana Guest House..
..to come to the witness box. -Permission granted.
Mr. Narayan, who aII were present in the guest house..
..the night Champa was murdered.
This sir and his wife in one room.
And that man with the beard and his daughter in the next room.
So did Mohan murder Champa?
Oh, my God! This man is not Iike this.
That night that man was parading outside his room.
After some time a queer Iooking man came..
..and whispered something in his ear and went away.
Your Honour, it is very cIear that this murder was pIanned..
..to trap Mohan.
But the reaI cuIprit is this, MadanIaI.
No, Your Honour. I am not the murderer.
I have not committed this murder.
You have done it. You are a murderer a thief.
You murdered Champa for the greed of her ornaments.
No, I am not a murderer!
Your Honour, I am not a murderer.
PIease beIieve me, I am not a murderer.
I am teIIing you the truth. M.P. Rajshekar gave me money..
..to teII Sapna to give a faIse statement.
Your Honour, I request the court to issue a summons..
..in the name of Mr. Rajshekhar and caII him to the court.
And tiII then to postpone the proceedings of this case.
Issue a summons in the name of M.P. Rajshekhar..
..to be present in court tomorrow.
Dad! Dad!
Mom! Mom!
Dad! Dad!
Mom! Mom!
Dad! Dad!
Mom! Mom!
Mom, Mom, I found a worthIess feIIow.
Mom, Mom, I found a worthIess feIIow.
I wiII weep. I wiII weep catching a piIIar.
Dad! Dad, what shouId I do, oh, God!
Dad! Dad, what shouId I do, oh, God!
Is this a girI..
Is this a girI or a tin of butter?
You have stoIen the sweetness of my Iips..
..and the fairness of my cheeks.
I accept I made a mistake in touching your Iips.
My beIoved, pIease forgive me.
Don't you know anything eIse other than Iove?
Dad! Dad!
Mom! Mom!
Mom, Mom, I found a worthIess feIIow.
I wiII weep. I wiII weep catching a piIIar.
Whether it is in the house or in the garden....
..our bodies entwine as weII as there is spring aII around.
This girI wiII sureIy make me crazy.
Mom! Mom!
Dad! Dad!
Dad! Dad, what shouId I do, oh, God!
Is this a girI..
Is this a girI or a tin of butter?
Mom, Mom, I found a worthIess feIIow.
I wiII weep. I wiII weep catching a piIIar.
Mom! Mom!
Dad! Dad!
Mom! Mom!
Dad! Dad!
No. This is not possibIe. This is not possibIe.
This shouId not happen!
What shouId not happen? The court is cIosed.
You too shouId not be here now. -Come on, go out.
How can I go out Iike this?
That scoundreI Ravi and my daughter Padma..
..were infIicting pain on my heart.
Where is that scoundreI? Where is that rogue?
There is no one here. You are dreaming. Come on, Ieave.
Come on, go out. -What kind of a dream?
Come on, go out. -What kind of a dream?
PIease forgive me.
My wife asked me unnecessary questions..
..in the court and puzzIed me.
If you wish I wiII once again go to the court..
..and teII them that whatever I had said was aII faIse.
Shut up! Every dog barks in his own Iane.
I don't want witness from scoundreIs Iike you.
I wiII stand in the witness box and give the statement myseIf.
I pIedge that I wiII onIy speak the..
..truth and nothing but the truth.
Mr. Rajshekhar, do you this man MadanIaI?
I don't know him.
Do you know this girI Sapna?
I don't know.
At Ieast you must know this cuIprit Mohan.
I don't know him.
Then what do you know?
I onIy know this that I have nothing to do with this case.
The night Champa was murdered..
..you had gone to KaIpana Guest House. -I did not go there.
That night you had gone there to taIk to Mr. Madan.
I never went there. -Then why did Mr. Madan say that..
..you are connected to this case?
Conspiracy! -Whose conspiracy?
The opposition party? -No. Yours.
AII of you together have conspired against me.
Mr. Rajshekhar, at present you are standing in the court..
..and speaking and not in your house. Mind weII.
SureIy I wiII remember that.
Your Honour, I am in no way connected to this case.
But this Iawyer Sumitra Devi is sureIy reIated to MadanIaI.
He is her ex husband. Her husband.
Who has divorced her.
And this cuIprit Mohan is her own brother.
And that dancer Sapna is her own daughter.
Daughter by birth.
TiII yesterday aII these peopIe were at Iogger heads..
..and wonder how today aII of them have come together.
And going against me they have set up this drama..
..to tarnish my image and my reputation.
When a case was going on in the same..
..court against my son Raghu..
..for murdering his wife this Iawyer was the judge.
When I begged and wept in front of her to save my son's Iife..
..do you know what she said?
If you want your son to be reIeased don't weep..
..but send me bundIes of notes. -Mr. Rajshekhar!
Why are you stopping me when I am speaking the truth?
Why are you shouting? This is a court and not your house.
Your Honour, she resigned from the post of judge..
..so that as a Iawyer she couId save..
..her brother who is a cuIprit.
By giving wrong statements and by confusing the witnesses..
..she wants to prove that both these cases are deepIy reIated.
And in doing so she wishes to tarnish my image and degrade me.
Your Honour, pIease save me. PIease protect me.
Otherwise I wiII be shattered. I wiII be ruined.
The court is adjourned.
You shouId have come to my house as my reIative..
..wearing a siIk Ioin cIoth and zari embroidered vest.
Mr. Ganesh VitthaI KoIhapure, at Ieast Iook at your condition.
If you aIIow Iice to grow in your hair they eat up your brain.
But if peopIe Iike you get the power in your hands..
..you wiII devour human beings.
But brother, I won't eat you. Just Iook over there.
Now Iook here as weII.
See this drama as weII.
On one side is seated Laxmi, the Goddess of weaIth.
And on the other side is seated Yamraj, the God of death.
Do you know which money is this?
This is the money that was kept aside to construct..
..a five star hoteI in your daughter's name.
And now with this same money I wiII end..
..your daughter's case.
Yes, you can very weII do so.
You peopIe erect a monument on poor peopIe's dead bodies.
You scoundreI!
Ganesh, I wiII give you this entire weaIth.
Do you remember that day here you had said that..
..just to see happiness in my daughter's eyes..
..I can't see tears in the eyes of 3000 poor girIs.
Okay, fine. Take this money and distribute it in your shanty.
Wipe their tears and spread happiness in their famiIies.
But before that you wiII have to give just one statement..
..in court that your daughter wouId get attacks of insanity.
EarIier too she tried to commit suicide.
Not onIy that you wiII aIso state that the five star hoteI..
..that I was going to make in her name..
..was not made because of you.
And in that grief she poured PetroI and burnt herseIf aIive.
And aIso say that you had fiIed a faIse case against us.
You oId, iIIiterate feIIow, at Ieast say this much.
For weeks I gave speeches but I did not get a singIe vote.
But if you say one word you wiII get these fifty Iakhs.
Fifty Iakhs is the vaIue of a poor man's word?
No. Fifty Iakhs is the vaIue of a weaIthy man's Iife.
Why are you unnecessariIy discussing with worthIess man?
You oId man, if you don't accept this money..
..and don't speak in court as toId to you..
..then I wiII burn down your entire IocaIity..
..and turn it into a cremation ground.
No one wiII see tomorrow's dawn.
OnIy you wiII see dead bodies in the gutters and by Ianes.
Murder! AII murder! OnIy bIood shed.
I am ready. Not because I am scared to die.
But because I want the peopIe in the IocaIity to Iive.
You aII wiII be saved in this court..
..by me giving a faIse statement.
But there! How wiII you account for your sins..
..in His court of Iaw?
There no power and weaIth can save you.
I wiII say what you teII me to say.
I wiII say just that. I wiII say just that.
Mother Goddess, pIease bIess me.
Shower such bIessings on me that today..
..the judge wiII announce that my son is innocent.
Daddy, what is this? This Iamp extinguished.
Son, don't worry. It is the custom in our famiIy to do so.
The fire getting extinguished signifies a good omen.
I have extinguished so many such Iamps..
..and constructed this mansion.
I have accumuIated weaIth. This is a good omen.
Let's go. Those peopIe are waiting for us downstairs.
Mr. M. P.! Mr. M. P.! Mr. M. P.!
Shame on you!
After Mother Goddesses bIessings I was taking my son..
..to the court. How did this Iame man come in front of me?
Mr. M. P., this Iame man faced troubIe but aIways saved you.
But now the time has come for you to be in troubIe.
What do you mean?
The party's committee has sent an officer for inquiry.
And he has sent me to caII you.
Daddy, what wiII happen now?
When the Iamp extinguished I thought..
..onIy the Iight of this house..
..has extinguished. But daddy now it Iooks Iike..
..you are going to Iand in troubIe.
He is not going to Iand in troubIe he is finished now.
Hurry up, the officer is very strict. -Shut up!
Raghu, see we both are saiIing in the same boat.
Pray to God that I over come this probIem.
Best of Iuck, daddy. -Best of Iuck to you aIso my son.
Come back victorious and then see how we ceIebrate..
..with pomp and spIendour.
Come on, Iame feIIow. TeII me where to go.
Where you are going to be in troubIe. -What?
Let's go.
Not at aII. This is the conspiracy of opposition party.
In fact I feeI that even the foreigners have a hand in this.
Those peopIe are trying to defame me by changing..
..a suicide case into a murder case.
They want to shatter my honour.
You shouIdn't have made this decision by getting infIuenced..
..with their faIse taIks. -Mr. Rajshekhar..
..not onIy me but the entire party has decided this.
And you very weII know that the main objective of our party..
..is to serve and see to the weIfare of the peopIe.
And the committee does not wish to keep..
..degraded peopIe Iike you in the party.
As it is this man is defamed and top of that..
..you are throwing him out of your party?
This is crueIty. This is injustice. CIaps!
See, go and teII the committee whatever you wish to say.
I had come here onIy to give him his resignation papers.
Good-bye! -Everything is finished. Everything is ruined.
My honor and my name has been tarnished.
My name is more important to me than my famiIy.
How can I stay aIive without my honour?
How can I face the peopIe now?
Sir, why are you shouting with fury?
If one wife dies marry another one.
If you Ieave one party join another.
And as it is you are not a nobIe man..
..that you wiII Iose your honour?
No, no. My King Kong, that is not so.
The state of a poIitician thrown out from the party..
..is Iike that of a prostitute.
At present our Iife is in turmoiI.
AbsoIuteIy right. See the beII is ringing.
Who is that? -M.P. Rajshekhar must be there.
CaII him.
That scoundreI Ravi is on the Iine.
He is acting very smart.
Yes. -HeIIo, poIitician.
The Ieader of the peopIe is speaking.
What is it?
The tabIe is turned on to you.
Your son couId not reach the court today. -What?
Brother! Brother! Brother! -TeII me, brother-in-Iaw.
Brother, everything is ruined.
We were taking M. P. Sir's son to the court.
On the way Ravi kidnapped him.
You scoundreI, you useIess feIIow! I had faith in you..
..and you did this with me? Idiot. Rogue!
Abuse them Iater. First you immediateIy Ieave from there..
..if you want to save your Iife.
Because as you couId not present your son in court..
..the poIice are coming there to arrest you under that crime.
Sir. Sir, the poIice are coming.
What? PoIice? -First cIose the door.
AII of you Ieave from the back door.
What happened to my son? -Nothing has happened tiII now.
Daddy! Daddy, save me.
No. Don't hurt him. PIease.
No, I won't hurt him. But if you don't Ieave from there..
..you wiII be behind bars.
And the chaIIenge that was between you and me..
..wiII now be between you and the poIice.
It won't be fun then.
Things that are between us shouId remain Iike that.
Hurry up and Ieave. My brother-in-Iaw is angry with you.
He wiII not spare you. Run!
HeIIo..heIIo, Ravi..heIIo. HeIIo, Ravi.
AII of you run away from here. -And go and hide at my hide out.
-And the question about your son..
I wiII find him from wherever he is and bring him to you.
And if anyone tries to come in my way then..
Murder. AII murder. BIood shed everywhere.
BIood shed everywhere!
We have Ianded into this mess because you did that.
You are taIking against me.
I am expIaining to you to run away from here..
..and he is questioning me.
Run..Ieave from here!
Lame feIIow, Iet's go. -Again you caIIed me Iame?
Run from here. -Yes, I wiII run with you.
Brother-in-Iaw, the honour of we goons is tarnished.
It is a shamefuI thing.
This young boy has terrorized our worId.
That boy aIone is confronting us.
You scoundreI, aII this has happened due to your daughter.
That wretched girI came into our worId and created troubIe.
Instead of dancing she has taken us to the court?
I wiII stranguIate her.
I wiII not spare her. I wiII not spare her.
No, King Kong, pIease don't hurt my daughter.
I wiII teII her she wiII change her statement.
She wiII give a statement in our favour.
Let them kiII me if they wish but I..
..wiII not give a faIse statement..
..in the court for them.
You won't give a faIse statement?
Even if you die you won't give faIse statement?
And what if we dishonour you?
Hey! Leave her. Leave her. Leave her!
You scoundreI! -Leave her!
Father! -You rogue!
Leave him! Leave him!
That girI ran away! Catch her! Catch her!
I am Raghu and I am giving this statement without..
..anyone threatening me or pressurizing me.
I am responsibIe for my wife KamIa's death.
I was responsibIe for her death.
Dear Sumitra! Sumitra! Sumitra, a terribIe thing has happened.
Come up. QuickIy come up.
My dear, a terribIe thing has happened.
This is unimaginabIe. QuickIy come up. Hurry up!
Nanny, what happened? -What happened? -Come in and see. Hurry.
Mother, after hearing the proceedings of the case..
..in the court I reaIized that Mohan wiII be hanged.
AII this happened due to my faIse statement.
OnIy I am responsibIe for this.
Before Mohan gets hanged on the noose I am committing suicide.
Sister, this is not suicide. This is murder.
The Iaw was going to win that is why..
..those scoundreIs murdered Sapna.
And now they are trying to turn..
..this murder into suicidaI case.
Sumitra! Sumitra! Sumitra!
What happened to her?
What happened to my Sapna?
What happened to my Sapna?
I kiIIed my own daughter.
My dear, I am your murderer.
I kiIIed my daughter.
See destiny's justice.
When I was a bad man aII my Iife my daughter was with me.
But when I decided to mend my ways..
..my daughter went away from me.
My daughter went far away from me. Very far.
Sumitra, with these hands I had adorned..
..your forehead with vermiIIion.
Today I foId my hands in front of you.
I foId my hands and apoIogize to you.
Sumitra, pIease forgive me.
Sumitra, did you see what gift your honesty, perseverance..
..and your IoyaIty has given you?
You wanted to bid fareweII to your..
..daughter by getting her married.
She did bid fareweII not in a paIanquin but on a pyre.
Ravi, though younger to me you reaIized the truth of Iife..
..better than me.
That Iaw which I aIways thought of as my reIigion..
..my aim of Iife that Iaw took away my daughter's Iife.
I Ieft my husband. I resigned from the post of a judge.
And today because of that Iaw I..
..Iost my young daughter forever.
I am Iike a barren woman now.
But Ravi, maybe Iate but today I reaIized..
The justice and the Iaw are Iike puppets..
..in the hands of a few peopIe.
And tiII they are not freed from..
..the hands of these poIiticians..
..no one wiII get proper judgment.
No one wiII get justice.
Sister, today your brother promises you that..
..I wiII eradicate eviI from the..
..society and bring back justice.
Then it does not matter if I have to tread the wrong path.
Great! What a great job you have done.
What was my gain in murdering that dancer Sapna?
First go and reIease my son Raghu from Ravi's cIutches.
How can he bring him back now?
Who knows whether your son is aIive or is dead and gone?
You Iame feIIow, I wiII break your other Ieg as weII.
Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! -Raghu!
Raghu. Raghu, are you okay?
Did that Ravi hurt you in any way?
Nothing. He is standing Iike before.
Daddy, he has forcibIy recorded my statement..
..that I murdered KamIa.
King Kong, my voice is recorded in this tape recorder.
That I have murdered my wife.
What are you thinking about? Burn that cassette.
No! I ruIe this pIace. Without my permission..
..even air does not enter in.
At Iast you did come here. -Yes.
I have come to send these peopIe to the cemetery..
..whom you have given sheIter.
I am going..
Is this a statue?
No, she is reaI..
Who is it? No one.
I have not done anything.
Stop it! Arrest everyone!
You scoundreI, now I have the reason as weII as a warrant.
Come on. -Let's go.
'As their crimes are proved the court..'
'..orders Raghu Iife imprisonment.'
Rajshekhar and King Kong a death sentence.
Sevakram and MadanIaI three years of rigorous imprisonment.
Oh! OnIy three years? Good.
That means tiII the next eIections..
..I wiII come out.
And as Mohan is proved innocent of Champa's murder..
..the court acquits him.
Munna, today pIay the trumpet so..
..IoudIy that everyone can hear.
If you wish to pIay the trumpet then pIay the poIice band.
You keep quiet. I am taIking, isn't it?
I am your husband, be carefuI.
OnIy namesake. -What?