The J K L Editing Workflow

Uploaded by SmokeHowTos on 25.09.2012

Welcome to the Smoke Learning Channel.
In this video we will be looking at the common practice of navigating the sequence with the traditional J K L navigation shortcuts.
If you are coming from other non-linear editors, this is a standard working practice you should be familiar with
and Autodesk Smoke offers you similar functionality.
I'll show you how the functions work as well as the shortcuts associated with them.
Using the default Smoke keyboard shortcuts, "L" will play the sequence forward ...
"J" will play the sequence backwards ...
And "K" will stop the play back.
To increase the forward playback speed, simply press "L" multiple times during playback.
There is a speed indication that also appears to the right of the player's scrub bar.
The same principle is applied to playing the sequence backwards using the "J" shortcut.
Press the shortcut multiple times and the play back speed will increase.
To decrease the playback speed when playing forward, first press the "L" shortcut to start the playback.
Now press "SHIFT+L" multiple times and the playback speed will decrease.
This is also shown in the indicator to the right of the player's scrub bar.
To decrease the playback speed backwards, the steps are the same.
Just use the "J" and "SHIFT+J" shortcuts to decrease the backwards playback speed.
One other function I would like to highlight is audio scrubbing using the J K and L shortcuts.
To audio scrub one frame at a time; hold down the "K" shortcut and tap either "L" or "J" to scrub the audio 1 frame at a time.
To continuously scrub frames, hold down the "K" shortcut and than hold down either "L" or "J" and
the audio will be scrubbing continuously until you release the buttons.
If you want to have the audio scrub on permanently when
dragging the positioner, go down to the options menu
and at the top of the pop-up list you can enable "scrub audio".
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