Shane Nickerson extended interview from Alhambra - TableTop ep. 17

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My name is Shane Nickerson, and I'm currently a television
producer and actor.
I moved out here in 1995 with my wife, my
fiancee at the time.
We packed up a U-Haul and just drove west.
I knew I wanted to be an actor.
The first year was hard, and then slowly I started taking
classes at The Groundlings.
And I started meeting a lot of comedy types.
I started doing commercials, getting on TV a little bit.
And then I slowly transitioned kind of over into reality TV
I worked on the very first season of "Big Brother" as a
story editor and then did "Newlyweds," Nick and Jessica
at MTV, and a show called "Rich Girls" with Ally
Hilfiger and her friend Jaime Gleicher.
And then from that, I did a eco travel show called
"Trippin" with Cameron Diaz.
I was a supervising producer on that.
Got to travel the world with Cameron Diaz and all her
celebrity friends.
And that led to a show called "Rob and Big" with Rob Dyrdek.
And I've worked with him for the past--
oh, I guess six or seven years on three TV series for MTV.
My friend Christian and I, who also works on those shows,
have a web series that we keep wanting to do called Dicks,
which is about the two supernatural detectives that
don't really know what they're doing.
But it's one of those pet projects that we'd shot a
pilot, and some day we're going to do it.
I guess my future is kind of open.
I want to keep doing it--
I love what I do, so I want to keep doing that.
I love acting.
I like doing commercials.
I want to direct commercials.
That's my next big goal.
I would definitely consider myself a gamer, although I'm
not a hardcore gamer in any particular area.
I like board games.
I like video games.
I like card games.
I like pretty much any games.
I'm a gambler, so anything with a little bit of gambling
in it, I'm in.
I guess gaming started for me with Uno with my grandmother
back when I was a little kid.
And I've always liked card games.
I like cards.
I like poker.
I like Xbox.
Board games I play.
I have three kids, so I'm always playing board games.
Even young board games are kind of fun, if you have the
right game.
Candy Land is a classic.
But my favorite game of all time is Scrabble.
I do love Scrabble.
And you've got to know those two letter words, which I do,
I think, most of them.
Will and I have been friends for a long time.
I knew of him the same way everyone knew of him.
And then our paths just crossed, and we became
friends, which is nice when you can become friends with
someone that you grew up watching or know from TV or
know from writing.
Which at that point, I knew him more from writing than
from television.
He's a good friend.
He has a unique life, and it's fun to, every now and then,
see a little of it, see the worlds he has to
kind of walk into.
He goes from these massive conventions to games at his
house to some TV show where he's a guest star, and he's
got an extraordinary life.
I guess my biggest project is my three kids.
They keep me very busy.
Gaming is whatever you want it to be.