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Episode 33
When the princess disappeared from Jolbon,
she must have been parturient with your child, Sire.
On our last trip to Buyeo, we even saw her from afar.
He looks just like you.
So what you're telling me...
is that Lady Yeon is under Dojin's care,
and my son...
is growing up on Buyeo territory?
Yes, Your Majesty.
Forgive me, Sire.
Why didn't you tell me?
Despite knowing,
why did you keep it a secret?!
I couldn't let it concern you, Sire.
My son is growing up on enemy territory!
I didn't know a thing...
- Lady Yeon and that child... - Even if you turned back time,
I would have made the same decision.
Your ties had been broken already.
It was because she knew it, that Lady Yeon did all that without a word to you.
I cannot dare ponder with certainty,
but Lady Yeon must be wishing for your happiness.
There is Her Majesty the Empress at your side,
and this country is behind you.
So she is hoping you will forget everything, and live in happiness!
Speak no more!!
Did Princess Yeon really bear His Majesty's child?
So the reason Her Excellency went to Buyeo was to escort them here?
That's right.
Where is His Majesty?
He went outside the palace.
He probably didn't want the courtiers to see him upset.
He's not the kind of man who would run away from his duties,
so let us wait.
The fact Buyeo gained control of Namso Fortress is akin to a declaration of war.
If we don't swiftly find a solution, we might never be able to get away from this.
Daebo, you have served the former king for a long time,
and endured the worst of times with him.
Aid His Majesty to make the right decision again.
Your Majesty.
I know.
I am the ruler of this nation,
someone who must never show anguish or hesitation, and maintain stability.
As if the hands of fate suddenly entangled this all,
a smothering shadow is beclouding me into loneliness and despair.
The crisis our country is facing is just as serious as your afflictions, Sire.
Should you lose your path, our country will crumble along.
The crown which befell you is like a cage masking...
your every emotion and personal feeling for the sake of us all.
Behind those bars of destiny, you shall face even more daunting adversity.
But you must overcome all this.
What happened?
He has just returned.
I must meet His Majesty.
Announce to His Majesty my presence.
What are you waiting for? Announce me!
My apologies, but it will be hard to meet him right now.
Seek audience once again.
I shall go meet him first hand.
My apologies.
I hope you'll understand I'm merely following orders.
I shall meet Chieftain Myeongjin, so alert him.
I bid you welcome.
I suspect your dexterity, Your Excellency.
What are you referring to?
You don't even realize why I wanted to meet?
Yeon gave birth to His Majesty's child, and he's growing up in Buyeo.
His Majesty found out the truth.
The Ubo went to Buyeo to bring them back,
and you still weren't aware of that?
I'm mortified.
I shall give you one last chance.
If you wish to protect your position,
make sure Yeon and His Majesty's child don't make it here.
Whatever it takes, you must stop them!
I will.
Is anyone out there?
Summon the entire court and the chieftains.
Yes, Your Majesty.
His Majesty deigns you with his presence.
Buyeo gained control of Namso Fortress,
and declared war on Goguryeo.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Namso Fortress was a stronghold of immense commercial and strategic importance,
so they needed armed reinforcements.
But what do you think was the reason it capitulated to Buyeo?
While Your Majesty was away expanding our territory,
Buyeo reorganized from within, and with the help of superior weaponry,
they struck us for our negligence.
That is right.
We have now lost Namso Fortress,
and our troops' morale is rapidly falling.
The confidence that we could vanquish Buyeo has suddenly...
turned into fear and apprehension.
It is my fault, for not tracking their movements before.
I shall recapture Namso Fortress, and wash away my recreancy.
Start by finding out how many enemy troops are stationed there,
and block all pathways to the neighboring fortresses.
We shall no longer be negligent in the face of such provocation.
What's more,
we must swiftly recapture Namso Fortress, and turn the tide.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Deploy our troops from the occupied territories to the border.
I will.
Namso Fortress
This Namso Fortress is Goguryeo's windpipe.
They shall try whatever it takes to recapture it, so reinforce security.
When will our main force arrive?
In five days.
What is the matter?
A Goguryeo slave seeks audience with Your Excellency.
He said he has important information to relay.
Escort him in.
Do you recognize me?
Are you out of your mind? How dare you?!
Stand back.
I never imagined you'd be alive.
I have a request to make, Your Excellency.
Go ahead and tell me.
There is only one thing I wish for,
and that is slaying Muhyul.
You claim you know Goguryeo well,
but you cannot compare with a native like me.
You may use me instead.
Use my tactics and the information I give you,
and allow me the chance to pay back this effrontery.
And I'm supposed to believe you?
I infilcted these scars upon myself to remind me every day...
of the affront and humiliation Muhyul put me through.