How safe is your identity?

Uploaded by EQUIFAXUK on 13.10.2010

>> ANDREW: as I arrived in Sydney airport, received a text or email on my blackberry,
saying my credit profile had changed.
3 days later i got another alert to say my profile had changed, and I thought, that’s
significant, having had the experience previously of our debit cards and credit cards, you know,
what could that be, and as a result of going online from Australia, into the Equifax system,
I was able to determine that actually 2 credit applications had been made using my wife’s
name and my name.
Very frustrating, and also, you wonder how bad it is.
obviously being aware and you feel you’re in control by using a service such as Equifax.
That makes a big difference because you know you’re going to get alerts
Whereas Maybe a year ago i might have received an alert, and I probably wouldn’t be too
interested in actually checking it at that moment, I’m straight in there, wanting to
know what’s going on, and it gives you that sense of control. And in a world where a lot
of that information is exchanged electronically, you become aware of how easy it is to be compromised.
I think the most important thing for people living in the 21st Century, and travelling
in the 21st Century, is knowing you’re still in control, of understanding what’s happening
in your finances in your absence or fairly busy daily routine, the fact that you’re
getting information from your supplier, the business that‘s providing you with information
about your credit information, is a better place to be all round.
Consider the downside which is the cost of repairing you credit profile and the time
it takes, the issues over the value of the credit or loan applications, that have been
made in your name all these things are far greater than the actual subs cost and you’re
in control and you can opt out, but I would say keep with it.