East of Eden, 25회,EP25, #03

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Why aren't they coming?
Call Dong-chul and see where he is.
They said he went out in the afternoon and still hasn't called.
What is he so busy about?
'Advisor Cheon will be waiting for you at Chairman Kuk's house.'

Your brother will be released by tonight.
I told them to let him go without any harm done to him.
But I want you to leave for Hong Kong tomorrow morning.
This is an urgent matter.
Do you understand?
I understand.
So you'll be leaving tomorrow?
I've thought about you a lot.
It's not that easy being alone in this big house.
I play cards like this all night when I missed you.
And I would go into Young-ran's room and hang around for few minutes...
How's Grace?
I understand she's traveling Europe with Mike.
I haven't heard from her at all.
I guess she's doing well.
You said you'll be leaving tomorrow?
Tell Rebecca I said hello.
You have a safe trip and be careful.
Aunt Chun-hee, Dong-wook's home!
Where's Dong-chul?
He's in the kitchen.
Hey, you're home.
This party's for you tonight, remember?
Let's go in.
Here comes our dinner.
Where have you been all day?
I thought I was going to starve waiting for you to come home.
Come on in.
Let's eat.
Dong-wook, this is just the beginning for you.
I said I wanted to celebrate your achievements tonight.
But actually, I wanted to congratulate your brother for everything he's done.
Mother, the food's getting cold. Please help yourself.
Come on, Aunt Jeong-ja. Let's eat, Dong-wook.
Come on, Ki-sun.
You're leaving me out again?
I'm sorry.
But you have someone else who takes care of you, auntie.
Who? The crocodile guy that takes a bite out of everything?
Oh no, please don't say that. I don't want to lose my appetite.
You're saying like that and it makes me suspicious more, auntie.
Isn't that right, Ki-sun?
Yes, I know.
Let's enjoy this.
Come to think of it, I know I've said so many hurtful things to you, Dong-chul.
But don't keep it in your heart.
I just wanted to get my son, the son of Lee Ki-chul, out from that world...
Being the uneducated mother that I am, I know I've said some cruel things to you.
It's all in the past.
I've forgotten about them already.
There's nothing more that I wish for in life.
Dong-chul's working legitimately and is living hard...
and I get to enjoy this greasy food, even.
Come on, don't say that.
This is only the beginning.
We still have to get back at Shin Tae-hwan and live our lives to the fullest.
Dong-chul, your mother is apologizing to you for the first time ever in her life.
Please do understand what that means and let go all of your scars.
Help yourselves.